The Most Common Examples of Outsourcing in a Business

Running a business is never easy; luckily, you can always rely on your employees to be the extra hands of your venture. The thing is, having a lot of them under your wing would prove to be costly; that is why some business owners turn to outsourcing instead.

Basically, it is the method of acquiring personnel from a third-party provider that will handle all of the paperwork for you so that you wouldn’t have to do all of the heavy lifting from your end.

One of the advantages of doing this is that you have various outsourcing options to choose from, depending on the needs of your business. The following outsourcing examples may give you an idea of what you may need to acquire in the future.

1. Outsourced Customer Service

If you are a small business owner, you would probably prefer not to hire a dedicated customer service representative because it can be a costly investment. However, you still have to be able to meet the demands of your customers.

A great solution is outsourcing it, so you still have someone who will handle all of the calls and emails for you, relieving you of all the stress and the need to find a replacement for an absent employee.

2. Outsourced Marketing and Branding

If you are just starting out, you may have a hard time getting your brand out there since you may not have a lot of resources to build your business from the ground up with.

You can always outsource these tasks to third-party providers who can help you create a brand that you can proudly put out there. You can also get help with your marketing plan so that you will know what to do and how to go about it.

3. Outsourced Human Resources

Human resources management is one of the most daunting tasks that a business owner has to deal with since so many tasks and paperwork are involved.

Suppose you do not have the time or the experience. In that case, you can always outsource the task to outsourcing companies that can provide you with better services at a lower price than what you would pay for a full-time employee who specializes in HR.

4. Outsourced Office Cleaning

I bet most of you are already familiar with this type of outsourcing. If you are all caught up on your to-do list, you may not have enough time to vacuum the floor or dust your office cubicles.

A good option is to outsource office cleaning to a third-party provider that would send custodians to do the job for you. This way, you wouldn’t have to worry about the cleaning tasks, and you could focus on your other priorities.

5. Outsourced Accounting and Bookkeeping

If you are an entrepreneur who has just started out, you may have no experience on how to deal with finances. You may find it hard to come up with financial projections and deal with tax returns because you have no idea where to start.

You can always outsource these tasks to third-party accounting firms that can help you with your finances and provide you with a much-needed break from it.

6. Outsourced IT Support

IT support is quite tricky since it requires you to know a good deal about computer systems and how they work. Since you may not have the time or the resources to do this, you can always outsource the task to other support services that can help you with all your technological needs.

7. Outsourced Web Hosting

Many business owners handle their own web hosting because they think that it is not a big deal. However, if you have many customers or a business that relies heavily on your website for your sales, you would have to have high-quality web hosting that can handle your website’s traffic and load.

You may have to hire a dedicated web developer for this, or you can outsource your web hosting needs to outside companies that can handle your website for you and take the load off your shoulders.

8. Outsourced App Development

This is an example of outsourced IT services. Suppose you have an idea for an app, yet, you do not have the means to develop it in-house. In that case, you may turn to a third-party IT service provider that can handle your app development needs.

9. Outsourced Embedded Device Support

This is another example of outsourcing within the IT department. Suppose you have a product that has an embedded device, and you would need to get support for it. In that case, you can always outsource the task to third-party IT support providers who can help you with it.

10. Outsourced Content Writing

Suppose you have a hard time coming up with content that is engaging and useful to your potential clients. In that case, you can always outsource the task to content-writing services. They can definitely help you with your content creation needs.

11. Outsourced Test Automation

Suppose you need to perform testing tasks but don’t have the budget to hire a dedicated developer. In that case, you can always outsource the tasks to a third-party software testing company. They can provide you with all the testing services you will need at a very low cost.

12. Outsourced Translation

If you have an international or multilingual business, you know that translation is a huge undertaking that you have to deal with. Luckily, you can always outsource the translation tasks to a third-party company that expertly deals with the different types of linguistics that would otherwise be giving you a hard time.

13. Outsourced Data Conversion and Migration

If you have an older database that you need to convert to a newer one, you may not have the budget to hire a dedicated developer to do it for you. You can always outsource the task to third-party data conversion and migration companies for that.

14. Outsourced Data Analysis

If you are running a business, you have a lot of data that you need to analyze in order to come up with actionable insights that can help you run your business. This can be assigned to outsourced data analysis companies that can help interpret your data and provide you with valuable insights that you can use to run your business better.


All in all, outsourcing plays a vital role in any business. You should definitely consider outsourcing your needs if you are having a hard time tackling certain tasks by yourself. Keep in mind that this method does not work for all ventures; it greatly depends on what you need and what your company is about.

You just have to choose which outsourcing examples above would tend to your needs; then, you can start looking for a third-party provider to help you with them.

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