When is it a Good Time to Outsource Your Sales Team?

A sales organization can choose many tools for gaining more leads, driving revenue, pushing cost savings, or increasing sales team structures. One fool-proof and effective recourse are to outsource part of your sales to a third-party provider. The task is not as simple as that, though; it’s rigorous. To succeed, you should define the details and expectations and get the process started with all the necessary precautions. Many companies claim to help you reach your quotas, but how do you know one who can actually achieve them? In this guide, we will talk about when is the best time to outsource sales, what reason you might want to do it when you shouldn’t outsource sales, and how to get the most out of third-party support. 

When is it a Good Time to Outsource Your Sales Team?

Selling is a difficult task. Many people can sell, but very few can sell with the same effectiveness as the top dealmakers in the industry. One of the reasons why it’s so challenging is that it’s hard to find the right people you can trust with your sales initiatives. The other reason is that it’s really hard to do sales yourself while trying to keep track of the many other tasks and projects you have. And it’s not just because salespeople are highly-paid that they are irreplaceable; it’s also because they help boost revenue and expand your business. It’s just common sense to outsource sales when you need extra help in this department. 

What Exactly Is Sales Outsourcing?

The concept of sales outsourcing is not that different from the traditional outsourcing of your other business functions. Instead of hiring a new salesperson, you hire a third-party organization to perform all the sales tasks on your behalf. These tasks include the entire marketing and selling process, including all the activities that are involved in closing deals and generating leads.

When Should You Outsource Sales?

Companies outsource sales for a variety of reasons. The most common one is when they have to hit a sales target – either to bring more revenue in a short timeframe or to decrease operational costs. Others outsource sales for strategic reasons, that is, to enhance their value proposition or to get a better understanding of the market.
Another good reason to outsource sales is that it helps you leverage your sales team. You can use a sales outsourcing provider to complement your sales force or to create an additional sales department to work on additional projects or deals. By allocating a part of your sales team to outside help, you can free up time for your own team to focus on core aspects of your business.
There are several good reasons to outsource sales. Growth, cost-saving, and revenue generation are just a few of the main reasons why you might want to consider outsourcing your sales team. If you are looking for a way to boost your revenue without hiring more salespeople, look into the option of sales outsourcing. It will give you a way to achieve extra revenue with the same resources you already have.

What Are the Benefits of Outsourced Sales?

Outsourced sales have numerous benefits. You can have a complete sales team on board at a very minimal cost. This is a great way to serve the high demand you have without having to hire additional resources.
Outsourced sales also help you scale up your sales operations. What makes a great salesperson? It’s one who can get the job done, of course. But this is not all. Great salespeople also possess certain traits and skills – a good attitude, a positive mindset, and a clear game plan. These are factors that are not always easy to find in sales talent.
Sometimes you can simply outsource your sales efforts from start to finish. Other times you may choose to outsource some of them but employ your internal sales team for the rest.

How to Know If Outsourcing Is Right for You

Before you outsource sales, you should know whether it’s the ideal option for your business. There are many points to consider before you make a decision, and it’s important to get them right.
The most important factor is a clear definition of your objectives. What do you want to achieve from outsourcing your sales activities? Are you looking for higher revenue, better quality sales, or faster lead generation?
It’s also important to determine how much of your sales efforts you want to outsource. What are your expectations from a third-party provider? Will you handle some of the sales processes together? If it’s pure outsourced sales, what should you expect from the provider?
Sales outsourcing has many positive aspects. It gives you access to a greater range of sales skills and talents. Plus, you can have a dedicated sales department, even if you only have limited resources.
To get the most out of your sales outsourcing efforts, it’s important to have a clear plan. You should set clear goals and evaluate your results regularly. In this way, you can improve your sales outsourcing efforts and get the most out of them.

When NOT to Outsource

It’s important to know when not to outsource. Some of the most common reasons why you should not outsource sales are:

  1. When you do not have clear goals in mind. If you cannot clearly state what you want to achieve from outsourcing sales and how you want to achieve it, it’s not a good time to outsource sales.
  2. If you cannot clearly define your requirements. You should be very clear about your expectations from an outsourced provider. If you’re not clear about how much you want to outsource and how you want to outsource, you do not need to outsource.
  3. If you do not have an idea of what you want to accomplish from the outsourcing, it is best to hold off on outsourcing. If you don’t have a clear vision of what you want to do and how you want it done, what are you even going to outsource?

Finding the Right Outsourcing Partner

The key to successful sales outsourcing is finding the right partner. It’s important to evaluate your potential providers and make sure they are the right fit for your business. 
Before you even start looking for potential third-party partners, make sure you have a clear picture of what you are expecting. Make sure to define the roles and responsibilities of your sales outsourcing provider. Once you have that in place, you know what to expect from the provider and what they can offer you.


Outsourcing providers vary a great deal in terms of their cost, style, and value. Before you make a decision, you should compare providers and select the one that best suits your needs. It’s also important to have your own resources on board in case there is a need for an emergency.
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