Why You Need to Outsource Your IT Support to the Philippines

The Philippines has a flourishing history of outsourcing. It entered the local business scene in 1997 and has since then grown tremendously as part of the BPO sector. For many businesses around the world, this country is the place to go – especially since the milestones regarding outsourcing projects are undeniable. It’s quickly rising at par with India, which is deemed to be the home of the largest BPO industry in the world.
Outsourcing opportunities in the Philippines flourish because of businesses across the globe, including multibillion-dollar companies and even small businesses. This is mostly due to the key factors the Philippine workforce can hit, along with the undeniable language proficiency, infrastructure and technology, labor rates, government support, and so so much more.
Simply put, your business can greatly benefit from outsourcing your operations to the Philippines – in more ways than one. One of the most common services businesses outsource to the Philippines is IT support.
The country is teeming with information technology professionals, which includes niche markets such as computer programmers and engineers. This reason alone should be enough to compel you to invest in the country’s outsourcing industries, but there are other reasons to convince you to take the plunge.
We’ve gathered some of the most compelling reasons below:

Reason #1: Gain access to a talented workforce

The Philippines is hailed as the third-largest English-speaking country in the world. It’s also known to produce hundreds of thousands of college graduates every year. Most of these individuals are pooled into the BPO industry, which then ensures that you have access to only the highly skilled and educated professionals. The country is also known to be business-friendly, making it the perfect place for global companies—even those based in the United States.
When it comes to quality solutions, the Philippines is currently ranked as number one in terms of knowledge-based work. With high literacy rates and other more certifications, you’ll never have to worry about the possibility of suffering through poor quality of work

Reason #2: Spend fewer resources

Recruiting, hiring, training, and organizing teams of professionals can be quite a challenge. Such extensive processes require a huge investment in effort, time, and money. You’ll be expected to properly organize an effective IT team, and you’ll also have more people to manage within your company.
Saving on resources such as time and money is one of the primary concerns of businesses that leads them to outsource IT professionals. However, another reason for outsourcing is that it entails hiring the best professionals to work for your business.
The IT industry is booming in the Philippines, and this is in part due to the excellent performance of the professionals within the country. IT professionals within the country boast excellent work ethics and values such as integrity, loyalty, and cooperation. They also value professionalism highly, so you can expect the best services.
Outsourcing IT services to the Philippines means you’ll get to hire these talented and high-value professionals to do the job for you. You’ll be provided with the best technical support, all while spending less.

Reason #3: Enjoy greater time flexibility

The vast majority of IT outsourcing companies in the Philippines provide their services 24/7. For this reason, countries all over the world can avail of their services and receive technical support at any given time of the day. The companies also provide their professionals with good compensation for their excellent services, guaranteeing even better compensation for working graveyard shifts.
The 24/7 services of IT outsourcing companies mean that they can cater to any time zone. They guarantee excellent support day in and day out, and with the Filipino IT workers valuing professionalism, you’ll be sure to receive only the best services no matter where you are.

Reason #4: Language barriers are non-existent

As a country with a colorful past with colonialism, the Philippines has developed into a country close to the Western world. The country became an American colony for almost 50 years, which has allowed countless Western businesses to flourish. All manners of clothing, cuisine, and other details have also been passed down, making Filipinos incredibly fluent in the nuances of American culture.
Filipinos can also easily adapt to various cultures, making it easy to imbibe various communication practices and expectations needed to serve international clients. Apart from this deeply ingrained culture, schools in the country are also taught in American English. Colloquialisms and accents are similar to the West, making their speech easier to understand.

Reason #5: Government support is a given

The Philippine government provides strong support for the BPO industry, which is another reason why IT remains one of the country’s most significant industries. They provide their professionals with government-mandated benefits, and they even offer training programs to better hone the skills of the BPO employees.
As a significant generator of revenue in the country, the BPO industry remains strong and stable in the Philippines. The Philippine government recognizes this and ensures that the professionals in the country meet the demands of businesses all around the world. This support has a huge impact on the IT outsourcing industry and ensures that the professionals get the proper skills they need to keep up with the global market.

Reason #6: Use fringe benefits to your advantage

When it comes to outsourcing, you’ll be able to apply a workflow strategy that never stops. This is because you have staff working 24/7, keeping your business afloat. Your onshore employees resting does not mean a pause in business. Halfway across the world, your offshore team is picking up where they left off. This means you enjoy a faster production cycle, with reduced durations and schedules for maximum productivity.
Offshore outsourcing, especially when it comes to IT requirements, proves to be smart and strategic. Doing so in the Philippines means your company has a greater opportunity to grow, all without shelling out more costs than necessary.

The Bottom Line

From everything said and discussed, we can safely deduce that choosing the Philippines for your IT support is non-negotiable. You’ll have access to top-notch talent, all the while spending fewer resources than would have otherwise been for developing your own IT support department.
Apart from this, you’ll also have access to unparalleled time flexibility, no language barriers, solid government support, and above all, fringe benefits you can get anywhere else. The risks are low and the benefits are rewarding – the only left to do now is to invest.
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