Different Ways to Digitize Your Sales Process and Improve Productivity

Advancements in technology continue to revolutionize different industries, and in business, the digital shift comes with a tidal wave of improvements in every company’s operations. These tools make it possible to remove inefficiencies and create a streamlined workflow, giving start-ups to corporations alike an edge.
But digital transformation isn’t really about using technology that is a cut above the rest for the sake of an upgrade, such as going from fax to e-mails. Beyond integrating a new system, the goal is to optimize processes to discover areas of improvement so you can better utilize your team’s talents. But how exactly can you digitize your sales process and propel your business ahead of the competition?

Save Time, Money, and Energy by Opting for Video Conferencing Instead of Face-to-Face Meetings

When setting up a meeting with a client, customer, or even a prospective vendor for a project, the typical scenario includes finding the perfect cafe or restaurant to hold the discussion. While it puts everyone in a convivial atmosphere, these situations often eat up plenty of time and money.
Your sales team would have to consider travel costs, plus the risk of losing more time due to the high risks of getting stuck in traffic along the way. But the sudden COVID-19 outbreak and social distancing orders paved the way for the rise of video conferencing as home-bound individuals had no choice but to rely on platforms like Zoom.

What Makes Video Conferencing Better?

Fast-forward to 2021, and more people have grown comfortable using these applications, but the best part is that it’s recognized as the better alternative thanks to its efficiency. Video conferencing can save your business a staggering 30 percent on overall travel costs, plus it can save a significant amount of time too.
By introducing video instead of face-to-face meetings, your sales team doesn’t have to waste their energy on unnecessary steps that only disrupt their productivity. It also creates opportunities to produce dynamic presentations thanks to its features that allow for seamless, live product demonstrations, screen sharing, and more.

Automate Systems Where It Counts the Most 

Automation is becoming a viable solution for businesses, especially when maximizing your sales team’s efforts. By automating administrative tasks, your talent pool can focus on core activities that generate high-quality results for your goals. With that in mind, there are various ways your business can use automation:

  • E-Mail Automation – the sales team needs to stay on top of communications to keep the numbers churning, but it can eat up an average of 21 percent of their day. But not all efforts produce quality leads since most of the effort is spent writing welcome letters, follow-up messages, or thank you notes. Automating these repetitive e-mails can free up your team’s time and allow them to focus on building new, meaningful relationships.
  • Lead Prioritization – one of the biggest responsibilities of your sales team includes finding new prospects. Unfortunately, it can be tricky to tell whether your efforts will yield results since plenty of networks drop at the last minute. However, integrating AI-powered lead scoring tools can solve the problem by providing metrics that help your team analyze whether the potential leads will convert into customers, allowing you to make the most of their efforts.
  • Lead Distribution – when it comes to converting leads, you can increase your chances of success by striking the iron while it’s hot. This means that prospects are likely to accept your offer within the first few minutes they showed interest, so automating your leads allows your team to receive alerts, which can help improve their response time.
  • Daily Tasks – automating day-to-day tasks like entering data, scheduling appointments, creating reminders, generating invoices, and even producing data reports can eat up half a day for your sales team. Rushing the process leaves more room for human error, especially when analyzing data, but automating these basic tasks can allow them to focus on improving their sales strategy.


The Bottom Line: How Digitizing Your Sales Process can Increase Productivity, Employee Satisfaction, and Land You More Winning Sales

The business landscape continues to move at a fast pace, but organizations now have the chance to remove the roadblocks in their growth by embracing digital transformation. Simple integration of these tools, especially automation software, can lead to a positive domino effect on your sales team since it promotes an efficient sales process.

What You Can Do to Catapult Your Business Digitally Without Breaking the Bank

Finding the right tools to digitize your sales process, however, is not an easy task. It can be time-consuming and expensive in its own right, but outsourcing your sales support can be the perfect solution! Outsourced sales teams often work with CRM management and other digital tools, allowing you to move forward without having to spend extra on starting from scratch.
Outsourcing your sales support is a cost-effective option that can push you further into digital transformation.

Does Your Company Need Help with Digital Transformation? 

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