How to Win Clients Over the Phone

The world of business is competitive. Today, it’s not enough to become the best. You must work hard and be consistent with maintaining good performance and keeping your business on top. Although the marketing landscape is constantly changing and improving, a few things will always stay the same.
Digital marketing may be ruling the business world today, but that doesn’t mean other strategies and aspects of marketing can be ignored. There are still large audiences today that rely on and trust phone marketing. 
When you can’t physically interact and engage with a customer, talking to them on the phone can be enough to establish your brand and build your reputation. It may not be the kind of your strategy, but it’s still an essential part of it.
With all that said, it’s essential to be prepared. In this article, we will discuss tips on how to win clients over the phone. 

Be Assertive and Respectful 

Confidence is critical in anything you do, but it’s essential that you feel confident in your skills, knowledge, and ability as a sales representative. This may not seem that important at first, but talking to valuable and essential clients helps to have confidence. 
You need to do more than just recite a spiel to them. You have to make conversation. Your phone call has a goal: to convince the client to go with your company. You must stay firm. Your confidence will help to inspire their confidence in you as well. 
Now, all that said, it’s important to remember that there are lines you cannot cross. You must be firm and respectful at the same time. You won’t win anyone over by being too safe or going overboard with your assertiveness.

Stay Natural 

Clients already know that you have an agenda when you call. However, that doesn’t mean you should maintain a “seller’s” tone of voice. You have to be natural to establish a rapport with them. People are more likely to respond to someone making conversation than to someone that talks at them. That is usually what happens when you don’t maintain a natural tone. 
A natural tone also helps you to go off-script improvise better. There’s no way to predict everything the client may say, ask, or do. The best you can do is prepare yourself and be ready to converse with them. 
Experienced clients, in particular, will already know the common tune you’re trying to sing. It’s much better to surprise them and do more than they think you’re capable of.  

Listen to the Clients Well

One of the hallmark characteristics of a good sales rep is being a good listener. Part of your responsibility is to listen to what the client has to say, understand it well, and consider it. While not every client will have constructive feedback to give, you should know how to differentiate between complaints and valuable feedback. 
As mentioned above, rapport is crucial in winning a client over. You cannot have a good relationship with a client if you’re unaware of their concerns, issues, and more. One thing you can do to improve your listening is by taking down notes. It gives you a summary of what they had to say. It could be extremely helpful in addressing their concerns in the future.
When you know how your clients think and feel, you will have an easier time talking to them and marketing your services and company. You can personalize your message and give the client more appropriate information. Cut out what’s unnecessary and use your words more efficiently. 

Lead the Conversation But Don’t Assume

One of the most common mistakes that sales representatives make is assuming. When you’ve been on the phone for a long time, it’s easy to start attempting to complete your client’s sentences. In these situations, it won’t matter much whether you’re right or not. You risk insulting the client and damaging whatever rapport you’ve established.
People generally don’t like having their speech interrupted. Although the client might do it to you, remember that assertiveness is important, but respectfulness is crucial. Lead the conversation without cutting them off or completing their sentences. 
Don’t assume that you can apply other clients’ experiences and opinions to other people. While that information may be helpful, it’s essential to use it strategically.

Sit Comfortably Upright 

The way your body is positioned during the call can help to dictate how your voice comes out. While that might seem irrelevant, it’s very important to the course your conversation will take. Sitting up makes your voice clearer. 
It also helps to keep you alert. Some clients won’t have as clear a hearing as others. If you want to ensure that you come across clear and confident, you have to act the part. Additionally, make sure you’re still comfortable in your position. Discomfort can also serve as a distraction and muddy your voice. 

Be Prepared For Questions and Objections 

You will be facing a lot of questions and objections in your tasks as a sales rep. When this happens, you cannot freeze or let it throw you off. Of course, that is much easier said than done. After all, you’re only human. To ensure you don’t get thrown off by their questions and objections, you can prepare thoroughly beforehand.
Before making your calls, do your research. Put yourself in the client’s shoes and consider what might concern them or which parts of your services they may have issues with. These calls will also be easier if you have a good understanding of what you’re saying. Don’t rely on the script to direct you. You will probably have to explain certain things differently than you imagined.

Clean Up Your Space

Your sitting position affects your voice clarity and overall alertness. The state of your space, on the other hand, affects your focus and overall productivity. It can be hard to maintain a good call when you have a cluttered workspace. It also makes it harder to reach certain things you might need during the call.

The Bottom Line

It’s important to remember that humans are social creatures. Most people still require and prefer any type of more tangible interaction versus online interaction. The way you and your sales reps talk to clients on the phone will play a massive role in the success of your partnership or collaboration. 
Clients value transparency, initiative, and good communication. Talking to clients on the phone is as much part of the strategy as anything else. Treat every interaction and engagement as a negotiation and business talk.
If you’re looking for a way to improve your client experience, start with your service. With hundreds or even thousands of customers, you need a reliable team. CrewBloom is ready and equipped to provide expert and dependable sales representatives to ensure your brand is represented in the best way possible. We guarantee that our team of professionals works hard, smart, and fast!

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