Why You Should Hire a VA for Your Blog

Building a blog is a necessary aspect of increasing your brand awareness online. It allows you to display your mastery of skill and knowledge in your particular industry. Additionally, it also helps search engine web crawlers to index your site for greater visibility on search queries. However, the regular maintenance of your blog will be more troublesome as time passes. More pages can cause you to lose track of your content optimization or lead to producing subpar content. This is why many business owners hire virtual assistants to take over their blog management tasks.

Knowing when it’s time to hire a virtual assistant (VA)

It can be difficult to pinpoint a virtual assistant (VA)’s exact responsibilities, primarily since different companies will have varying job descriptions for the role. This is why hiring a VA can be confusing for some. However, there are clear signs you should recognize if you’ll need the extra pair of hands.
A VA’s general role is to give you more time to focus on what matters. For a business owner, this can be running the company. On the other hand, a self-employed individual could need greater time developing their skill or creating quality content. Having a VA gives you the time you need to pay attention to your priorities as they manage running your operation.
In this article, we’ll share five advantages of having a virtual assistant in running your blogs!

1. Increases your productivity

Time is priceless capital for any business owner, regardless of what industry you’re in. It’s vital to spend your time wisely and for productive endeavors only. Unfortunately, running a blog will require you to perform menial tasks for the sake of maintaining your site. This can be something simple, like proofreading your content to curating the right layout and site elements for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). These small tasks can prevent you from going beyond your reach and capabilities.
With the help of a VA, you can put more attention on expanding your skill sets or discovering better ways to optimize your business’s workflow. You can assign your VA to handle regular maintenance and upkeep tasks on your site to ensure quality output without sacrificing your own time.

2. Prevents you from burning out

Owning a blog will require you to accomplish different steps to develop content. You’ll need to conceptualize a topic, research on necessary details and facts, outlining your content piece, and finally publishing it to your blog. If you’re more meticulous about your content development process, you may have extra steps to add. You may have a well-written piece ready after a few days of hard work. However, you’ll inevitably have to continue the process repeatedly to maintain your frequency of posting. This is because search engine web crawlers ran your page’s visibility due to how active your page is. For this reason, many people and businesses who run blogs by themselves need to space out their content calendar to avoid burning themselves out.
Handling too many responsibilities simultaneously is the easiest way to burn yourself out. Once you go past that benchmark, you’ll realize that it’s much harder to bounce back from being too exhausted from work than hiring a VA to lessen your workload. You can task your VA to assist you in optimizing your content production tasks. Breaking your creative process into chores you can delegate is an excellent way to focus on maintaining your writing’s quality.

3. Promotes growth for your blog

It can be underwhelming to start your blog if you’re receiving little to no traction from online guests. From your blog’s analytics, you should be able to see how your site’s performing. Eventually, your constant efforts will allow you to gain a larger following as you produce more content. Having a more seamless content production process is an excellent way to develop your blog’s growth. By having someone you can collaborate with, you’ll have another perspective on developing content pieces for your blog. This can lead to different opportunities, like branching off your content to different formats and tapping into other platforms.
For example, you can execute a marketing strategy that monitors and coordinates your blog in integration with your social media accounts. Tapping into these networks can lead to greater online visibility with your blog while simultaneously allowing you to engage with your target audience. This major development for your site that could take months in preparation can take only weeks with the right VA by your side.

4. Increases your networking opportunities

If your goal is to make your blog your main source of income, you need to ensure that you’re growing your potential revenue stream. For example, personal trainers need to develop their branding by maintaining a solid online presence. Having a blog is only the first step of many in attracting clients, which is why they need to be on their feet to connect with their target demographic actively.
Collaboration is a major part of growing any business, which is why investing in a capable VA will be an excellent long-term investment. You can instruct your VA to assist you in launching lead generation strategies. Having a capable VA lets you discover new networks to develop your brand placement and invite more people to see your blog.

5. Allows you to take a breather and relax

There’s nothing wrong with taking a personal day off now and then. Amidst the toxic culture of waking up every day to do the grind, you need to realize your own limitations by knowing when to take a step back. Most people who own blogs also run other full-time jobs, which is either connected to their profession or as a different hobby altogether. Going back and forth from one list of tasks to another can burn you out over time.
With a VA’s help, you have the liberty of taking a day off and letting your blog run without you for a few days. Your VA can oversee all the technical issues your site can experience while you’re gone. They can also take calls or inquiries to your service if you’re unavailable during certain hours of the day.


Every successful business owner knows from experience that the key to success is mastering how you use your time. Although you may have a promising business model, you won’t benefit from it if you’re always busy handling tasks you can relegate to someone else. Remember that developing your vision is your goal, not the constant micromanagement of various aspects like site management or customer service. If you want to give more time to honing your dream, you need to seek help from reliable business partners in your journey.
Not everyone has the luxury of manning their websites full-time by themselves, which is why getting an extra pair of hands is an excellent way to cut down stress and increase profit. At CrewBloom, we connect companies of all sizes with the right remote support through virtual personal assistants, sales reps, account managers, and more! Contact us today, to learn more about how we can improve your operations.

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