Customer support outsourcing

Let’s face it. Customer support outsourcing is a normal process multinational companies do in order to run their customer service processes more efficiently. And when we talk about customer support outsourcing, the very first thing that probably comes to mind is a giant call center in a foreign country with folks working graveyard shifts. That would’ve been the case 10 years ago, but outsourcing customer service has evolved into something different now.

Customer Service Outsourcing: Then & Now

  • Business Size
    If we look back to the type of businesses outsourcing customer service 10 years ago, these are Fortune 500 companies like JP Morgan and Chase, Apple, and Google. Nowadays, almost all businesses of any size, so long as they have the right tools in place, can outsource their customer support team.

  • Call Centers
    Unlike before, call centers are no longer the first and only go-to of business owners looking to outsource. Businesses, through technology, now have the option to outsource their customer service needs to recruitment agencies who can connect them directly with outsourced hires.

  • Artificial Intelligence
    Due to the rise of technology in the workplace, more organizations are also opting to look to AI streamline their customer services and slowly reducing the need for human-to-human touches.

Future of Customer Services Outsourcing

  • AI Customer Service
    With the talk about Artificial Intelligence and bots taking over the place of customer service professionals, many business leaders still agree that having a human touch when it comes to customer interaction is essential. Having experienced chatting with a bot, while it could be less costly and more efficient to businesses, it doesn’t give the same experience to end-users or to clients who are looking to speak with a real, human being.

  • Remote Customer Support Outsourcing
    The term remote outsourcing means you outsource hires outside the country, and the hires you pick work without the support of a call center with a physical location. These professionals work-from-from or anywhere in the world so long as they are supported with devices and stable internet connection. Most small and medium companies outsource their customer support remotely due to the advantages it provides vs. outsourcing in a call center.

Advantages of Remote Customer Service Outsourcing

  • Access to Skilled Professionals
    Imagine if you have the global talent pool to select from and you’re not limited to only hiring professionals near your area. That gives you a great advantage when it comes to talent quality and quantity.
  • Affordability
    Business owners who have a limited budget or are looking to save revenue can look into lower costing economies. The cost of hiring talent is definitely lower than in the US without compromising the quality of talent.
  • Staffing Flexibility
    Because you are hiring remotely, your hires will be tagged as independent contractors. You have the opportunity to onboard them for a month to see if they’re a great fit. You have the final say whether you wish to continue with the contract or not if you no longer have a need for your remote hire or if you are not satisfied with their service.

Selecting the Right Customer Service Outsourcing Agency

When looking for the right partner, you need to look into the following checklist.

  • Cost of Services
    You need to know how much the agency is charging on an hourly or monthly basis. Look for competitively priced agencies offering quality service.
  • Communication
    You also need to know whether the can communicate and understand with your client clearly. If the agency you will work with cannot provide agents who can speak the same language that you speak, then they’re most likely not the best partner.
  • Quality of Candidates
    Further, you must assess the quality of agents they have in their pool. Remember, customer service is the face of your business.
  • General Experience as a Potential Client
    If, during your inquiry regarding the agency’s services, you had to experience fantastic customer service from then
  • Contract Requirements
    Customer service outsourcing through remote agencies usually do not have contract requirements that call centers require.

Outsourcing Support the Right Way

The way businesses go about customer support outsourcing will continue to evolve alongside technological innovations. If you want to be successful in outsourcing your support team, you need to be extremely selective with the vendor you wish to move forward with.

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