7 Reasons Outsourcing Telemarketing Is Best for Your Business

Do you remember those days when people were more independent and tried to do everything that they needed without depending on anybody else to do their jobs? Well, those days are long gone. Today, it seems like for every task that you need to do, no matter how big or small, you can hire someone to do it for you. Sometimes even for tasks like cleaning the house, people rely on outsourced services.
But why do you think this is so common today? One of the main reasons is that outsourcing tasks mean that people get to save time, money, and energy. The same thing applies to outsourcing staffing for telemarketing roles. While the concept is nothing new, the emergence of business-to-business (B2B) telemarketing has given birth to a much more strategic way of doing things. Now, when businesses need to launch a sales campaign, they hire a telemarketer. But again, why?
In this article, we will share seven valuable reasons outsourced telemarketing is a smart move for your business:

1. You Get a Competent Team

Do you know how long it takes to train people for telemarketing? It would take you at least months! Although you might consider building an internal telemarketing team, are you willing to dedicate that much time and resources to teach people how to do a task that a group of telemarketing experts already know how to do? If you are on a tight schedule, it only makes more sense to hire a telemarketer to perform various tasks. In an instant, you can get the services of a competent team that can provide you precisely what you need.
You see, telemarketing is not a simple job because it requires a certain skill set to do it well. Since you will want high conversion rates, you must get the best people to do this important task. Unfortunately, unless you can hire at least ten people with years of experience in telemarketing, you will be better off with a team from an outsourcing company that gets constant and continuous training!

2. You Can Enjoy Their Flexibility

Another excellent reason to outsource telemarketing is that you will receive the services of highly flexible people. This ultimately means that they can quickly adapt to the job’s changing demands, handle any setbacks, and tweak the way they handle tasks to suit your needs.
Outsourcing companies in the Philippines have specific teams that handle different projects. Each team has a leader, a coach, and several quality specialists who ensure that the services rendered by everyone on the team meet the standards of the client. They also know how to handle unforeseen situations, such as when multiple people don’t show up for work. If this happens in an internal team, your operations would be severely affected. But because outsourcing companies know what to do in such situations, operations need not halt at all.

3. You Get to Save Energy Efficiently

In the first years of telemarketing, companies often pull several people from their marketing team to do some cold-calling. However, as the demand rises, so does the need for more workers to do the job. While it may not be in your plan to expand, you wouldn’t have a choice if you want your profits to grow as well.
Traditionally, this would mean that you need to hire new people, go through a rigorous training process, ensure compliance with policies, and monitor their performance. Today, you may choose to do that and waste your energy, or you can hand over the job to a third-party telemarketing firm and rest assured while sales leads and appointments grow!

4. You Benefit from a Consistent Representation of Your Brand

Established outsourcing companies already have a structured approach that helps them determine how they will best represent your brand. Because they already have this practice in place, everyone on their team will deliver the same level of service with your brand’s best interest in mind. From standard procedures in scheduling follow-ups to answering questions about your brand and products with knowledge and confidence, you can be sure that your brand is well-represented.

5. You Save Time

The only time-consuming part of outsourcing telemarketing is finding the right firm for you. But choosing the right one pays off quickly as you get results delivered soon after your campaign is launched. While their team will have to learn about your brand and your products or services, they’re going to need significantly less time than a team of fresh in-house hires that you will have to train on product knowledge and how to do the job itself.
Remember that you already have a team of experts who know all about telemarketing when you outsource. They can do the job effectively and professionally, so all they need to master is your product info, and they’ll also do this fast!

6. You Get the Benefits of Quality Control and Monitoring

With an outsourcing company, you can be sure that all communications made on behalf of your brand go through proper monitoring and control. The priority of telemarketers is to achieve first-time resolution and complete calls efficiently in the shortest time possible. These are merely some of the top metrics that outsourcing companies monitor regularly. In fact, they will assess every member’s performance and implement improvement plans whenever necessary.

7. You Get to Save Money

As with any other business, spending less ultimately means earning more when it comes to telemarketing. You might think that you can save money by hiring an in-house team of telemarketers, but you are not. If you think about it, you would have to spend money on larger office space for those new hires. You also need to buy new equipment, have phone lines installed, pay for communication costs, and perhaps the most significant expense of all, adding more people to your payroll.
True, outsourcing is not the cheapest endeavor, but you are investing your money in dependable services that promise a good return on investment. Yes, those computers, phones, chairs, and desks are going to need constant care. Add them to the cost of employing people who will use them, and you’d see why it’s just better to spend your money on telemarketing services in the Philippines!


If you want to hire a telemarketer in-house, you have to be ready to invest time, money, and effort just to prepare them for the job. After that, you’ll have to see how well they perform, and sadly, the return on investment is not assured.
On the contrary, outsourcing telemarketing roles means saving time and money while reaping the benefits of having an expert team representing your brand to potential customers. With the advantages of outsourcing outweighing that of hiring internally, there’s no reason for you not to at least give it a try!
When you’re ready to enjoy the benefits of outsourcing staffing for your telemarketing needs, CrewBloom is here to provide you with premium talent that could deliver more than what you expect. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services and our people!

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