Customer Service Outsourcing

Delivering excellent customer service is essential to businesses of all shapes and sizes – corners can’t be cut. Customer service must be prompt, efficient, and delivered with an aim to exceed customer expectations. This ensures a loyal, satisfied, and happy customer base that attracts positive feedback and referrals. For businesses looking for affordable and high-quality customer support solutions, CrewBloom’s customer service is a primary go-to.

CrewBloom offers robust customer service outsourcing solutions to different industries and verticals. This enables businesses to select an outsourcing solution that best fits their needs. Below are typical customer service and support solutions we offer to our customers.

  • Live Chat

  • Email & Chat Support

  • Virtual Concierge

  • Reservations Specialist

  • Client Relations Associate

  • Client Services Coordinator

  • Customer Service Representative

  • Virtual Receptionist

  • Member Services Specialist

  • Patient Care Coordinator

  • Social Media Customer Care Associate

  • Technical Support Representative

Quality of Customer Service Outsourcing

Numerous companies have been outsourcing their customer service requirements for more than a decade. To set ourselves apart from other customer service providers, we are increasing the standards for outsourced talents. By setting a higher bar on the recruitment process and operations, we provide only the top 2% of customer service professionals in our talent pool.

Below are three main reasons why customer service outsourcing through CrewBloom is for you.

  • Experienced

    CrewBloom’s outsourced customer support service agents have a minimum of 2 years’ experience in customer service and support roles.

  • Proven performers

    We look at the past numbers and performance of our customer service representatives to ensure they are the cream of the crop.

  • Soft Skills

    Hard skills are important, but CrewBloom also looks at outsourcing customer support service representatives with the right attitude and mindset to succeed in their roles.

How to Start Outsourcing Your Customer Service Team

Customer support outsourcing with CrewBloom is simple. We need a detailed job description, a list of tools and applications needed for the role, and an outline of important KPIs to track and measure success. Upon securing the required Customer Support Outsourcing information, CrewBloom will set forth to find customer service representatives’ best suited to join our client’s team. Below are the benefits of CrewBloom’s customer service outsourcing solutions.

  • Customized plans

    We work with startups and SMBs with varying needs. To ensure client satisfaction, we tailor-fit plans depending on the need and requirements of our clients.

  • Performance Guarantee

    Anytime our client is not satisfied with the performance of one of our agents, we set forth a replacement without additional cost to the client. This is also to ensure that high-quality performance is not compromised.

  • Affordable pricing

    Customer service outsourcing shouldn’t cost the moon. At CrewBloom, we look for channels that can reduce unnecessary expenditures by our clients. Aside from waiving recruitment fees, CrewBloom operates as a 100% homebased. This removes the need for clients to invest in additional infrastructure and incur other overhead costs.

  • Support

    All of our accounts have an Account Manager who works closely with our agents and clients.

  • Ongoing Training

    Our staff undergoes regular training to certify that communication skills, leadership skills, and customer support telesales outsourcing and industry knowledge is up to par with the high level of standards we promised to our clients.

At CrewBloom, we place a lot of value on serving our clients to the best of our abilities. This is what makes us one of the sought-after Customer Support Outsourcing solutions providers in the industry. Start building your virtual customer service team with us today!


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