Championing Productivity When Working from Home | 7 Quick Hacks to Get You Going

If you’re finding yourself losing focus while working from home, these hacks are for you!

Skipping the traffic, avoiding office politics, and not worrying about what to wear is the most ideal working situation for many. But working in the comforts of your home has its perils on productivity, namely slacking around and losing focus when your pet is bugging you. So, here are some fail-proof hacks to get your productivity flowing on days when you just can’t get it together.

1. Take a shower

No, seriously. Getting a quick shower lets off steam from your body and allows your mind to refresh helping you to approach your tasks more efficiently.

2. Get casually dressed

Dressing up is fun, so take the time to change out of your pajamas and into casual attire. This is crucial when you’re feeling extra lazy to do any work during the day. Whether it’s your favorite pair of trousers or your favorite button-down, change into them. This helps in tricking your body to stay out of being too comfortable, thus allowing you to do actual work.

3. Set a schedule

Setting up your calendar is a great way to start your workday. Got a to-do list lying around in your notes? Plot them in! This will help you track your workload and check where you are on each task. Work your way down from high-priorities to smaller tasks.

4. Get in the right position

Get off the couch this time! Complement your casual attire by putting your body in a proper working position. This will also decrease strain on your back which leads to stress over time.

5. Shut off distractions

We’re talking about everything that won’t contribute to your productivity. Especially when you’re working on time-sensitive tasks, keeping your phone away will help you accomplish your assignments quickly. Should you need anything from your phone, it’s helpful to transfer those data to your computer so you’re only looking at one device.

6. Take timely breaks

Taking quick and timely breaks in between will help you identify the flaws in your work as soon as you get back to your tasks–which then allows you to improve the quality of your work. So go ahead, brew that coffee, stretch, and breathe. Walk around the block. Your manager is not around to nag.

7. Remote doesn’t need to be at home

Get extra! On days you’re feeling sluggish, try taking your work out of the house. Doing so will help you get away from home-related distractions. You can try getting your work done in your local library or café. There might even be a co-working space available in your area that you can try! This will help you increase your network and collaborate with other remote workers from various industries.

Are you a remote worker? What’s your best trick to curb unproductivity? Tell us more!

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