A Comprehensive Guide To B2B Appointment Setting

When it comes to navigating through the business-to-business world, it’s paramount that people at the frontlines, particularly the salespeople, be highly motivated and systematic. They need to be able to reach their goals in various ways, finding new ways to tackle the sales process. In a highly competitive market, only the bold and innovative continue to thrive.
Although salespeople are indeed an essential task force, you’ll want to keep their roles clear. Just because they’re good at what they do doesn’t mean they should be left to handle every single detail of the sales process. Bear in mind that different representatives mean different areas of expertise, and if utilized correctly, could mean success for your business.
The majority of your team will likely be talented prospectors, capable of initiating conversations with potential clients – all without breaking a sweat. Others could be better closers, as their strength lies in listening and persuading deals to happen, no matter the circumstances.
You may have an amazing team working at the moment, but think of the possibilities of combining these successful traits – you can hone master prospectors and amazing closers in a single talent.
How, you might ask? Simple – enlist the process of the powerful B2B appointment setting. To learn more about this business opportunity, we’ve curated this comprehensive guide to follow:

What is a B2B appointment setting?

B2B appointment setting is essentially a sales development process, which entails the need for specialized representatives. They are tasked with cold calling and follow-ups, particularly those that are already deemed as quality leads. Their end game is to schedule appointments and sales meetings, where a closing sales representative can deliver a more detailed sales pitch. This shall be the final process of the sales journey, where a client can finally make the choice.
B2B appointment settings are an important part of any business, simply because it allows teams to delegate tasks properly. The sales team is allowed to spend time filtering through qualified leads, who can then be pulled further into the sales process and ultimately, closed deals. This leaves other team members open for new opportunities, especially when it comes to more difficult clients that need nurturing and convincing.

When does a company need a B2B appointment setting

Situation #1: You’re selling expensive B2B products and services 

If your company offers high-priced products or services, closing a sale can prove to be difficult. The sales process will be longer, as you’ll need to touch various points and win over the trust of more than one stakeholder. With the help of a B2B appointment setting, however, you’ll be able to persistently follow up with qualified prospects, up until they’re finally ready for a detailed conversation.

Situation #2: You deal with long sales cycles 

More often than not, B2B companies deal with long sales cycles. This is mainly due to the nature of the industry, but most companies end up falling into no-sale pitfalls without the right strategies in place. With the help of appointment setting processes, you effectively shorten the sales cycle. The setter will skillfully weed through prospects, thereby allowing your closing reps to only focus on prospects already willing to purchase.

The Anatomy Of An Appointment Setter

Now that you have a clearer understanding of what a B2B appointment process can do, it’s now time to shift the direction towards another crucial aspect – the people behind cold calling and appointments. An appointment setter is the first point of the sales process, as they contact sales leads to schedule appointments, product demos, and even sales meetings with potential leads.
These representatives reach out primarily through calling, but they only usually follow up with warm leads. A huge aspect of the role entails sorting through the leads in place, making sure that the prospects remain are good fits for the product. They also need to be decision-makers, as these people are ones with purchase authority.
Why is it important to learn more about appointment setters? Even with the best B2B lead generation strategy on hand, you won’t be able to accomplish anything without the right people on board. Your team will be responsible for luring in qualified leads, meaning that you need to take the hiring process seriously.
You’ll want to conduct a thorough interview, topped with adequate training to help them develop. However, you’ll want to make sure that they exhibit the following qualities:

  • They know how to initiate and carry a conversation naturally. A B2B appointment setter will primarily be dealing with calls, and it’s only logical to invest in a person that can converse with prospects well enough to convince them to try.
  • They understand the nature of the business. It’s one thing to talk to clients, but quite another to mean it on a professional level. You’ll want your B2B appointment setter to understand the company, as well as the significance of their roles.
  • They know how to gracefully handle objections. Unfortunately, not all your qualified leads will respond well. For this reason, you’ll want your future appointment setters to respond to common objections and rejections well. There’s always a lost cause, but they need to exhaust all means first before moving on to the next client.


What other benefits can I gain from a B2B appointment setting process?

Apart from the ones listed above, a B2B appointment setting process can further help your business by allowing you to enjoy the following benefits:

  • A boost in conversion rates: Nurturing is an integral part of all sales processes, but so is the gathering of information. Both of these need to work hand in hand to successfully influence your potential clients. With the help of appointment setting, you will be able to successfully use the information gathered about your clients and then nurture their interest accordingly – until they end up closing deals.
  • An increase in quality targeting: The sales process is long and winding, especially when looking for the right leads to target. With the help of the appointment setting process, you’ll have the opening you need – straight to the decision-makers.


Growing Your Business With The Right Partners 

Handling B2B appointments in-house can be possible, but the challenges and barriers to success will be aplenty. Many companies choose to outsource their B2B appointment setting needs, as this helps them not only reduce expenses but also have access to an already capable team. There will be no need to train new members, purchase new equipment and platforms, and even deal with turnover rates.
With professionals already by your side, you’re given the golden opportunity to focus on what matters most – improving your products, developing your services, and initiating the growth of your business.
For outsourcing needs, CrewBloom is the place to call. We offer you the chance to hire an appointment setter for less, all without sacrificing quality. We’re proud to disrupt the world of outsourcing, as well as offer you only top-tier professionals – ensuring lucrative business opportunities. Hire the right team today.

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