How Outsourcing Telemarketing Services can Increase Company Revenue

Telemarketing is one of the most effective and aggressive ways of increasing sales. Making pitches and selling items through the phone or email isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Good telemarketers know how to handle customers to get direct sales, so their services or salaries for a team don’t always come cheap. That is why outsourcing telemarketing services can be the best solution for you.
Companies that outsource telemarketing services often choose English-speaking developing countries full of professionals who can do the work at an affordable rate. However, there are many misconceptions about outsourcing companies that are sometimes baseless. To clear the air, here are some ways hiring outsourcing companies can be good for your business.

3 Ways Outsourcing Telemarketing Services are Beneficial to Sales

1. More Affordable Services with Experienced Professionals

Rates of telemarketers can vary from one country to another depending on the exchange rates and average wages in their country. A dollar can go a long way in so many parts of the world.  Outsourcing the work to telemarketing companies is a more economical way of paying for a service at a fair rate while saving you money on operating expenses.
An employee with no experience in some countries can make the same amount of money in dollars as an experienced professional in other parts of the world. You don’t have to worry whether or not they can do the job right. Just because these professionals operate on the other side of the world does not mean that they are any less capable of their job.

2. Outsourcing Companies are Flexible

Operating on an international or even national scale means that you need people to man the phones and answer and send emails 24/7. Typically, you would have to pay extra for graveyard shift workers, which can eat up your budget.
Scheduling is not a problem with outsourcing companies. If you want telemarketers to man the phone at night, outsourcing companies have workers across the world awake at the right time. They can take on that shift for you without you having to pay too much. And if you want telemarketers to work on 24/7 basis, that can be easily requested with outsourcing companies who already have existing workers willing to work in shifts.

3. Scaling Your Business Becomes More Possible

When one part of your responsibility is taken care of by another competent company, you can focus on other parts of your business. One thing that may have been on the back burner that you can now push to the front is scaling the business to greater heights.
You would have more time to create internal growth strategies that can help you transition alongside your existing employees. You can allocate a bigger budget for new hires, promote deserving employees, and train them for the next steps.
Outsourced telemarketers can also help with the growth process by helping you generate leads, maintaining customer satisfaction, and getting new customers interested in your business.

Benefits of Outsourcing Telemarketing Services in this Pandemic

The pandemic has brought about many challenges that have likely changed the way things operate forever. But the outsourcing industry has been proven beneficial to companies trying to stay afloat. Here are a couple of tasks that outsourced telemarketers can do to help you boost sales even in the middle of these trying times.

Lead Generation Booster

For companies that operate on a B2B sales level, outsourced telemarketing services have the right professionals to take on the approach. Telemarketers can take the list of prospects you have and contact them for you with well-written emails, and the right cold call scripts to bag leads for your company.
Most good outsourced telemarketing agencies are based in countries with highly skilled English speakers. For example, outsource agencies in the Philippines only hire professionals with neutral accents and related professional experience. Your customers or clients might never even realize they are speaking to someone across the world.

Boosts Sales and Revenue

Cold calling and sending templated emails are ways to reach customers personally that may just work out. The personalized marketing experience has shown that you can convince a significant percentage of people through cold calls and emails sent without any hints that they were generated by a software or algorithm. It makes people feel valued and more likely to consider supporting your business or even investing in it.

Creates Engagement with Customers or Clients

With the pandemic striking right when people need human connection, this type of marketing can help your business create connections between customers to boost brand loyalty and customer retention. Getting new customers is one thing, but retaining them and having them vouch for your brand without you paying them is a sign of a good marketing strategy.
After all, customers want to feel like they are being heard and taken care of. What better way to do this than by hiring skilled professionals in teh field?

Provides Good Jobs to People 

The pandemic has been rough in different countries around the world. Countless jobs have been lost around the world, especially since the global economy has been in a complicated downturn. Telemarketing agencies, however, provide jobs to skilled professionals that may have been laid off from small businesses that couldn’t go remote.
These outsourcing companies often provide the necessary tools and help needed for the people who work for them. Hiring a company like this will provide opportunities to professionals who are also trying to make it through the rocky situation brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Telemarketing is a skill that is developed through proper training and experience. It is a tried and tested method that generates sales very well, so there is no reason for your company not to invest in it. Outsourcing this service to a trusted overseas business can save your business some money while still providing your potential customers or clients with a pleasant experience. Be sure to pick the right one!
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