Why You Should Outsource Your BPO Needs to the Philippines

Staffing needs have become a complex issue ever since COVID-19 hit the world. Many firms had to shut down indefinitely or close down altogether due to the financial loss of halting operations for months. However, that doesn’t mean that all aspects of a business can remain closed forever.
In today’s time, where businesses are struggling to maintain contact digitally, it’s important to realize the potential of adapting your business model. If an in-house team is a more costly endeavor, you may find greater success and better optimization by outsourcing some of your business’s functions. For this reason, many companies stayed afloat by streamlining their business model through Business Process Outsourcing.

The Philippines and the Call Center Industry

The Philippines has been well-known globally as the leading contributor to the BPO industry. Even with the COVID-19 pandemic hitting the world on different fronts, their resiliency to maintain their top spot as a call center outsourcing nation remains. In fact, the Philippines is ranked sixth among the Top 50 Digital Nations according to the Tholons Global Innovation Index 2020. Their familiarity with the BPO industry is nothing short of exemplary, especially for call center agents. If you’re an international or local business looking for call center agents, the Philippines is the right place to end your search.

Reinforcing Your Business with Call Center Agents From the Philippines

Back in the early 2000s, the BPO industry was just a budding industry in the Philippines spearheaded by no more than ten call center companies. However, its progressive growth over the years turned it into a popular trend as demand rose internationally.
According to the Philippine National Statistics Office, many Filipinos are fluent in reading and conversing in English, with over 64.7% of Filipinos with the ability to speak English. This makes it almost second nature for the Filipino workforce to apply for international remote positions. With the language barrier out of the way, hiring call center agents from this specific region can lead to numerous benefits for your company.
In this article, we’ll share seven advantages of getting your remote staffing needs from the Philippines.

Optimized Onboarding Timeline

The primary benefit of working with any outsourcing firm is the advantage of streamlining the hiring process. Instead of screening numerous applicants conducting tests, interviews, and negotiations, an outsourcing firm will handle all the onboarding timelines for you. Since they have candidates already proficient in the trade, you only need to pick and choose which provider to trust your investment with.
Another advantage of choosing an outsourcing firm with Filipino worker pools is their knowledge of different international standards. Besides their bi-lingual skill, Filipinos are exposed to various industries and nations’ cultures. This makes them more capable of adapting to your workplace’s needs, regardless of your location.

Reduced Overhead Costs

Besides the expense of onboarding recruits, businesses also need to consider the cost of keeping an in-house team. Maintaining an on-site staff costs more than just simply paying for an employee’s salary. You need to consider their health benefits, worker’s insurance, and other financial processes that come with adding a new member to your payroll.
You don’t need to account for these expenses through outsourcing firms since they will handle these responsibilities for you. You receive all the benefits of a quality workforce without the necessity of complicating your bookkeeping duties.

Streamlined Task Management

Another advantage of outsourcing call center agents is getting another layer of check-and-balance with your remote team. Outsourcing firms also have an order of hierarchy where employees answer to a supervisor. With an outsourcing firm, you’ll get another layer of accountability to address clerical tasks. This means you’ll have a set of professionals to coordinate with while your outsourced team performs your business’s different processes. It’s a level of partnership that will allow you to focus on other aspects of your company while your outsourced call center agents work with little to no direction from you.

Secured Digital Interactions

Many business owners hesitate to implement remote setups because of the dangers of cyber threats. This is because data attacks and digital interferences are more common for companies and consumers. For this reason, it’s vital to strengthen an enterprise’s digital interactions internally and externally. Thankfully, business owners can breathe a sigh of relief when working with BPO firms.
B2B companies, including BPO firms, rely on consistent and reliable remote communication with their clients. For this reason, they have robust data security measures to avoid cyber threats and system failures. Additionally, they are obligated under contract to protect the integrity and privacy of the data you communicate with them. This means the flow of information from one firm to another remains completely safe and secure.

Less Downtime All Day Long

For businesses servicing an international audience, having downtime is a severe disadvantage against their competitors. For this reason, it’s vital to have your sales reps and customer service personnel ready to receive calls from clients. A viable strategy you can use with your outsourced staff is to keep them on-call during the hours your in-house team is unavailable. This reduces the chance that prospective leads will opt for other services because you don’t have people on the other end of the line.

Opens New Challenges and Opportunities

Every business is unique with the challenges it faces and target goals it needs to achieve. As mentioned above, an outsourced team gives you more time to handle other aspects of your business. This gives you the benefit of executing more targeted campaigns and projects within the year. More chances to discover alternative paths to success allows you to experiment on different approaches. Since you can practically let your BPO firm handle itself, you get more time conceptualizing new directions your company can take.

Versatile Talent Pool

It’s common for most businesses to think that outsourced staff usually work as sales reps or customer service personnel. However, they can do more than that if you’re looking for a specific service in mind. If you’re working with a BPO firm, they can offer more than just call center agents. If you have other processes in your business in need of replacements, you can hire people experienced in marketing, multimedia apps, and more!


Remote staffing has numerous advantages to your business’s progression. Besides being a general solution to reduce your overhead costs, you’re also diversifying your business model to speed up your company’s scalability.
Although the pandemic can seem like it won’t end anytime soon, it’s important to choose the proper response to the challenges you’re facing. Making the right decisions for your company is crucial to get through these troubling times. While outsourcing your staff comes with plenty of benefits, you should make this step forward with the right service provider. With numerous BPO firms in the market, you must select one that inspires trust with their track record and authenticity as a brand.
If you want to reinforce your company with customer support services from the Philippines, we can provide the right hiring platform for you. At CrewBloom, we connect thriving businesses with the appropriate outsourced solutions to inspire company growth. Sign up with us today and find the ideal staffing solutions for you!

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