Our Ultimate Guide to Hiring Outsourced Sales Professionals

When you outsource sales professionals, you take advantage of various untapped opportunities in your industry by incorporating additional sales professionals into your team.

Working with outsourced sales experts and forward-thinkers, you’ll be able to utilize sales trends, and that will help transform your marketing efforts. With that, you’re allowing your company to drive revenue to your business with much speed, focus, and scalability, guaranteeing improved results that will help you achieve your sales goals.
Just like any business process, it’s important to practice due diligence to ensure that you’re selecting the perfect outsourced sales professional for your team. For this reason, you must partner with a reliable outsourcing company in the Philippines, such as CrewBloom, to ensure that you find the best professional fit for your company.
If you’re thinking of outsourcing a sales professional to join your team, keep reading. We’ve compiled a bunch of tips that will help you select the right partner for you.

Benefits of outsourcing sales professionals

Before we dive into the tips in outsourcing sales professionals, let’s get a rundown of the benefits you get from them.

  • Targets new and underserved markets

With an outsourced sales team, you’ll be able to practice new approaches that will help advance your sales, tap new markets, attract new leads, and fine-tune your marketing efforts for better analytics and results.

  • Promotes company performance

One of the benefits you get from outsourcing professionals is that it drives teams to improve their operations and work ethic. When you allow an outsourced professional to work alongside your internal team, you’re providing them an opportunity to raise all your member’s performance levels.
This happens because the outsourced team member can provide fresh ideas, new perspectives, and unique approaches that your in-house team can learn from and incorporate these practices in the way they work.

  • Provides niche sales expertise

With their vast experience, outsourced sales professionals will be able to strengthen your company’s presence in various industries and build relationships with potential clients, partners, and investors.

  • Accountability, analysis, and performance management

When you outsource a sales professional, you should know that they’re often paid on a success fee basis, meaning their payment depends on when they close deals with clients.
For this reason, outsourced professionals have greater accountability for their sales process and are more confident about utilizing fresher ideas to improve sales results.

Tips to ensure you’re hiring the right partner for your team

Now that you know some of the benefits you gain from outsourcing sales professionals for your team, here are some tips to help you find the perfect one.

1. Prioritize capabilities and not the cost

One of the biggest mistakes business owners make when hiring outsourced sales professionals is that they value the cost more than investing in an individual’s capabilities.
The reason you want to outsource specialized sales professionals is so that you can get help in achieving bigger business goals. And to do that, you must stay away from subpar providers that are inexperienced, don’t have the expertise, and offer other unnecessary skill sets.
So, when you’re searching for a professional to join your team, ensure that you ask for proof of their work experience, achievements, education, and other valuable information and skills that will benefit your team and company.

2. Work with solutions-oriented individuals

Because no two companies operate the same and each organization will have a different approach and sales strategy, it’s crucial to identify outsourced sales professionals who are solution-oriented. By doing this, they’ll adapt to clients in various industries, giving you opportunities to expand and connect with other consumers.
Ensure that your partner understands your company’s needs and business goals; they must have experience in specific areas, provide you with unique and fresh ideas, and utilize technological advancements and trends to help boost your sales strategies.

3. Provide training and build a relationship with them

When you’re hiring an outsourced sales professional, you should let them know that they’ll be playing an active role in your partnership. You can do this by letting them know your sales team’s challenges and the opportunities you’re facing.
Additionally, let them know that you’ll be providing full training and relevant sales materials to ensure that your whole team, as well as your outsourced professional, is on the same page. Besides that, ensure that you meet with your team regularly, so everyone is aligned with their goals, objectives, and performance.

4. Learning curves are essential

Understand that your outsourced sales professionals have an innate technique and skill set that allows them to perform at their best. However, they are still required to learn your company’s standards, work culture, and values to ensure that they are on the same page as everyone else.
Because of this, you should be more patient as your sales professional will need time to adjust with your team. Giving them at least 90 days to learn and provide you with results will allow them to grow at the pace that they need without feeling any pressure, which could ultimately affect their performance.

5. Partner with sales experts

When hiring an outsourced sales professional, make sure that they can balance and expand your in-house team’s capabilities, expand your company’s sales reach, provide valuable customer insight, and add value to your strategies.
For this reason, you must partner with a dependable outsourcing company in the Philippines to ensure that you are paired with the perfect outsourced sales professional for your company. This way, you’ll be guaranteed exceptional results, a more productive team, and your business goals will be reached in no time, without any worries or unnecessary expenses.


Now that you know the benefits of working with outsourced sales professionals and how you can hire the best one for your team, it’s time to partner with a reputable outsourcing company in the Philippines.
Your employees will provide you with insightful information about your current business operations and sales strategies, enabling you to spot weak points in these areas, which will allow you to choose the right type of sales professional your team needs. And once you’ve identified the needs of your sales team, your outsourcing company will pair you with an outsourced sales professional that will be a great addition to your growing team.
Prioritizing growth and expansion by being open to hiring outsourced professionals won’t only benefit your company, but they will also be valuable assets to your team because they’ll be able to offer new methods, techniques, and approaches from a new and fresh perspective. So, start growing your company, begin to branch out into newer industries, and work with professionals who can guarantee sales success.
If you’re looking for outsourcing companies in the Philippines, check out CrewBloom. We are an outsourcing company that connects top-tier affordable professionals who are experts in remote sales and support roles. Hire a CrewBloomer today!

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