5 Ways Crewbloom is Different from Any Other Call Center Offshoring Firms

Are your in-house employees less focused on their core operations? Are they not willing to learn new things related to their core jobs? Are you feeling that your in-house employees are becoming less satisfied with your organization? If all answers are YES, this is the best time to recheck their work pressure. While rechecking the daily work routines, many small businesses found that many companies let their employees handle non-core activities like call center services. As a result, all the above-mentioned scenarios take place. If you are into the same, i.e., have bulk call center service requirements but not enough staff on board, there is no better alternative to virtual call center services for small businesses

When it comes to call center service offshoring, you should start with shortlisting the leading firms. While shortlisting the best virtual staffing firms, you will find Crewbloom for sure. It is one of the best call center offshoring firms for many reasons. It is not like a typical call center staffing firm. We must say the differences have made it the best in the genre. So, before you decide whether you should hire Crewbloom or not. Let’s check the benefits that, as a client, you can enjoy.


Why is Crewbloom different from other call center offshoring companies?

  • Home-based call center services

Crewbloom’s home-based call center virtual staffing approach is completely different. The best thing is that its workforce is supported by the top 2% of English-speaking professionals with years of experience in satisfying international clients. On the other hand, it is equipped with the best home-based call center technology. Employees don’t need to commute to the physical office on a regular basis. They can save the time required for commuting and invest that for their client’s call center requirements. Our dedicated call center services let our clients save up to 70% of the cost. That means with us, you can generate high and faster ROI.

  • A wide range of call center services

Many offshoring firms are experts at only a few selective services. And that’s why they are not suitable to satisfy your unique requirements. When a company starts to grow, automatically, its requirements change as well as increase. Crewbloom has the ability to serve you in all possible areas without compromising the quality of the services.

For outbound telemarketing services, we offer appointment scheduling, account management, event registration, lead generation and qualification, telesales, warranty programs, and so many other services. Via inbound telemarketing services, you can enjoy medical answering, live chat, and email support, help desk and dispatch services, virtual receptionist, order processing, loyalty program customer support, and so on. The service range is wider than what we have mentioned here.


  • Services from skilled professionals

With its high-quality services, it has become a disruptor of the call center industry. Here, you can access the top 2% of English-speaking professionals. This language is best for communicating globally. So, if you are serving global clients, you can let these professionals handle your clients’ requirements without facing any language barriers.

CrewBloom does not hire randomly. It has designed a rigorous screening method so that it can hire the best talents and serve its clients better. Hiring CrewBloom will result in low agent attrition rates and increased client retention and satisfaction.


  • Truly flexible services

With fixed services, it’s really hard to satisfy the diverse requirements of global clients. And that’s why we have become really flexible while designing our services. We have followed the same approach while setting our call center offshoring costs.

Actually, our work model does not include unnecessary expenses like office expenses, rent, etc., and that’s why we can offer our clients truly cost-effective services. All our pricing plans are fair, and there are no hidden terms and conditions. For all these reasons, we have become a different player in the industry with a great customer satisfaction rate.


  • Quality assurance for all projects

Whether the project is small or in bulk, we offer the same amount of dedication. All our home-based call center professionals are monitored using the next-gen tools. There are team leaders to review their performance on a regular basis. Apart from these, we also schedule monthly and quarterly client meetings so that we can get feedback from our clients and best align our services based on their requirements.

These five reasons have made us the best virtual staffing destination to get call center services. There are many other exciting perks that you will realize while working with us. If you are planning to offshore call center services for small businesses, give Crewbloom a try. You won’t regret this choice when you will find up to 70% expense savings and more satisfied customers with the constant growth of your organization.


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