The Biggest Outsourcing Mistake You Do Not Want to Make

When done correctly, sales outsourcing can be a huge booster for your company’s growth. Sales outsourcing means getting external support to get more prospects, nurture leads, and effectively move clients through the sales funnel.

There are many benefits of outsourcing your sales:

  • You minimize the cost of hiring and spend less time onboarding
  • You can make sure that there are zero lead drop-offs
  • You get skilled industry pros from the get-go
  • You get improved speed to lead

Despite these advantages, though, things can easily go downhill if sales outsourcing is not implemented carefully.

Let’s discuss six common mistakes even the most seasoned sales leaders and businesses commit while they’re outsourcing to sales representatives from a third-party company and what you can do to avoid them:

Picking the Wrong Outsourcing Partner

Sales outsourcing is a relationship-based business. Many businesses tend to outsource sales to the first sales outsourcing provider that they contact. This is a huge mistake because you risk ending up with a sales outsourcing partner who doesn’t understand your needs.

How to Choose the Right Partner

To start, list down your sales outsourcing requirements. Then, filter the list of potential providers through the filter of these requirements.

Remember, picking the wrong sales outsourcing provider can slow you down in your business and potentially kill your business’ growth.

Having No Clear Goals

It’s important to come up with a clear and measurable goal for sales outsourcing. While outsourcing sales, you need to make sure that the provider is working towards meeting your goals.

For example, if your sales outsourcing company is not helping in accounting and finance, then they’re not going to be able to assist you in achieving your goals.

How to Have Clear Goals

Sit with your team to define your sales outsourcing goals first. Make sure that you also have sales goals that align with your company’s overall business goals.

Sometimes, it’s easier to start with the sales outsourcing process before you’ve set these goals in place. This is because of the availability of the right sales outsourcing providers who can help you achieve the sales goals.

But, you should always make sure that the sales outsourcing goals you set are aligned with your overall business goals.

Not Measuring Performance

There are many sales outsourcing providers out there who are not really listening to the needs of their clients. A common mistake is to assume that the sales outsourcing provider has a good idea of what to do.

It’s important that you set up metrics that you can use to measure your sales outsourcing provider’s performance. After all, they’re providing you with a service and this needs to go both ways.

How to Correctly Measure Performance

Ask your sales outsourcing provider for a weekly update, even if it’s a simple one or two-line email. The simple idea is to see if your sales outsourcing company is working towards your goals and meeting your expectations and your set metrics.

If they are not, then you need to talk to the provider and figure out a solution. This way, you’re able to prevent any issues and build a trusting relationship with your sales outsourcing partner.

Underestimating The Importance of Communication

Too often, businesses misunderstand the importance of communication in the sales outsourcing process. Putting aside the fact that communication is one of the most important skills in sales, it’s also an essential aspect for a healthy business relationship.

How to Improve Your Communication With Your Outsourcing Partner

Here are some tips on how to improve your communication with your sales outsourcing provider:

Communicate with your sales outsourcing provider regularly, especially if you’re outsourcing sales processes such as lead nurturing or prospecting.

Make sure that your sales outsourcing provider is getting clear and specific feedback from clients, prospects, and leads. You don’t have to talk about the nitty-gritty details, but you should make sure that the provider is getting your feedback.

Establish certain times when you can “check-in” with the sales outsourcing company. This will make sure that you are both on the same page and that you’re able to address any issues

Not Making Room for Feedback and Suggestions

Another common mistake many businesses make is to assume that sales outsourcing companies have already perfected the process and know the formula for what you need. The truth is, sales outsourcing companies too, have areas where they can improve.

When you’re outsourcing sales, you need to talk to your provider about how to improve in your business. This way, you’re able to continuously get better results from your sales outsourcing company and ensure that you’re working towards the same sales goals.

How to Make Room for Feedback and Suggestions?

Ask your sales outsourcing provider for their input in improving your processes. If you get a suggestion from your sales outsourcing company that you think can improve your business, then try it out.

If it works, then continue with it. But if it doesn’t, then make sure that you talk with your sales outsourcing company about the suggestion. It’s important to get both perspectives in the mix.

Not Having an Exit Strategy

Out of all the sales outsourcing mistakes you can make, this might be the most important one. You need to have an exit strategy for your sales outsourcing company.

This is especially important because your business might be growing and you might need your own internal team to handle sales. If you don’t, then you’ll be stuck in the long-term sales outsourcing agreement.

How to Define One

Come up with criteria to evaluate if your sales outsourcing company is producing results.

If they are not, then come up with a time limit after which you’ll terminate the agreement. This is the best way to ensure that you’re not tied to a long-term sales outsourcing agreement with a company that is not able to produce results.

Alternatively, you can sit with your sales outsourcing provider to talk about your exit strategy. Discuss the times when you’ll need to end the collaboration and what such an end will mean for both of you and your company’s sales.


When you outsource to third-party sales representatives, the goal is to put yourself in a better position to achieve your sales goals. Sometimes, things might not go exactly as planned.

That’s why it’s important that you keep an eye out for any sales outsourcing mistakes you might be committing. By avoiding these mistakes, you’re able to work smarter and achieve better results in the long run.

When you’re ready to work with third-party sales representatives, CrewBloom is where you can find the best ones. We can help you outsource sales to top-tier companies and professionals. Schedule a consultation today and take a step towards finding the right talents for your business!

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