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Why the Philippines is One Top Choices Business Outsourcing

When it comes to the outsourcing market, the Philippines is one of the leading countries today and has built a great reputation for itself as a reliable partner for outsourcing growth. Apart from non-voice field and call center services, it is also an emerging outsourcing destination for IT services like mobile app development, web design, software maintenance, and more. Outsourcing in the Philippines has many advantages, especially when you outsource to a company like CrewBloom. Our team of experts is capable of doing a lot of tasks, from accounting to data entry to tax preparation to other administrative tasks. 

Our team has experienced people who understand how to go about the tasks for those businesses that are outsourcing Philippines.

Key Benefits of outsourcing in the Philippines

Outsourcing is not a new concept; it has been around for more than two decades now. Many businesses have started outsourcing Philippines in 1992 and have grown as one of the biggest GDP contributor since then. Its favorable political landscape and amazing work done by the outsourcing companies have allowed outsourcing Philippines industry to thrive. Let’s check out some key benefits and reasons for  outsourcing in the Philippines:

Increased Profitability and Reduced Costs

If you compare the cost of living in the Philippines to other South-Asian countries, you will find that it is a low-cost economy with daily wages being a tiny proportion of those in western countries. Talented individuals can be hired from reputable institutions for very affordable wages compared to its counterparts in the US. The low cost also applies to business expenses like utilities, office rental, and more. Moreover, reducing the costs of a number of business processes can result in increased profitability for the business.

Culture Alignment

Unlike countries like China and India, the local culture in the Philippines is a lot like western countries. Almost everyone in the country uses the English language as the primary language. Not only that, but the political regime is also pretty similar to the western countries as well. That is why it is easier for western companies when it comes to outsourcing in the Philippines.

Highly Skilled Workforce

With basic education made available to almost the entire population, the Philippines has one of the highest literacy rates at about 95%. Talented graduates are produced by top universities every year. The best is that Filipinos are pretty expressive and creative people. We know it because we a lot of them working for us a Crew Bloom. They are capable of doing jobs in a variety of fields. The outsourcing Philippines industry has made use of this superb workforce to produce amazing results for clients from all over the world.

Favorable Policies and Government Support

For developing the outsourcing environment for foreign companies, the Philippines government has played an active role. From favorable policies to low-cost alternatives for new companies, the government has encouraged outsourcing Philippines industry at every step. 

Fluency In English

Filipinos are very fluent in verbal and written usage of the English language. These people are very patient and have an easy time conversing with people from western cultures. When it comes to handling some irate clients over the phone, this quality is very useful.

Latest Technology

The Philippines has the support of global giants like Microsoft behind them. Hence, it has been able to create innovative BPO contact centers leveraging the latest technology like IP telephony along with social media to interact with their customers. The Philippines is now one of those very few countries that offer omni channel customer interactions through real-time chat, email, video chats, and social media.

Cross-sector Experience

There was a time when outsourcing in the Philippines meant outsourcing BPO tasks only. However, today the scenario has changed now. A plethora of services is offered in a variety of sectors as well as industries that include banking, energy, legal, creative, engineering, financial, industrial, etc.
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