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CrewBloom is a remote staffing agency helping employers find the best candidates for their job openings while connecting job-hunters with jobs of their dreams.

Big or Small – We Can Meet Your Staffing Needs

As a remote staffing agency, we work with remote professionals across various industries occupations.

Virtual Assistant

Our VAs can do almost anything that administrative or executive assistants would normally do, except serving coffee. Typical tasks they can perform include making phone calls, scheduling meetings, managing email accounts, and making travel arrangements.

Inside Sales

Scale-up sales more quickly and easily with our remote team of inside sales reps. Adept at marketing products or services to prospective customers, these sales reps can help turn conversations into conversions.

Appointment Setter

Gauge the interest of potential leads. Our remote appointment setters can make cold calls to prospective customers to determine how interested they may be in the product or service your company offers.

Social Media Specialist

Grow your brand through social media. Our highly experienced team of social media specialists can manage your social media accounts and help develop social media marketing strategies that work for your business.

Data Entry Specialist

Enter paper information into an electronic data system fast and accurately. These may include canceled checks, reports, receipts, and other important business documents.

Email Support

Streamline your email communication with our dedicated email support. Email support allows for asynchronous communication, allowing the best agent available to respond to a customer’s queries or concerns.

Chat Support

Our remote chat support can help respond to prospective customers in real-time where a highly synchronous way of working is desired.

Inbound Customer Support

Let our remote team of inbound customer service reps help you respond to customers’ problems quickly while providing the personalized care they need to make informed decisions about your products or services.


Keeping pace with your bookkeeping is essential to keep your financial house in order. Our bookkeepers can record and store your financial information properly so you can easily keep track of your finances.

Project Manager

If you need someone to manage a project from start to finish, we can connect you with the right project manager. They can help plan, execute, and close your project while working harmoniously with other professionals.

Quality Analyst

After software developers have built a website or program for your organization, our quality analysts will test it to ensure it’s working properly.

QuickBooks Administrator

Easily and securely manage your business finances from anywhere. Our QuickBooks administrators can handle all of your bookkeeping and accounting needs from creating professional invoices to paying bills to generating reports for company use.

How We Can Help You Grow

Our remote recruitment services can help:

Fill Your Job Vacancies

As a top remote staffing agency, we understand that certain positions can be hard to fill. We’ll link you up with the best candidates available for the open positions you want to fill.

Reduce Your Hiring Investment

We’ve invested in a thorough and detailed hiring process so you don’t have to make a huge hiring investment.

Improve Your Business Efficiency

We’ll help streamline your business operations by connecting you with employees who understand how to make the best possible use of the available resources.

Increase the Productivity of Your Employees

Having a highly productive workforce is essential to propel your company to the next level. Our highly skilled and experienced remote workers have been thoroughly vetted to ensure they have what it takes to grow your enterprise or organization.

Cut Your Overhead Costs

Our 100% remote recruitment services model can significantly slash your overhead costs by eliminating the need to spend on office furniture, equipment, rent, and other costs associated with running a physical office.

Boost Your Global Expansion Strategy

Our remote staffing agency provides you access to a global talent pool. This way, you’ll have a diverse workforce that brings innovative solutions to the problems your company aims to solve.

Scale up Your Team Quickly and Easily

We’ll help increase your team’s headcount at short notice. All we have to do to connect you with the right employees you need is check our large database of vetted, active candidates.

You Focus on the Core of Your Business

As a remote staffing agency, we recognize that recruiting new employees may not be your strong point. We’ll handle the hiring process so you can focus on the core competencies of your business.

Why You Should Partner with Us

Since we joined the remote recruitment services industry in 2016, we’ve had one goal in mind — to help small and medium-sized businesses grow by connecting them with global talent that can match their business needs.

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