The Practical Pros And Cons of Outsourcing Data Entry Clerks

Business managers can have their hands full with data and administration work at times. Inputting reports, profiling different contacts, and troubleshooting and editing data – these can be bearable on some days, but they can also interfere with their usual duties of leading the company hands-on to increase the productivity and effectiveness of their everyday operations.
This is why hiring a data entry team is almost a necessity. Data entry specialists can handle the responsibilities of running the company’s database. Data entry outsourcing is the perfect way to connect with specialists who can carry out the work you need with fewer costs. However, there are some people who are a little hesitant about the idea.
Practically speaking, there are several advantages and disadvantages to outsourcing data entry teams. If you’re unsure about contracting offshore services, here are all the points you have to consider.

Pro: Focus on Business Growth

The primary reason for outsourcing data entry teams is because your company needs to focus on its business growth. There’s too much to do and so little time to accomplish all of them. Your employees may thank you for turning to an offshore team, so their usual administrative tasks are decreased.
Having someone else organize the data frees up the time and energy of your core team. Most of the company’s departments are enabled to work on your operations instead and increase business efficiency.

Pro: Fewer Expenses for Operations

One perk that would benefit your business is that you get to pay less. If you get an in-house data entry team, chances are, you’ll have to spend a lot for training and pay for their office and equipment. You will have to constantly exhaust resources to find a replacement if it doesn’t work out either.
By outsourcing data entry teams, you’re getting the same service and operation for fewer costs. Services abroad often charge less anyway, so it works if your business is on a bit of a tight budget.

Pro: Access to Experience and Software

Data entry hardware and software can be hard to screen and source. Along with that, there are difficulties if you’re just about to teach those devices and programs to someone who is less experienced. You can save yourself the hassle by hiring an experienced data entry service.
It’s likely that these specialists already have their own hardware and software from before working with you. Since you’re outsourcing, they will probably include software used in their operating costs. Clarify that, and you’ll have no worries about it.

Pro: One Team Fully Dedicated to Data

If there’s a lot of data to process, it’s best to have one whole team that can give their undivided attention to that. Data entry services have full-fledged training and experience working with others so that they can operate under pressure.
You can feel secure that they aren’t distracted by any other tasks by your company and can solely work on data entry and management. As a result, the output should always be on time and more accurate than what your company employees usually produce.

Pro: Not Limited to People in Your Area

You may feel constricted by the location aspect of hiring when you’re looking for data entry specialists. This can be a fear of unsatisfactory communication or not being able to check their background correctly.
By outsourcing, you can meet different groups of people who have their expertise, though. They may hold the exact qualifications you’re searching for. Easily communicate online and check their public profile. You can even search through reviews to see their legitimacy.

Con: Possible Breach of Data Security

When outsourcing, you have to consider the information passed between you and the data entry team. Some data entry service providers and third parties have the opportunity to leak the data you’re sending through online, which breaches any sense of security your company has.
To resolve this disadvantage, prepare non-disclosure agreements with the data entry team you’re in contact with. Make it clear that the data being shared is confidential, and have a lawyer review it before sending it over.

Con: Unmonitored Work

With any remote work, it can be difficult to monitor whether your specialists are working on data entry or not. This can increase some anxiety if you need to work on a tight deadline and have irregular communication.
There are several monitoring software programs that can help you watch an employee’s activity and check which browsers are open. There is debate about whether it is morally and ethically correct. Just be sure to be transparent and discuss a proper schedule beforehand.

Con: Contentious Outputs

More established businesses may already have set programs and formats for their data entry outputs. However, if that isn’t communicated in time, the outsourced data entry team may create an output with a conflicting design that’s just inconsistent with your data system overall.
This mistake can turn into a headache, especially if it will translate into re-entering the data and extra work. To avoid this type of problem, discuss everything with your data entry team. It wouldn’t hurt to overcommunicate as long as it’s done with respect and good intentions.

Con: Cultural Differences

Your company will be working and transacting with a data entry team of a different country. This may mean that you don’t get the luxury of working with people familiar with how a Western business operates or discussing in English.
Many Asian countries, specifically in Southeast Asia, are well-equipped with knowledge about the Western world. Many in the working class are fluent in English, to the point where you might not even realize you’re talking with a non-American.

Con: Time Differences

One common disadvantage of outsourcing employees is the time difference. In whatever industry, that slight delay and lack of synchronization are a little unfortunate to work with. There can be times when an employee is sleeping when an issue needs trouble-shooting.
Some data entry service teams can operate in shifting schedules, meaning they can meet with your company halfway. If you’re lucky enough, you can find a specialist team that will completely match their working hours to yours at their expense.


So the end question remains: “Is it good to outsource data entry clerks?” Well, many businesses can say they have had a great deal of success and working experience when outsourcing people. It’s a great opportunity that relies on finding someone reputable and who can work according to your needs.
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