There’s Nothing to Fear With Outsourcing

Many people shy away from remote outsourcing mainly because they feel they aren’t “big” enough yet to enjoy the benefits this has to offer. The fact of the matter is that many businesses have successfully leveraged remote outsourcing regardless of their size. In fact, small to medium enterprises stand to gain the most if they utilize the benefits of outsourcing to help them scale-up and–in some cases–even go global.

Changing the Mindset

The way you need to think about outsourcing is that it’s a pool of resources more than anything else. For one thing, it’s a great source of talent that might not be available locally. When Samsung found that the full-time developers they needed weren’t easy to find, it sourced talent globally which helped them a great deal. It’s the same case with you and your needs. For one thing, it’s a great source of talent at far less cost. This is always going to be the major pull of outsourcing. What you need to bear in mind is that outsourcing is scalable to your particular needs–even if it’s just one person to do one job at the moment.

It’s Safe

As with any and all enterprises that people can get into, there are risks involved when you outsource. However, it’s generally a fairly safe investment–provided you start out with careful research into the prospective outsourcing companies you want to work with. There are far too many success stories with outsourcing to ignore its ultimate utility. It has to be noted that the key element in all of these successes is picking the right outsourcing partner.

While there isn’t a set of hard, fast rules to guide you, there are some simple common-sense tips that you can follow. For one, start out by choosing a company that was founded by an American. This makes initial contact and negotiations flow much more smoothly as they’re sure to understand your proclivities, needs, and culture on a truly personal level. Next, you want to check if their particular services are offered to match your needs perfectly–otherwise, there’s really going to be a lot of problems down the line.

It’s Beneficial

The benefits of outsourcing are practical, real, and actually pretty obvious. The biggest of these is the aforementioned savings on overhead costs. Remote outsourcing can shave away up to 70% of your expenses, and it’s easy to see why. Outsourcing frees you from the need to find and pay for office space, the right equipment, as well as monthly utility bills. These are almost always shouldered by the company providing you with the outsourcing services you need.

More than that, outsourcing to top destinations like the Philippines means you also pay people far less than what you would for in the United States. And it isn’t a matter of shortchanging great talent, either. Rather, it is a function of lower costs of living in the Philippines as well as the savings enjoyed by a company that itself is fully remote.

It’s Dependable

The Philippines has long been one of the most dependable countries when it comes to remote outsourcing on the global stage. Not only is the nation one of the top English-speaking countries in the world, but many companies that have successfully outsourced their business processes to Filipinos have also commented on a strong work ethic as well as all-around trustworthiness. Then there’s the universally praised warmth and friendliness inherent in the people which make them easy to work with.

There is a caveat there, however, and that’s you shouldn’t just settle for these things. At the end of the day, it’s also critical that you match up with the “right” talent. Again, this should primarily be a matter of fit–that is, having the right skillset that you need. It should then be a matter of capability. Your team should ultimately be composed of those who will get the job done for you.

Let Us Help You!

CrewBloom began because of two key realizations. The first is that there is a very real need for companies to source out key processes in order to be able to afford to scale up and grow. The second realization is that the Philippines has the talent to meet those needs at a far more affordable rate. In order to ensure that the meeting of the two results is something successful, we have refined our own hiring processes to ensure that we get only the top 2% of the available talent.

With a focus on quality and a deeper understanding of your unique needs, there’s really not much to fear about going remote with us. No matter the size of your business, no matter its goals, we have the solution to your growth needs.  Schedule a consultation with us now. It’s free and offers you the best help you can get to more efficiently and effectively upscale today.

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