Building An Outbound Marketing Team For Success: Our Guide

In recent years, the need for top-quality outbound sales strategies has become far greater than ever, thanks to the fact that digital marketing and social media have made it much easier to advertise and sell.
In the previous years, traditional methods were the norm, and manual, in-person selling was critical for a successful outbound marketing effort. Today, selling entails using the internet wisely. Regardless if you’re a business owner that’s just making the digital migration now or a forward-thinking start-up that’s trying to leave no stone unturned, getting your outbound sales right is critical for success.

Why outbound success is best rooted in a team effort

As you go over your strategies and fine-tune all sorts of details with your outbound marketing efforts, you’ll eventually arrive at that point where you’ll realize that there is only so much that can be accomplished until you get a team.
Nowadays, it has become even more vital for businesses to invest in building their outbound sales teams, as scalability will grow to become a more prominent difference-maker between success and failure. With more of your goals becoming more complex as you move down the pipeline and start getting serious with generating more sales beyond a local level, the need for a competent team will become even clearer. It’s in cases like these where having a team of trained and dedicated professionals will make a world of difference and allow you to close the gaps between your business and its sales goals!

The keys to building the best team possible

When it comes to creating a sales development representative (SDR) or outbound sales team, it’s important to consider the fact that anything you do can either make or break your company’s progress. It may not seem like much at first, but paying attention to who you have on your side can greatly affect the kind of progress that you make.
If you have a weak team, you’ll end up wasting a whole lot of time, money, and valuable resources on mistakes that can be avoided and extended levels of progress that weren’t actualized as well as they should have. Conversely, however, getting the right kind of crew by your side—such as the professionals we have here at CrewBloom—will seamlessly and smoothly draw in as much new business as possible.
Taking the vitality of the creation and management of a team into account, you’re most likely wondering about what you can do to ensure that you end up with a roster of skilled professionals. Fortunately, we’ve gone ahead and compiled a range of different key factors that you’ll need to consider so that you can develop the right outbound sales team with only a minimal risk of potential failures:

Key factor #1: The projection of your company’s visions and values

As trivial as it may seem when it comes to something as technical as sales generation work and management, it’s your company’s vision and values that have one of the largest impacts on your team building.
When you overlook the need to get a team of professionals that follow the same kind of principles you do, you’ll have a much more difficult time trying to attain the level of synergy needed for your business to work properly. Although values are often overlooked by employees with more day-to-day tasks, it is critical to ensure that your outbound marketing team gets to relate and associate with them.
If you want to ensure that your outbound team represents your business the right way whenever they interact with the general public, you’ll need to ensure they portray the right message. Fortunately, this is an outcome that won’t be too difficult to attain once you start teaching and imparting your company vision and core values on the first day a new hire sits down and starts working on their role!

Key factor #2: Improvement of the compensation system

Comparing the structures of successful outbound marketing strategies and unsuccessful ones will reveal one specific detail that you can’t afford to overlook as you start building your own team: the presence of a compensation model that works.
The persistent influence of pay and its impact on the performance of an SDR is best summed up in this quote from Kyle Porter, which states: “Sales reps do what their compensation model says, not what their boss says.”
Although this may sound like a rather trivial matter if you want to achieve more sales, the truth is that employees in charge of generating more business for your firm won’t be as motivated if your compensation structure isn’t right. After all, who would be motivated to work hard if they’re getting measly compensation for their efforts?
If you want to build a team that hustles hard and helps take your business’s sales to the next level, then you’ll need to pay more attention to your outbound team’s commission structure. Taking the impact of this key factor into consideration, it’s only right to assume that improving the way any professional attaining more sales for your business should get paid fairly.
Should you find yourself unsure of how exactly you can take a few steps ahead in this regard, then here are a few ideas that can help you get started:

  • Setting monthly quotas and accompanying initiatives for sales and revenue levels
  • Following an uncapped commission structure that will help prevent any leads from being “sandbagged” out of the fear of maximizing extra pay
  • Using more KPIs as extra points for incentivization

Key factor #3: The pools that candidates are being drawn from

At the end of the day, having a skilled team always boils down to having quality candidates that are skilled enough to excel at what they’re hired to do.
Nowadays, finding dependable professionals and experts that will allow you to maximize efficiency is a lot easier than before, thanks to the fact that the internet makes everything more obvious. Instead of sifting through phone books, scouring for referrals, and waiting for a message to come in, good help is a few clicks and keystrokes away—however, this also means paying attention to quality, above all else.
If you’re keen on ensuring that the pool of professionals that you hire for your outbound marketing and sales work is as skilled as it is opportunity-abundant, then it’s best to look in the right places. Thankfully, using a service like Crewbloom’s will make it easier for you to find top-quality candidates without breaking a sweat because we’ll go ahead and do the searching for you instead!


Building your outbound marketing efforts to be as successful as possible in the long run is an effort that entails putting together the best team possible so that you can scale your efforts accordingly. By taking the three key factors mentioned above into consideration, you’ll be able to put the best team of outbound and sales experts possible so that you can easily grow at unprecedented rates!
At CrewBloom, we provide the best-outsourced sales teams in the Philippines for businesses all over the United States. If you’re intent on taking your outbound marketing to the next level, get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help!

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