Getting Your Appointment Setting Calls Right: Tips To Know – Part 1

In a world running on endless changes and discoveries, businesses who wish to make it big need to invest well – and not just in terms of resources. In the B2B business world, the greatest treasure an entrepreneur can have is the ability to build rapport, one that paves the way towards a robust clientele.
One of the most essential ways to do this is through appointment setting, deemed as a critical factor in all growth endeavors. This seemingly simple activity allows businesses to succeed all over the world, as it helps keep revenue generation consistent. Inboxes and databases are also always filled with qualified leads.
The appointment setting, however, must be conducted by appointment setters. They make sales calls on behalf of your business, which is why it’s integral to invest in processes that keep the workflow smooth and steady.
The prospect of picking up the phone to make calls may seem like an easy task – and it is. An appointment setting, however, is an entirely different concept, one that entails hard work, dedication, a clear flow, and above all, a stellar team.
Success never happens overnight and if you wish to keep your appointment setting processes intact, you’ll need to continuously look for ways to improve, shift, and adapt. Not all your clients will be willing to set aside time for you, whereas prospective clients may end up ignoring you.
To help you make the most of your team’s appointment setting calls, we’ve created a two-part series discussing tips. Here’s how to get things right—and perfectly done each time:

Tip #1: Allow your teams to understand and not just know

When it comes to appointment setting success, highlighting the importance of who, what, and why is integral. You’ll want your team members to understand the best way to begin the call, which should be the moment the other person in line picks up the phone. A system that follows who, what, and why can help set the appointment up for success.
Allow your team to explain who you are as a company, what you do as a company, and why you’ve reached out. Ideally, this should be pitched right after the greeting. Begin by giving a brief overview of who is speaking, to be followed by what. Make sure they don’t drone on about a specific product or service, as this can quickly come off as pushy sales talk. Highlight the benefits of your offer, and then proceed to explain why the appointment is needed.
By following this simple and succinct recipe, your team will be on their way to reaching better rates!

Tip #2: Learn to deal with rejection off the bat 

Highly lucrative, though, appointment setting maybe, calling prospective clients always means a portion of rejections. The customer may end up being too distracted to make sense of your first script, which will then prompt them to end the call. They’ll state that they’re too busy or have no need for the product or service offered. Oftentimes, a client may end up being blunt and will tell you right off the bat that they’re not interested. Most of your team members will likely take these as signs to stop developing the conversation, but there are ways to work your way around tough circumstances.
If you wish to properly deal with rejections, make sure to first acknowledge the client’s perspective. Never try to interrupt them as they explain their side, as this will let you know why they’re not interested. Consider the following lines:

  • “I completely understand that you’re bust at the moment, given the circumstances of my call”
  • “I understand that I have caught you at less than ideal time, sir/ma’am”

Once you’ve acknowledged their concerns, it’s time to begin laying down the other bridge. You’ll want to get around that rejection, and the only way to do so is to ask about the appointment once more. This lets the prospect know that you’ve accepted their concerns, but you have all the means to demonstrate the importance of the appointment.
Having a specific set of scripts or lines that cater to such situations can be central to success, as the right phrases can help your team members convince and potentially break through the barriers.

Tip #3: Never push resort to pushy selling 

Given the nature of the call and the overall goal of the task, it’s important to remember that too much selling is never good. Your team members may end up overselling the product or service, which can lead the potential client to turn down the offer. No one likes dealing with a pushy salesman, especially one that tries to insist too much – you’ll force the receiver to hang up in no time!
It’s better to learn how to make sure that the conversation flows smoothly. It may be best to first work on the greetings, to be followed by the carefully formulated script. Don’t jump right into how a product or service could be useful to them – tell them how and why they’re beneficial. From there, slowly stir the conversation in the direction of the appointment setting.
Golden tip: Keep everything as light as possible. While remaining professional is necessary to branding and the business setting, your goal is to always build a strong rapport with the person on the other end of the call.

Tip #4: Stay open and honest

As previously mentioned, rejections are inevitable. You may be tempted to tell your team to simply bank on this phrase: “we’re not selling you anything”. Resorting to his, however, can further hurt your chances of successfully setting an appointment. Keep in mind that your clients will likely have specific negative triggers, especially considering the nature of cold calls. One wrong move could urge them to hang up, and uttering the aforementioned phrase is almost always one of them.
The key is to always look for ways to grab their attention, which can come in the form of a hook. This hook, however, should remain true to the product or service to be discussed. Instead of convincing the client to arrange an appointment, for instance, you may want to focus on the benefits they could end up enjoying. Present well – and make your intentions crystal clear. There should be no room for defensiveness.

Appointment Setting Call Success: Taking It One Step At A Time 

An appointment setting seems like a rather straightforward task, but it takes skill, patience, and determination to enjoy success. You’ll want your agents to be skilled and flexible, supported by strong management that continuously roots for them and polishes the road to success. Providing them with training and opportunities can be helpful, but your main goal is to always remain consistent – only then can you boost your appointment setting rates and succeed.
A little help goes a long way, so if you’re on the hunt for appointment setting services in the USA, CrewBloom has you covered. We offer you the best-outsourced professionals, all skilled to take on your sales and support needs. Hire premium talent today – request a consultation.

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