Just How Secure Is Outsourced Support

Over the past year, there has been a drastic change in various workplaces worldwide – from operating on-site to going completely remote. Because of this significant shift in operations, many businesses have increased their cybersecurity budgets, especially since most operations are done digitally.
With information security marketing predicted to reach $170.4 billion by 2022, there’s no surprise if the prediction increases. Especially now that more businesses have found their groove in the remote work environment, and the pandemic has continued to be unpredictable.
Even with the rise of businesses shifting to remote work, you’d be surprised to know that 42 percent of these businesses do not have security systems prepared for this type of work. And without proper cybersecurity protocols, you may put your business at risk for cyberattacks and security issues.
With that being said, it’s understandable that you may be hesitant when it comes to outsourcing support. But if you hire from a reliable outsourcing company, you can rest well knowing that they are taking the right steps to ensure your business’s security and safety.

Cybersecurity is Vital, Now More Than Ever

When a company experiences a security breach, 70 percent of its customers will leave the business, and 81 percent will even stop engaging with the company.
Unfortunately, now that most businesses are going digital, Cybersecurity Ventures estimate that global cybercrime costs will increase by 15 percent annually over the next few years. This means there will be an increase of $10.5 trillion spent by 2025.
Even with these statistics, IT specialists have reported that 80 percent of organizations are still not taking enough cybersecurity measures to protect their data. With that being said, is it vital that you outsource IT services to secure your remote operations?

In-House or Outsourced IT Support?

In-house and outsourced support are incredibly different from one another. When you work with an in-house support team, you have a centralized hub for all sensitive information, making it difficult for attackers to get in. However, when these cyberthieves get in, they can access your company’s data.
Sadly, some businesses think they have all their data secured. But the truth is, 53 percent of businesses find that more than a thousand of their documents with sensitive information can be accessed by any team member, and only 5 percent of the files are encrypted. And since your support teams and other departments have access to your data, more cyberattacks due to human error may surface.
However, when you work with outsourced customer support, these issues are addressed, mitigating the chances of your team committing human errors.
When you outsource support, you provide your company with as much information that is necessary. This is the best move you can take to ensure that your client’s data is secure and protected. With their help, you can also track the flow of information—once they are released and made accessible to the rest of your team and how much information remains confidential.
Additionally, outsourced support will provide clients with polished business processes and security policies, reducing the chances of human error and hacker intrusion. And since this can be difficult to do in-house and remotely, outsourced teams have the right software and processes to ensure a streamlined process for support.

Why Should I Outsource My Support Team?

The biggest reason you should outsource your support team is that the process is more streamlined, meaning that outsourced support teams have a tried and proven security process that works.
When you build your support team, you’ll need to start from scratch, which requires more monitoring, maintenance, effort, and thorough experience. This means that you need to dedicate teams to tackle cybersecurity and maintenance daily.
But when you work with a reliable outsourcing company, these providers won’t only guarantee security; they will also offer necessary resources to improve your internal processes.
If you’re worried about customer data, privacy, and information, you should know that the level of security is much higher in the Philippines as compared to the likes of Australia. In the Philippines, your company can access world-leading security processes, protocols, and infrastructure.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Facilities

If you’re considering working with a BPO, you should know that not all BPOs have equal security protocols and infrastructure. This is why you must do thorough research when scouting for an outsourcing company to work with.
While some security features are common among various BPOs, some practices aren’t implemented in other facilities. So if data and privacy are crucial aspects of your business, here are some of the best security features you can implement on your company’s radar:

  • Have external entrance security to prevent unauthorized access
  • Have main operations area access by integrating biometrics for higher security
  • Leave mobile phones and devices in a secure locker facility before operations
  • Prevent data theft and protect privacy by disabling USB ports on computers
  • Implement single sign-on software for BPOs to prevent teams from accessing data after hours and on mobile devices


The Bottom Line: Outsourcing Support Can Increase Your Company’s Cybersecurity Efforts

As mentioned earlier, outsourcing companies know how to deal with sensitive information and security. For that reason alone, it’s a good idea to work with outsourcing companies to help streamline your support process while ensuring the security and protection of your client’s data.
Seeing that the number of businesses working remotely will continue to grow, taking the right steps to implement a safe and solid support team is crucial to ensure that your company keeps up in this ever-growing digital landscape.

Are You Looking for an Outsourcing Company?

Getting outsourced support can make you feel hesitant at first, especially when most operations will be done remotely. However, working with the right outsourcing company can help put your worries at ease, knowing that you’ll be working with an experienced and secured team.
If you’re looking for an outsourcing company in the Philippines, consider working with CrewBloom. We are an outsourcing company that connects businesses to top-tier affordable professionals with remote sales and support roles.
Learn more about how we can help you and start building your remote team today!

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