• Championing Productivity When Working from Home | 7 Quick Hacks to Get You Going

    Skipping the traffic, avoiding office politics, and not worrying about what to wear is the most ideal working situation for many. But working in the comforts of your home has its perils on productivity, namely slacking around and losing focus when your pet is bugging you. So, here are some fail-proof hacks to get your productivity flowing on days when you just can't get it together.Read More

  • It’s Older Than You Think: The Amazing History of Remote Work

    As much as we like to think that working from home is a new thing, it actually goes back many years to well beyond the history of the modern “office” as we know it. Sure, telecommuting, the proliferation of easy Internet access, as well as more advanced means of communication has facilitated its growth in...Read More

  • There’s Nothing to Fear With Outsourcing

    Many people shy away from remote outsourcing mainly because they feel they aren’t “big” enough yet to enjoy the benefits this has to offer. The fact of the matter is that many businesses have successfully leveraged remote outsourcing regardless of their size. In fact, small to medium enterprises stand to gain the most if they...Read More

  • Remote Job Search Made Easier With These Tips from CrewBloom

    US-based outsourcing company, CrewBloom, services businesses and entrepreneurs of different industries by providing top-tier Filipino professionals to join their sales and customer service teams. After interviewing thousands of applicants who wanted to start working remotely but have no idea where to start looking, they created these tips to help call center professionals jumpstart their home-based...Read More

  • Why Filipinos are the Best Remote Workers

    The Philippines has grown into one of the largest and most popular outsourcing destinations in the world since the industry exploded a few years ago. The country has embraced the work from home solution with a bill protecting remote workers close to being passed into law. Well known for being dependable, optimistic hard workers, Filipinos...Read More

  • Why the Philippines is the world’s outsourcing hotspot

    For decades, small, medium and large businesses have relied on outsourcing to scale their teams, cut operational costs, expand their global footprint, and leverage a global knowledge base over their competitors. Among other countries considered as Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) hub, Philippines stands out. Numerous companies are shifting their operations to the country and the...Read More

  • The Extinction of the Open Office

    Since the 1960’s, businesses around the world have been utilizing the “Office of the Future”, that is to say, an open office design. With little to no partitions between employees, large open spaces, and usually incorporating rotating seating arrangements, the open office has been a hallmark of forward thinking industries and companies. You’ve likely seen...Read More

  • Smart startups are hiring remote

    For years, startups have basically followed the traditional path to getting their business set up. Make a plan, find an office space, hire employees, and hope you start making enough to pay for everything you’ve just invested in. It is a very risky venture taking on a high overhead before you even know how best...Read More

  • How we’ve built a fun workplace for remote workers

    Fun is a word people would not think of associating with work. When working, one must channel all their energy to work and nothing else. Why do you think most companies block social media access during company hours? To a certain extent, it is true — work is work. But while cultivating a high-paced, high-productivity...Read More