How To Outsource Ecommerce Specialists

When the internet opened to the public in 1991, online shopping became possible. However, only when Jeff Bezos founded and started selling online that hundreds of thousands of other businesses followed suit.

Given how competitive the eCommerce industry is today, business owners with established eCommerce businesses need someone to support their operations. That’s where an eCommerce specialist comes in.

What is an E-commerce Specialist?

An e-commerce specialist is an expert in creating online selling strategies, navigating online e-commerce platforms, and lastly, is an expert in building a brand reputation online. Ecommerce specialists must be technically savvy, data-driven, and has a great instinct for winning products.

Becoming an E-commerce Certified Specialist?

Due to the competitive nature of e-commerce, business owners prefer to hire e-commerce specialists with experience and certifications. Certified E-commerce specialists have taken courses at reputable online learning institutions.

Advantages of Outsourcing E-commerce Specialists


As a business owner, you have the option to hire e-commerce professionals domestically who can work alongside you in your office. Or the other option is to hire remote e-comm professionals. Based on experience, here’s a list of advantages you can take advantage of if you decide to hire remotely.

  • Access to Skilled Professionals
    Imagine if you have the global talent pool to select from and you’re not limited to only hiring professionals near your area. That gives you a great advantage when it comes to talent quality and quantity.

  • Affordability
    Business owners who have a limited budget or are looking to save revenue can look into lower costing economies. The cost of hiring talent is definitely lower than in the US without compromising the quality of talent.

  • Staffing Flexibility
    Because you are hiring remotely, they will be tagged as independent contractors. You have the opportunity to onboard them for a month to see if they’re a great fit. You have the final say whether you wish to continue with the contract or not if you no longer have a need for your remote hire or if you are not satisfied with their service.

How to Outsource E-commerce Specialists

Once you’ve decided to outsource e-commerce specialists remotely, you need to do the following things:

  • Look for a free job board and post your job opening.
  • Pre-screen and interview applicants who applied to your job posting.
  • Once you decide who to hire, you need to give them access to your online business credentials and data.
  • Provide training for your new hire.
  • Oversee and manage the new eCommerce specialist that you hires. Management includes daily check-ins and compensation management.

Most e-commerce business owners find this process challenging and time-consuming, preventing them to move forward with an outsourced hire. This problem is what CrewBloom is doing.

CrewBloom’s Remote Staffing Services

One of the remote staffing services that CrewBlooom provides is connecting pre-vetted e-commerce specialists. We make it easy for business owners to start outsourcing by removing the time-consuming steps.

  • Submitting a job order: Once we get a job order from a client, we do the job posting, applicant prescreening, and rigorous applicant interview.

  • Interviews: As soon as we find our clients’ ideal hire, we immediately schedule them for a quick 15-minute interview. The process of submitting a job order until the applicant interview only takes 1-2 weeks.

  • Training: Once you decide to hire a remote staff with us, CrewBloom will look to you to conduct the training. Training usually takes 1-3 business days depending on the client’s business and processes. The more rigorous the role, the longer the training period.

  • Remote Team Management: After training, we have a team that will help you oversee your remote team. This is to ensure they show up on time, produce the results that you require of them, and lastly, to navigate payroll and HR concerns.

Cost of Outsourcing E-commerce Specialists

CrewBloom offers unique and flexible pricing depending on how rigorous the role is and the candidate that you are looking to hire. If you need an e-commerce certified specialist with over 3 years of experience, this will cost you more than hiring an e-commerce specialist with less experience and without certification.

If you’re interested in learning more about our remote staffing services and our pricing, send an email to [email protected] or give us a call at +1 718-747-8756!

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