Call Center Outsourcing Made Easy: What to Know

They said you couldn’t do it, and others tried to hold you back – but you’ve finally helped your business achieve the level of growth and success that you’ve always dreamed of.
With your profit figures at increasing highs and more opportunities for sales coming in left and right, it seems like everything is set for your business to cross over to a bigger, more prominent status as an up-and-comer. Given how much has transpired over the years since your humble company started, you have every right to celebrate your progress, but this is no reason to stop working on your firm’s shot at continuous growth.

The next steps towards growth and a key opportunity worth considering

At this point, it’s expected that you’re probably dabbling into and strategizing your next steps as you continue along the path to success.
Your booming business is probably lined up for a set of different investments, implementations, and other moves that are bound to create more opportunities for growth. From infrastructure expansions and equipment investments to consultancy fees, mentorships, and acquisitions, the list of decisions that can help keep the momentum going is nearly endless.
As you continue to weigh out your options and look further into your next plan, the most prominent opportunity to cash in on is one that involves leveling up with a call center.

Why call centers have become more vital for growing businesses than ever

For any business that’s booming today, such a momentous achievement can mean a lot of different things—one of them being that it’s time to consider setting up a call center.
Whether you’re a company in the fintech industry that’s taking on more inquiries or a supplier producing FMCGs, jumping into the next step of the business cycle bears the need for constant communication.
Compared to the earlier stages of operations, where you could only handle a handful of messages and calls, a bigger business means that the number of inquiries is quadrupled at the very least. With each opportunity to convert being more fleeting than before, more inquiries that are harder to keep track of and follow up, and only so much time that can be used, it’s clear that a primordial system is no longer enough.
In the case of growing businesses such as your own, the increase of constant calls and higher standards for customers means that you’ll need to be ready to deal with every inquiry as best as possible. Thankfully, this is where an outsourced call center’s services can help because it will allow you to keep up without running your budget dry or missing out on opportunities for more profits and success!

What do you need when outsourcing a call center?

Finding a call center to work with and enlisting its services isn’t a simple task that’s like walking to a grocery store, picking what you need, paying, and going—it’s so much more than that!
Considering that the number of available options is growing and the amount of time and money you invest is far from insignificant, it’s vital to ensure that you’re working with the best solution for your needs. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered with this complete guide on everything you must know about starting your search and implementation on the right foot so that you maximize your outsourced call center’s services:

Knowing whether or not you’re ready

Figuring out the applicability of a call center during your business’s transition period along its stages of growth can be quite tricky, especially if there’s a fine line between just on time and far too early.
For many years, determining whether or not one is ready to outsource work to a service provider was a matter of trial and error up until the fielding approach eventually grew more systematic. Thankfully, there are four questions you can ask yourself when coming up with a proper answer to the question of “to outsource or not to outsource?” much faster and easier:

  1. Is your company’s growth at that point where your in-house communications team cannot handle the increased number of incoming calls?
  2. Do you need more agents to step in and handle your company’s service calls?
  3. Do your sales representatives need more help or backup to grow your company without burning themselves out?
  4. Do you have enough allocated to start outsourcing help for your company’s sales and support work?

If your answer to any (or all) of these questions is yes, then you’ve got the green light to get started on reinforcing your communications chain with outsourced help. The more you identify or affirm these questions, the faster you should act because overlooking the need to do so for any longer than you should be can lead to catastrophic results!

Knowing what you want

By this time, you’re probably well-versed with why you need to seek the services of an outsourced remote sales team or support role from CrewBloom’s available professionals. Now comes the more crucial part: using what you want to create or form objectives that will guide your choice during the hiring process.
When you have clearer objectives for building your call center, you’ll have the necessary guidelines to help determine whether or not a specific service provider will suit your goals, budget, and corporate needs. Depending on the type of goals that you have, you’ll end up with a set of different factors that will double as “must-haves” that make it easier to find the specific set of candidates you’re looking for!
Apart from determining the ideal persona that you’ll look for as you sift through a list of options and interview them, knowing your objectives is also vital because it helps shed light on various other factors, such as:

  • The number of remote sales and support professionals you’ll need to hire
  • The maximum number of professionals you can accommodate based on your long-term goals and expansion objectives
  • The additional benefits or expenses you’ll need to account for based on the requests of highly qualified candidates

Coming prepared with the right tools

While you might not have a list of professionals scheduled for their first day with your company yet, it’s important to ensure that you have the necessary tools set up before they come in so that it’s easier to hit the ground running. If you want your team to be as successful as possible, you’ll need to be equipped with various systems and software to allow every member to do their job as best as possible.
Here’s a checklist of different tools worth putting money into if you want top-level results, sustainable growth, and unhampered scalability:

  • Time analytics software
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software
  • Cloud-based call center software


Now that your business is at a stage where it’s larger and more capable of breaking into the higher ranks of your industry, it’s time to start looking into the possibility of setting up a call center and outsourcing help. Once you have all the necessary factors dialed in, you can help ensure that your building process will go according to plan so that you have an airtight system that’s built for success!
At CrewBloom, we provide the easiest experience with call center outsourcing in the Philippines for businesses all over the United States. If you’re intent on taking your sales and communication to the next level, get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help!

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