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CrewBloom is reinventing the traditional outsourcing consultant industry. Instead of going through the normal route of building call centers US to outsource, CrewBloom is pioneering a remote model. Call Center Industry In The Philippines used to be all about call centers where businesses hire agents in-office to take their calls. Most of the time, these call center agents and their offices are located in countries like India and the Philippines. These Asian countries are two of the leading BPO hubs in the world because of lower wages, readily available manpower and the majority can speak good English. Nowadays, it’s not just the big companies that need to outsource BPO workers but even small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Homebased Call Center Outsourcing Services

CrewBloom’s home-based call center Outsourcing services are supported by the top 2% of English-speaking Filipino professionals with years of experience working for international brands. Our Call Center Outsourcing Philippines, workforce has access to superior home-based call center technology which enables them to perform their work without requiring travel to a physical office. Call Center Outsourcing Services enables us to offer up to 70% cost savings to our clients, a significantly higher and faster ROI.

Below is a list of Call Center Outsourcing Philippines, CrewBloom offer.

Outbound Telemarketing Services Inbound Telemarketing Services
Appointment Setting Medical Answering
Account Management Live Chat and Email Support
Mystery Shopping Appointment Management
Market Research Help Desk and Dispatch Services
Payment Protection Program Hotline Services
Billing and Collection Reminders Telephone Answering
Event Registration Virtual Receptionist
Lead Generation & Qualification Order Processing
Telesales Overflow/After-hours Support
Insurance Sales Loyalty Program Customer Support
Warranty Programs Building Maintenance Management

After deciding to outsource your inbound or Outbound Telemarketing services with us, a dedicated Client Success Manager will be assigned to you and your team to ensure all of your requirements and needs are met.

Why Work with Us?

CrewBloom prides itself by being a disruptor of call center industry in The Philippines. Below are the reasons why our clients love working with us.

  • Access to Filipino call center professionals all over the Philippines.
    Unlike call centers who are operating on a physical office, CrewBloom’s remote outsourcing model enables our clients to access a robust workforce of Filipino professionals located all over the Philippines.

  • High quality talents.
    CrewBloom developed a rigorous screening process which gave us access to the top 2% call center professionals in the Philippines. This resulted in low agent attrition rates and high client retention and satisfaction.

  • Affordable pricing.
    Our Contact Center Outsourcing model enables us to cut unnecessary costs like office rent and office utility expenses. We offer a competitive Contact Center Outsourcing pricing to our clients, up to 70% less expensive than in-office call centers US.

  • Flexible services.
    We work with various startups and SMEs from wide-ranging industries. We learned to customize the services we offer to ensure we accommodate their unique service needs and ensure 100% client satisfaction.

  • Quality Assurance.
    Our home-based call center agents are monitored using the latest applications and tools and by assigning internal Team Leaders to oversee their performance. We also schedule monthly and quarterly client meetings to ensure we get our clients’ feedback and we get to work on continuously improving our services.

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