Why Your Law Firm Needs an Outsourced Virtual Assistant

A law firm operates the same way as other business environments. A set of processes is necessary to keep the engine running, stitched together to create a seamless flow of work. Law professionals and office staff are expected to handle clerical work, for instance, along with customer service, social media management, and marketing. In some cases, tedious tasks such as office management are also needed.
Unfortunately, attorneys find themselves saddled with these tasks—far from what they’re trained to do. Instead of representing clients, they need to perform clerical work to keep up with paperwork. Client meetings are replaced with figuring out social media platforms, forcing them to focus on the mundane.
While hiring a full-time administrative clerk is always an option, problems always arise. It can also feel like an unnecessary expense, especially since they’re only needed for a few tasks a day. How can a modern law firm survive in a fast-paced and competitive world?
Thankfully, virtual assistants have now risen in popularity. Although primarily hired by other industries, law firms now welcome virtual assistants into their offices. They’re capable of performing administrative tasks and office support for the firm, which can all be done online. These tasks are normally delegated to in-office assistants, but handling them off-site can be just as efficient—and less costly.
By employing a virtual assistant, you essentially hire a person who carries out their tasks online, with their own internet connection, computer, and space. Such difference does not mean less value, however. From online support to overseeing your paperwork, virtual assistants are more than capable of managing your tedious tasks for you.
It’s natural to remain skeptical of the opportunity, of course, especially since virtual assistants are new to the scene. To help you better understand how outsourcing virtual assistants can help you further your law firm, we’ve created this quick and easy guide for you to follow:

What Is a Virtual Assistant?

virtual assistant is exactly what the name entails—an assistant you can work with online. Businesses all over the world hire these professionals to help manage repetitive tasks, which include things like calling, organizing, and even booking appointments. Most virtual assistants come from outsourced companies, where they are trained to be dedicated to a specific industry.
Companies like CrewBloom offer legal virtual assistants, all professionals with experience in the law firm. This is particularly important on the client’s end, especially since the landscape requires high-functioning teams to ensure total client satisfaction.
Apart from specialized tasks, our virtual assistants can also perform general office tasks, administrative duties, and marketing objectives. Simply put, every single task is handled with expertise, ensuring that you enjoy a good ROI in no time.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring Virtual Assistants?

From everything said so far, you likely already have a semblance of what a virtual assistant can offer your firm. Understanding exactly what the investment entails is crucial, however, especially since every move is a financial matter. To help you further understand why it’s good for your company, here is a full list of the benefits:
Benefit #1: They handle the non-lucrative tasks
Your law firm operates on multiple levels, but some tasks do not necessarily help you make money. They simply exist to support those items that lead to profit, which can include chasing client leads, answering phone calls, and even handling email and social media queries.
To ensure steady success, your attorneys need to focus on revenue-generating tasks. This includes building and strategizing cases, studying reports, and litigating in court. Anything less means money wasted, so allow virtual assistants to take over supporting roles.
Benefit #2: They help perform lengthy research tasks
Given the complexity of legal cases, an attorney may end up spending hours upon hours studying paperwork and reports. They need all the help they can get, especially when it comes to sifting through reports and sheets for relevant information.
With the help of a virtual assistant, however, you can cut the organization time by half. As a result, your attorneys can spend more time doing what they do best—representing your clients.
Benefit #3: They can handle client talks
If your law firm is still growing, you likely do not have the space nor budget to hire full-time staff just yet. Lawyers will be too busy working and focusing on the tasks at hand, such as preparing for court appearances and creating solid defense cases.
Answering phone calls, emails, and other queries can quickly be overlooked. They also likely have no time to talk in detail, which is why it’s important to outsource virtual assistance. Operating in such a manner isn’t good for new business, but front-end operations like client talks can be performed by your respective virtual assistants—and excel in them!
Benefit #4: They oversee and execute data entry
Thanks to the advent of technology, various documents and reports have now become standardized in terms of format and content. Because of this, law firms around the world have now invested in various software platforms. These generate documents based on the information entered into the system, but one challenge remains—the amount of time needed to input data.
Thanks to virtual assistants, however, data entry tasks can now be done more efficiently and effectively. Office staff are free to focus on more pressing matters, including overseeing the entire operation and handling clients.

What Should Be Considered Before Hiring a Virtual Assistant?

The benefits of hiring an outsourced virtual assistant are undeniable, but it’s important to consider a few factors before taking the plunge. Make sure to consider the following items prior to closing deals:

  • Make sure to work with a reputable virtual assistant company. The recent surge of companies means a plethora of choices, making it difficult to choose one that actually fits your business requirements. Consider the benefits they can provide, the price packages, and of course, their existing clients.
  • Virtual assistants need to have solid experience working in a law firm. Although proficient in various tech practices, their skills need to be aligned with your needs. This should mean going beyond just knowing how to perform tasks done with programs, apps, and software—they need to be done under the standard of your law practice.


Hire a Virtual Assistant from the Best Outsourcing Company

As you enter a period of growth for your law firm, office tasks and other duties will only continue to pile up. Thanks to outsourced virtual assistants, however, you gain a new solution that helps your business move forward.
Tasks like data entry, client interactions, research tasks, and so much more can now be handled remotely by other professionals. In doing so, your attorneys are free to do what matters most: focus on their field.
For the best virtual assistant servicesCrewBloom has you covered. We are in the business of disrupting outsourcing, ensuring that your business has access to top talent at competitive rates. Hire only premium professionals – reach out to us today.

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