Elevate Your LinkedIn With a Virtual Assistant

Many people treat LinkedIn like any other social media channel, except with the added benefit of networking professionally and finding jobs. While it definitely allows professionals to have a greater degree of freedom to express themselves, posting a picture of your fancy latte as you wait for a business meeting might toe the line between professional and too casual. Keeping your profile up to date is the best way to take advantage of the network and opportunities you might find.
However, consistently updating your profile to reflect your personal brand accurately can be time-consuming; this is where hiring a virtual assistant comes in handy. Here’s how you can elevate your LinkedIn with the help of a VA.

Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

One of the qualifications you should look for when hiring a virtual assistant is familiarity with the different aspects of a LinkedIn profile and how to optimize it. Optimization on this platform entails being reachable by potential employers and accessible to potential clients, talents, and investors. Someone should be able to key in a search query containing your name on Google and see you appear on the first page of search results. Here is a step-by-step process on how your VA can get your LinkedIn profile up to standard. 

  • Have a Professional Profile Image

Is your LinkedIn profile photo one of you sporting a trendy new look from your latest vacation? If it is, then it’s best that you update it to a recent professional photo you’ve taken. Dress the part and use clean shirts and blazers, but try not to look too stiff in the photo! Looking professional yet relaxed is the best way to be taken seriously and remain approachable to anybody that sees your profile.
A detail-oriented VA will also ensure that you have a good cover image, which is the first thing people see other than your photo when they click on your profile. It should highlight your key services as well as who you can help as a professional. After completing that, your VA can fill up the About section. This is where you can elaborate on your headline and discuss your services, key features in your business, and how people can connect with you.

  • Create a Succinct Headline

When coming up with a headline, remember that you only have so many characters (including spaces!) to communicate who you are and why people should work with you. Communicate what you want to express in your headline with your VA, who will write up a succinct summary of your value to prospects that will give them a reason to click through. Understanding your target audience is essential so you can integrate relevant keywords they might be searching, so you’re easier to find.

  • Provide a Feature

Nobody wants to look at a LinkedIn profile that reads just like everyone else’s. Placing relevant content in your Feature section can set you apart from your competitors, so consider asking your VA to compile an engaging video highlighting the most significant pieces of your work to place in your featured section. While you can certainly do blog posts or standard decks, video is still the most engaging form of content and will add more appeal to your profile. 

  • Work Experience and Recommendations

Profile viewers will want to know as much as they can about your experience in your line of business and other previous roles. Focus on your key achievements in the Experience section and ask your VA to reach out to previous clients and colleagues to provide relevant recommendations to build your reputation.
After optimizing your profile by filling up each section with engaging information, your VA can create content to further beef up your LinkedIn image.

Content Creation on LinkedIn Pages

Having a good profile isn’t enough. You need to post relevant, interesting, and engaging content on your page to attract people to your profile. Everything you share and post contributes to building your personal brand and opens opportunities to interact with your connections. Most people stop at updating their LinkedIn profiles, but only a few go further to use it as a means to post content. However, investing time in posting quality content is one of the best ways to grow your connections since it opens up an avenue to chat on your posts and link up later on.
The creation of good content is no walk in the park, and it can be time-consuming, especially if you want to ensure all the details are aligned to your brand. Your Virtual Assistant can help you in this regard by giving you innovative ideas, organizing content themes, using Canva and other tools to create your content, writing and scheduling posts, writing captions, editing videos, and managing the content calendar overall. Being proactive in reaching out to others and engaging with their content will also provide you with the necessary exposure required to make connections, and your virtual assistant can do that for you while you’re busy running your business.

Expanding Your Network

With your optimized profile and content plan in place, you can now focus on expanding your network. Here are some things to consider when connecting with others.

Choose Quality

Getting many requests to connect is definitely a good sign for you and your business, but be wary of accepting every single one that comes your way. Ensuring that you have a good quality network is key. Virtual assistants can help you screen your invitations every couple of days to check if these prospects are people that you want to have in your network. Sifting through hundreds and thousands of connections and ending up with a hundred good ones is preferable to a couple thousand that can’t be related to your business anyway.


Your VA can help you send out connections once you identify a position, industry, and service type that you want them to search for. VAs can also personalize the connection request with a personal message on the reason for connecting on your behalf.


Your VA can help boost your presence in relevant LinkedIn groups by posting links to your recent blog posts, highlighting discussions, and sourcing industry news articles. You can really strengthen and develop your network in groups outside of your current contact pool.


Considering that optimizing your LinkedIn profile can be done remotely, candidates applying for remote working jobs that will meet your needs are excellent options. There are many qualified VA applicants from the Philippines that can optimize your LinkedIn profile to your exact requirements. By outsourcing your talent, you can save on employee costs and still get high-quality output while providing a competitive compensation package. With your virtual assistant on your side, you can make this detailed job and other tasks that much easier!
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