Driving Recognition is Crucial in Customer Service Development

Every business’s goal is to succeed, and a reliable way of doing that is to ensure high levels of customer satisfaction at all times. However, this is much easier said than done, as numerous factors affect how happy your customers are with your business. Additionally, there aren’t any quick fixes to any mistakes, which means providing excellent customer service is a long-term process that requires continuous attention and commitment.

One thing that improves customer satisfaction is employee recognition. The more your employees feel recognized for the hard work they put into contributing to your company, the more they’ll be driven to do their best, translating to increased customer satisfaction. What’s more is that 35 percent of companies with recognition programs observed an increase in customer satisfaction. Here’s what you need to know about how recognizing your employees influences customer loyalty and satisfaction:

What Influences Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction will undoubtedly make your business stand out from the competition. However, many aspects affect how satisfied your customers are, and the importance of each varies per product. For example, the customer satisfaction of a VPN provider will be influenced by the price, speed, and stability of the connection they receive. In contrast, customers of a clothing brand will focus on quality.

Customer satisfaction influences are grouped into three main categories:

1. Quality


A consumer would choose to engage with your business because they believe you have the best to offer them. That means you’ll need to make sure you offer something high-quality, which you can do by understanding the characteristics that customers focus on in your product. Determining quality is more one-dimensional with consumer goods like food, clothing, and accessories. Still, if your product is software, then you’ll need to make sure it’s easy to use, fast, accessible, and stable. 

2. Customer Service


Sometimes, things go wrong, even when they’re out of your control. Your customers expect proactive, accommodating, and friendly customer service that will help them resolve their problems promptly. One of the common complaints about customer service is a company’s slow response times and inability to provide a satisfactory solution to the issue. That’s why your customer service must be punctual, efficient, and always on the ball. That also means your customer service representatives must be well-trained and productive at all times. 

3. Customer Perception


One area of customer satisfaction that many companies ignore is customer perception, which includes what they think of your brand and how much they think it’s worth. This category is the hardest to influence and measure since customers form their perceptions according to numerous factors.

Different Ways to Improve Customer Satisfaction

Knowing the main areas of customer satisfaction is a third of the battle. Figuring out the most effective way to provide the satisfaction integral to your success is the next third, and implementing these strategies is the last. You can start by treating your customers how they want to be treated, offering multichannel support, decreasing waiting times, proving product knowledge, supplying proactive customer service, asking for more feedback, and more. 

However, one thing is shared among all these suggestions: these all depend on your employees’ ability to deliver. To provide top-tier service, they must be highly motivated to proactively and productively address customer complaints. You’ll need future-thinking employees who can predict the concerns your customers will raise. Since your employees raise the brand awareness of your product and handle customer feedback, they are the key to ensuring customer satisfaction. 

The Benefits of Employee Recognition

In short, happy employees means happy customers. If you want to develop higher-quality products and offer more comprehensive customer service, you’ll need to focus on your employees and ensure they feel recognized. Here are some benefits of employee recognition:

1. It Increases Their Engagement


A Gallup survey found that employee disengagement is costly for businesses, costing $500 billion each year in lost productivity. It is also the most important human resources metric, as it has the most major impact on workplaces and business results. 

That’s why it’s crucial to ensure your employees feel valued and appreciated; they’ll be more encouraged to perform to continue receiving good feedback, making them more engaged. The more involved they are, the more dedicated they’ll be to resolving your customers’ issues. This is further supported by a ProofHub study, where 58 percent of employees stated that they would engage more if their leaders recognized them. 

2. It Boosts Their Motivation


Employees can get motivated in two ways. The first is that they find genuine joy in their work, which is where the motivation naturally comes. The second is because they are rewarded for their hard work, and these rewards don’t necessarily have to be items or money; they can also be praise and recognition.

If your employee performs well and you or their manager acknowledges this, they’ll be more motivated to continue doing a good job. However, if they do a good job and their work goes on unappreciated, they’ll never be aware that they did well and are likely to lose motivation. Be sure to recognize your performers and encourage the less motivated ones, as they will directly impact your success. 

3. It Enhances Company Culture


Company culture is hard to define, but it essentially describes the work atmosphere and the relationships between employees. While it’s largely internal, it is fundamental to businesses, as company culture directly affects employee productivity and creativity. Your employees significantly contribute to your success, so providing a positive, productive, and healthy workplace for them will help them feel more comfortable working. It will then be easier to provide unmatched service to your customers.

4. It Encourages More Learning and Development

Improving your products’ quality means amping up your brand awareness initiatives and refining your customer service quality, which all depends on your employees’ willingness to learn and grow in their roles. Today’s society operates in an exceptionally fast-paced environment, which means customers expect the products they buy to adhere to the latest standards and trends, which means you need to be on the ball at all costs. That means you must provide as many employee development opportunities as possible, giving them the knowledge and expertise to resolve your customers’ issues. You can make this more rewarding by tying this to an employee recognition program, and rewarding them for finishing courses will encourage them to learn more. 


Recognizing your employees will go a long way in ensuring your business is profitable and loved by your customers. By prioritizing employee recognition and appreciation, you’ll provide unmatched customer service, which will undoubtedly make your target audience feel more satisfied.

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