Why You Should Hire A Telemarketer To Grow Your Business

Whether you’re a company that is just starting or whether you’re already an established organization, organizing a telemarketing campaign to reach out to your potential clients is essential.

A telemarketer is a phone-based sales representative which could either be connected to an agency or could be working as an independent contractor. Their primary goal is to call an organization’s lead list and sell or promote the goods and services of the organization.

Why Hire A Telemarketer?

There are many advantages of running a telemarketing campaign, especially if you hire best telemarketers for your company.  Here are few advantages should you decide to hire a telemarketer.

  • Time-Savings. Telemarketing is a very time-consuming task that not a lot of people want to do, especially business owners. The call drop rate is extremely high, and the rejection rate is also high. In addition, the easiest way to promote your business to your target market is by having a telemarketer call them.

  • Focus On Sales. If you hire a telemarketer, you will have someone who will simply focus on promoting and selling your product. You will have more time to dedicate more time and energy to other departments of your business.

  • Highly Replicable: A telemarketing campaign is highly automated. It doesn’t require a lot of training and KPIs can easily be measured. This means that you can easily scale a telemarketing department vs. other departments likes Development and Operations.

Common Telemarketing Campaigns

A lot of businesses are not sure whether their organization can run a telemarketing campaign. Whether you’re a B2B or B2C company, you can definitely run a telemarketing campaign so long as you have a lead list in place, a CRM, a script, and a VOIP dialer. Below is a list of industries that have proven to have successful telemarketing campaigns.

  • Insurance
  • Real Estate
  • Medical Equipment
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Online Education
  • Non-Profit Organization

Where To Hire Telemarketers


If you wish to launch a telemarketing campaign, you have two options. One is to directly hire a telemarketer to join your team, and the second is to tap a telemarketing agency that can connect you with top telemarketers in their pipeline. Per experience, it is easier for businesses to hire telemarketers through an agency.

Hiring a telemarketing staff through an agency with guaranteed performance. To ensure that the partnership lasts long, the telemarketing agency will ensure you hire the best telemarketers to work for your campaign.

In addition, It also reduced the risk for your business. Assuming that the campaign didn’t work out, you can easily cancel your contract with the telemarketing agency. And if the campaign proves to be successful, you can continue to hire the best telemarketers through that agency.

Lastly, working with an agency is much cheaper than hiring in-house, especially if you outsource to lower-costing economies. They can provide you with exceptional telemarketers with years of experience in the field.

What Makes A Telemarketing Campaign Successful?

A lot of factors influence the success of a telemarketing campaign. Though telemarketing had gotten a bad rap due to spam callers, studies still prove that running a telemarketing campaign, if done right, can greatly contribute to a company’s bottom line revenue. Here’s a simple tip to successfully run and manage a telemarketing campaign.

  1. Outline the campaign objectives, goals, and KPIs
  2. Create effective training and scripts
  3. Outline success compensations

Outline the campaign objectives, goals, and KPIs

As mentioned earlier, a telemarketing campaign could either be to sell or promote a product. You also need to make clear of the goals and KPIs of the campaign. This way, you can better track the success of the partnership.

Create effective training and scripts

Having a proven script that converts prospects into customers is also essential. Before launching, outline a telemarketing script that could sell and integrate it into your training program.

Outline Success Compensation

Lastly, you need to incentivize your telemarketers when they successfully convert a prospect to a client. Having a performance reward system has proven to be another driving factor in making a telemarketing campaign successful. It not only drives sales, but also the happiness of your telemarketers, prompting them to produce more results.

When you have decided to hire best telemarketers for your organization, do not forget to take these tips into consideration. If you need help in starting a telemarketing campaign, contact us today for a free consultation!

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