14 Tasks for Virtual Assistants To Help Manage an Online Business – Part 2

Online stores are a great way to explore your passion and reach your target market worldwide. Instead of entertaining customers at a brick-and-mortar store, you can have people from different continents showing interest in your brand and take advantage of speedy shipping to deliver products to them. Still, there’s a lot that goes into managing an online business, and it’s definitely something you can’t do on your own.
In our previous article, we talked about a few of the tasks that can be delegated to expert virtual assistant services to help you run your online business. We’ll be discussing the rest of the tasks in this article, which is the final one in the two-part series.
Here are the last of the fourteen tasks virtual assistants can take to help manage your online business:

Keyword Research and Search Engine Optimization

Digital marketing is essential for online businesses to survive. If you don’t use relevant keywords throughout your content and website, your target market won’t be able to find you since search engines won’t associate you with their search terms. Search engine optimization (SEO) is always evolving, so you’ll still need to stay on your toes to stay up to date on the latest trends and changes to make sure you’re visible to your customers.
Entrusting keyword research and SEO to a top-tier virtual assistant who doubles as a digital marketer is a great way to get ahead. They’ll know how to conduct extensive keyword researching to help you find a popular search term that can skyrocket your business’s search engine rankings. They can also weave the keywords into your content, driving organic traffic towards your website and social media.

Social Media Management

As an online business, your customers are very likely on many different social media platforms, presenting a prime opportunity for you to connect with them. However, with so many channels available, you can feel overwhelmed with the prospect of choosing which one to prioritize.
Virtual assistants in the Philippines know the ins and outs of social media, making them an invaluable resource in managing your profiles. Not only can they maintain your presence online, but they can interact and engage with your customers, encouraging them to consider your business and ultimately purchase your products. They can also help plan the content that will resonate the most with your customers through your social media pages, establishing your brand even further.

Lead Generation

Businesses must always find new ways to reach customers they haven’t before, which is the process of lead generation. However, not just any lead will do; you’ll need to produce high-quality ones who have already shown interest in your business, which means they need a little more nurturing to buy from you finally.
Lead generation isn’t as simple as getting people to sign up for a newsletter; you’ll need to identify potential customers whose interests overlap with yours and whose problems your products can solve. It’s a time-consuming process that small business owners usually cannot carry out because of other managerial responsibilities, making it a perfect task to entrust a virtual assistant like a seasoned lead generation specialist. Finding one will simplify the lead generation process, as they’ll get ahold of leads with the most potential to convert. They will provide your business with even more revenue-generating opportunities, helping you meet your business goals.

Email Marketing

Some people mistakenly believe that email marketing is dead thanks to instant messaging and social media. Still, statistics say otherwise: 99 percent of email users check their email every day, with some doing it up to 20 times. According to Statista, 61 percent of users prefer to be contacted by brands through email. Email is still a valuable way to reach your customers, but you’ll need to optimize your emails, create catchy subject lines, and make sure they’re compatible with mobile devices.
It may sound like email marketing is well beyond your wheelhouse, which is why you’ll want to hire virtual assistant services for this. Many of them are email marketing experts that know how to clean up your email database, create compelling emails, and foster deeper relationships with your customers. They also have their own strategies to leverage email and make sure it effectively delivers the results your business needs to succeed.

Customer Service and Retention

While it’s crucial to attract new customers, it’s just as important—or even more—to take care of your existing ones. Rewarding loyal customers will go a long way for your business, as they’ll be more inclined to keep purchasing from you while encouraging their friends and family to do the same. It also motivates them to leave positive reviews, which is vital for you to draw new customers and convince them that they’ll have a similar experience with your company.
To help you with this, you’ll need customer support services in the Philippines to help you answer all queries and concerns from different platforms, whether email, phone, or live chat. Consumers prefer patronizing responsive companies, so hiring a virtual assistant as a designated customer support specialist will ensure your customers feel cared for and valued.

Refunds Management

Sometimes, things just don’t go the way you or the customer expects it, and they’ll request a refund. Whether they received the wrong item, a damaged product, or something they simply aren’t happy with, their satisfaction is paramount. However, dealing with refunds as a business owner is often frustrating and stressful since it represents lost income, which is why a virtual assistant is the best person to take care of this. These professionals have years of experience in dealing with such requests. The faster they issue refunds, the happier your customers will be.

Forums Monitoring

What customers say can affect how your target market perceives you, making it essential to monitor forums like Facebook groups. However, this is an incredibly time-consuming task since you’ll have to remain an active member to be on the lookout for reviews and comments that pop up about your company. Luckily, a virtual assistant can assume this responsibility, helping you stay connected to your customers and monitor your reputation.


Virtual assistants can take a wide range of tasks required to manage your online business, helping you do what you need to achieve your business goals. By outsourcing these responsibilities, you can focus on what you do best, helping your company thrive.
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