• In sales, consistency is key. Your growth and revenue depend on steady customer acquisition, so gaining new customers should be your focus. Outsourcing your sales development can help you free up your time while saving money – with CrewBloom sales development representatives, you get an end-to-end, omnichannel solution.

  • Enter New Markets Easily

    Our SDRs can help you scout, test, and dive into new markets with little ramp-up time—they are experts in introducing products and expanding into new markets or regions. With our knowledgeable CrewBloomers, you’re sure to get your ROI. They also know how to remain flexible and pivot quickly, scaling up or down as needed to match your company’s priorities while keeping your core sales.

  • Access Top-Tier Sales Tech

    Sales tech can be expensive, and the latest software even more so. Hiring a full-time outsourced SDR team means getting access to this new tech without purchasing it yourself. When you outsource to CrewBloom, you eliminate the costs related to using sales technology. No more acquiring software, updating systems, training personnel, and maintenance—we take care of all of that for you.

  • Delegate and Prioritize Tasks

    Our SDRs are experienced professionals, able to maintain excellent and open-ended partnerships with our client’s internal teams. Working with CrewBloomers means benefiting from a multi-pronged approach to securing appointments.

    We deploy our efforts through various channels, from LinkedIn outreach to cold calling and more. Our team will cover all bases while keeping your internal sales and marketing point persons in the loop.

    We also let you focus on what matters; we take the outreach and lead qualifying off your hands so you can dedicate yourself to strategy and closing sales. One of the most frequently quoted motivational phrases in sales is, “always be closing,” and our CrewBloomers let you do that. Leave the heavy lifting to us!

  • Be Cost-Effective

    Money is one of the most significant factors in any business decision. While you want to increase your profits, you’d also want to protect your capital. Business owners have to strike a balance between being proactive with their growth efforts and conserving their resources, and outsourcing the company’s SDR is one of the best ways to do that.

    Building a sales development team in-house is expensive. With an in-house team, expect to pay around $150,000. This hefty price tag consists of a range of expenses, from the salary and bonuses to employees ($75,000) to licenses for sales software like Hubspot ($14,000 for ten users), InfusionSoft ($3500+ for 10k contacts), Salesforce ($3,500 per user), LinkedIn Sales Navigator ($1,100 per user), not to mention miscellaneous costs of outreach (approximately $1,200 per user).

    Add to these the employer taxes, benefits, training costs, management, and administration of your team, and you’ll see how much better off you are with outsourced SDR.

    Although the cost of hiring CrewBloomers varies according to your needs, your bill will be considerably smaller. Expect to pay half of what an in-house team costs when you get outsourced sales development specialists. You can get a fully trained team ready to start with us—we have sales specialists, researchers, sales managers, and account executives. You can staff an entire sales department without lifting a finger.

  • Improve through Data

    Although you should aim to evoke emotions in prospects and get them to believe in you, sales should not be about trusting your gut. If you’re driving growth, you need data—the insights you get from information like this will increase your profits and revenue.

    Hiring an outsourced sales development team aids your data gathering and reporting efforts. Since many firms hire CrewBloomer SDRs, you benefit from gaining insights into best practices for sales from both competitors and other industries. Consequently, you decrease your losses and increase your revenue and profits.

  • Ramp Up Efforts Quickly

    Finally, you can count on us to help you get results despite short timelines. One of the most significant advantages an outsourced SDR team brings you is their proficiency in tasks and knowledge of standard procedures. Whether you’re a new or seasoned business owner, time is your greatest resource. When you hire CrewBloomers, you can reach your desired outcomes much faster, meaning more profits for you.

    Get the advantage of focusing on specific verticals and messaging when you outsource your sales development representatives. When you’re a B2B company or a business with a complex, lengthy sales period, this ability is priceless.

  • Hire a CrewBloomer

    Sales success is crucial in building a business, and outsourcing your sales development representatives will help you earn more in less time. It costs much more to hire in-house – besides salaries and benefits, you have to spend on software, training, and equipment, among others.

    With an outsourced team, you reduce overhead, decrease time to market, and lower your sales costs all at once. Our dedicated sales professionals will help you save resources and focus your assets on closing sales and targeted initiatives.