Hire Premium Sales & Support Global Team | CrewBloom


May 4, 2022 2023-03-01 15:43


Infotelligent engaged CrewBloom’s services in order to support their sales team with lead generation and appointment setting. They needed to get more appointments and grow their sales pipelines, hence the need to add more people onboard to do that.

Selection Process

What made CrewBloom’s solution stand out over others? The first thing is the option to try on more people in the beginning. This really helped us find out who was the best fit for the team we were building.

What was most appealing about CrewBloom’s partnership? The 2 for 1 training model, being able to add more people, and the management of the team.

What, if any, hesitations did you have about moving forward? Not having a dedicated manager for the remote team but so far it works.


How did you implement/introduce our solution? We followed the same procedure as to how we do it in our teams in India and the US but also ensured we have open communication.

How did our team help with implementation? Being able to see a walkthrough of the process really helped.