Uncovering The Truth Behind Myths About Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants are a great addition to your team. They can get tasks done with little to no supervision and make sure the business stays profitable even amidst these uncertain times. This is why hiring virtual assistants will be one of the best business decisions a business owner will ever make.
However, if you have not hired a virtual assistant in the past, you may not know where to start in this process. There is a treasure trove of information available online, but it is wise to take everything with a grain of salt. How will you know what to believe?
This article will shed some light on what virtual assistants can do and how they can be an asset to your daily operations. We also aim to remove some of the skepticism that sometimes comes with hiring virtual staff, so that you will be able to make an educated decision on whether or not you want or need to hire one.

Uncovering The Truth Behind Myths About Virtual Assistants

If you are planning to find a virtual assistant to help you get your day-to-day operations, good for you! However, you may have heard some rumors going around about virtual assistants. Reading the following debunked myths will help set the record straight when it comes to working with virtual assistants.

Myth 1: They can do anything and everything

The first myth is that virtual assistants will be able to do any task you throw at them. Even without knowing that this is a myth, you should know that this is not realistically possible. However, this myth may have stemmed from the fact that there are many different types of virtual assistants available. Depending on the need your business has, you will likely be able to find a VA that is capable of filling that need.
It may also be possible for you to find one virtual assistant that can help you do multiple tasks because many of them are trained across many fields for this specific purpose. However, to say that all VA’s are capable of doing all tasks is simply not true.

Myth 2: Hiring a VA will not help you save money

A virtual assistant’s services will help you save money in the long run because you will just hire them for their services. You will not need to sponsor their hardware or the software they use. This alone will help you realize a huge amount of savings because you will not need to pay for any power, internet usage, and other necessities that your VA will use.

Myth 3: VA’s do not review their work

Many people think that just because they work remotely, they do not care about the quality of their work. However, virtual assistants take pride in the output that they submit to their clients. Although there may be one or two VA’s that may submit sloppy work, most of them make sure that they only turn in high-quality work that will meet or even exceed the expectations of their clients.

Myth 4: You do not need to invest in training VA’s.

People who want to outsource virtual assistants think that they do not need to train the VA’s they hire. While this may be true to an extent, because you will not need to train a virtual assistant writer how to write, but you will still need to provide them guidance and train them as to the ins and outs of the job you want them to do for you.

Myth 5: Just hiring any virtual assistant is fine

Hiring a virtual assistant is just like hiring other types of people to work in your company. You need to find the right fit. Finding the right virtual assistant for the role and job position will ensure that they will be able to do their job properly.

Myth 6: They only do administrative work

There is a common misconception that virtual assistants only know how to do administrative tasks. However, the modern virtual assistant will be able to perform tasks such as bookkeeping, real estate sales, and other tasks. It is best to clarify with the agency or with the virtual assistant themselves if they can do the work you need them to do.

Myth 7: You shouldn’t hire VA’s from foreign countries

This is one of the myths that need to be debunked. All VA’s, no matter what country they are from will be able to deliver on their tasks. However, finding the right VA will still be essential to ensure your operation’s success. Screening each VA before you hire them will make sure that you are able to find a capable and skilled virtual assistant.

Myth 8: You need to provide the software they use

Most of the time, the VA will be the one to procure the software they will use for the job. However, if you will need to have your VA’s use a specific type of website or software, you need to provide them access and give them logins to these specific tools.

Myth 9: Freelance VA’s are better than one affiliated with an agency

In truth, most VA’s that are employed with agencies usually have other freelance projects on the side. This is why the skill of each VA cannot be truly measured by whether or not they are employed with an agency or not. You have to interview the VA you will hire and look into their personal credentials and certifications to help you decide how skilled they are.

Myth 10: They cannot maintain long-term client relationships

Lastly, this myth should be debunked because most VA’s work for long periods of time with a single client. It depends on the need you have, but usually, virtual assistants will be able to commit to working with you for the long haul.


If you are looking for virtual assistant services, you should know that they are the lifeblood of many businesses. This is especially true if you are planning to expand your operations and will need an increase in manpower. Virtual assistants will help you go on doing your daily tasks while you focus on other, more important parts of your business. They will free up your time and let you take care of the tasks that only you will be able to handle.
No matter what job you need your virtual assistant to do, you will likely be able to find a reliable and skilled virtual assistant when you contact an agency that can connect you with the type of virtual assistant you need. Agencies will gladly help you find the right type of virtual assistant that will work best to meet the needs of your company.
Whether you are in need of an administrative assistant or a real estate virtual assistant, CrewBloom can help you find the right one! It is our aim to connect you with top-tier affordable professionals with remote sales and support roles. Give us a call and let us help you hire a virtual assistant today!

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