What Your Business Can Achieve Through Outside Inside Sales

From finding talent, reaching quotas, and to expanding the company, almost every company agrees that it is difficult to consistently generate new opportunities. Only a few businesses have the ability to consistently fill their sales pipelines with qualified leads and convert them into customers. Fortunately, outsourced inside sales could help your business thrive and grow.
For lead generation and business growth, inside sales is a helpful method that could guide and assist you. After all, your primary focus as a well-established business should be on your company and its products or services. 
Outsourced inside sales is, indeed, the solution for quick sales success. Read on to discover more and what your business can achieve through this.

B2B Talk: Understanding Outsourced Inside Sales

To capitalize on untapped business opportunities, businesses outsource inside sales to a third-party vendor. When you outsource inside sales, you have access to a professional sales team. 
Prospecting and qualifying leads for a sales manager and account executives (AEs), business development representatives (BDRs), and sales development representatives (SDRs). These meetings allow your internal team to give a more detailed presentation of your company’s product or service and convert leads to customers. 
You can delegate lead generation to a third party by using a B2B outsourced inside sales provider. You can focus your efforts on your core business operations if you outsource your sales. 

Leads Through Outsourced Inside Sales and Outbound Marketing Efforts

In general, B2B appointment setting services are designed to help your outsourced sales representatives schedule sales meetings with qualified leads. Then, your internal sales team attends the meeting and persuades the attendees that your product or service is necessary. 
These appointment setters communicate with prospects through a variety of platforms, allowing them to establish rapport with them prior to purchasing or changing their current solution. Inside sales representatives can build relationships with prospective customers in a variety of ways, including: 

Cold Calling by Phone 

While outsourced cold calling has a bad reputation, it is still a very effective way to generate new business. Outsourced sales representatives can identify pain points in their existing business solution by cold calling potential customers. 
A managed services provider (MSP), for example, can have an outsourced inside sales representative contact a prospect and inquire about their IT management. If they are satisfied with their current MSP, they can tell the prospect why. 
If a prospect is unhappy with their current MSP, an SDR can find out why and what they want in a new outsourced IT partner. This allows SDRs to gain a better understanding of the client and set up a sales appointment. 
SDRs route prospects who aren’t interested in learning more about your company’s product or service to a lead nurturing campaign. To ensure the successful implementation of the outsourced sales representative’s lead nurturing strategy, the outsourced sales representative will contact them in three to four months to evaluate their current solution. 

Email Marketing 

Email marketing plays a significant role in outsourced inside sales. The vast majority of outsourced sales representatives cultivate leads through email marketing. Many SDRs rely on email marketing when they are unable to contact prospective customers via phone. 
Prospects can be emailed with relevant content from outsourced sales representatives. SDRs must refer to their previous conversation when sending sales emails following a pitch. Afterwards, an outsourced sales representative can send the prospect an email with marketing collateral, such as an infographic or a brief explainer video, about the software and how much time it saves businesses. 

LinkedIn Connections

Outbound marketing now includes LinkedIn connection requests. Outsourced inside sales representatives connect with prospects on LinkedIn and send them relevant thought leadership blogs that lead them to the company website. 
While many businesses believe they must choose between one or more outbound B2B lead generation strategies, we believe that all of these sales and marketing strategies should be used. This allows your outsourced sales representatives to communicate with prospects via a variety of platforms. 

What Your Business Can Get from Outsourced Inside Sales

The term “inside sales” shouldn’t be confused with an internal sales team. Hiring an external sales team instead of an internal inside sales team can help your company grow faster. There are many more advantages when companies hire outsourced sales teams, such as:

Lower Costs

It takes time to build an in-house sales team and compensate them fairly. This not only takes up time but also money that could be better spent elsewhere. 
With outsource inside sales, a reliable outsourcing partner will have a trained and vetted marketing and sales team ready to work for your company. Because they already have the right people in place, your sales partner is solely focused on generating revenue that corresponds to your marketing objectives. 

Easy Access to Tools and Technologies

It is impossible to create a successful sales enablement program without a strong CRM platform and sales tools. The cost of a well-designed CRM and other sales and marketing tools is comparable to the cost of an outsourced inside sales team. 
Prospecting, data management, communications, marketing automation, and customer interaction can all be handled with the help of an external sales partner’s tools. Inside sales teams have already been trained on the use of cutting-edge sales tools and technologies. As a result, you can spend less time training and more time selling leads generated by your outsourced BDR and SDR teams. 

Improved Strategic Prospecting Strategies

Even if your company decides to invest in an in-house sales team and the necessary tools, successfully executing an outbound marketing and sales process remains a challenge. Your team won’t be able to perform optimally or close business deals unless and until everything is automated. 

Diving Into Outsourced Internal Sales

If you’re thinking of diving into the idea, you must then learn whether or not to outsource your inside sales. Many companies outsource their sales departments to: 

Free up time.

Internal sales teams have the ability to divert significant time away from routine tasks. Many companies consider outsourcing sales to free up time for other departments. 

Increase their market share.

By outsourcing inside sales, you can expand your product or service into new markets. This is a great way to see if it appeals to more prospects. 

Maintain low sales costs.

Hiring sales representatives through outsourcing is significantly less expensive than hiring internally. In order to save money, many businesses outsource their sales departments. 

Best sales practices.

Successful lead generation businesses keep up to date on sales and marketing trends. Increase your sales opportunities by outsourcing inside sales. 


Finding new business opportunities can be difficult. Thankfully, outsourcing inside sales teams can assist you through this time. After all, it makes transitions and expansions much easier for your team. These sales professionals, tools, and technologies are available to help ensure that your company generates high-quality leads all year.
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