Case Study: scaleMatters

About the Company: scaleMatters provides early and growth stage B2B companies with world-class Revenue Operations and Intelligence previously accessible only to larger companies.


scaleMatters is a data-first business intelligence company that enables CEOs and revenue leaders to understand the end-to-end cost-effectiveness of their customer acquisition strategies. They tapped CrewBloom’s support outsourcing services to fill in the gap in their manual processes and improve their team’s overall efficiency.

Industry: IT Services and IT Consulting

  • Challenges

    Before the partnership with CrewBloom, scaleMatters faced significant operational challenges that required a lot of manual hours logged. They needed experienced quality analysts to fill in performance gaps. Solving this problem would empower prospects and clients to visualize opportunities resulting in more profitable sales transactions.

  • Solution

    scaleMatters partnered with CrewBloom to help build a team of experienced quality analysts. They needed contractors with an extensive understanding of prescriptive analytics, capable of converting data into value to be communicated to clients and prospects.

  • Results

    The team leveraged their experience in business intelligence technology that helped boost their performance, lessen the costs, and enhance operations for the client. The team created a seamless process that helped identify sales opportunities that impressed the client. CrewBloom’s ability to find talent and how we have lessened their expenses and helped them realize that a long-term partnership with CrewBloom is the only way to go.