The Women of CrewBloom

One of the first things you notice about CrewBloom is that it has a board of women at the helm. In an era where women are mostly side-lined to administrative leadership roles and not C-suite positions, CrewBloom comes as a breath of fresh air, joining the small list of women-owned and women-run businesses.

Empathy – the driving force empowering their operations

Women’s unique position in society today – as both the homemaker and contributing breadwinner – has created circumstances where empathy-driven decisions take center stage.
This is also why in particular, the women of CrewBloom have found this company to be an excellent workplace where they can grow professionally, without compromising their personal lives.

The Trio: What three women of CrewBloom have to say about working at this women-centric organization?

The working population at CrewBloom comprises predominantly women. Considering that two women are at the helm of this company, strategic and operational business decisions are taken to empower their women contractors.
To understand what the women of CrewBloom feel about their current work-life scenario, we interviewed three contractors from different departments.

A Champion of Work-life Balance

Typically, the one hurdle that prevents working mothers to succeed professionally, is the lack of support extended by their managers and the business policies.
However, the remote business model of CrewBloomnot only allows their clients to benefit, but it also helps the company contractors. This has been an excellent opportunity for working mothers at CrewBloom.
Massy, a Communication Specialist at CrewBloom, reported how the company’s remote set-up and flexible work schedule allowed her to spend more time with her kids. She was thrilled to be present for important life milestones, which otherwise she might have missed working at any other company.
But CrewBloom’s work-life balance is not only for moms but also for young professionals like Paula, CrewBloom’s Recruitment Manager. Paula spoke of how the company’s flexible work schedule gave the chance to do more outside work. More than having time to travel and nurture her hobbies, she is also grateful to have the chance to care for her grandparents while working.
Lastly, Joan, a Customer Support Executive, spoke of how being a remote worker enabled her to spend more time with her ailing parents. Aside from that, she mentioned that the company’s remote business model improved her life in many ways, such as having less stress commuting, more savings, and contributing to the environment by having less carbon footprint. By being a remote worker, she can customize her schedule and fit various activities that are in-line with her interests.

Shattering the Glass Ceiling, One Woman at a Time

When asked what were the common stereotypes they heard about working women, each shared a particular stereotype that they had been told by other people.
Massy had been told that she would not be able to excel both at being a mother and working professional. They believed women couldn’t have both – it had to be the one or the other.
When Paula had informed her close circle that she was planning to work in a firm run by women, many had scoffed at the idea. They said she would not receive any support at work, because women don’t help other women.
When Joan had spoken about her big plans for her career, many were surprised. A common stereotype she’d heard was that women aren’t as ambitious as men and don’t aspire to have senior leadership roles. Another set of people had told her that she might have big plans, but they were unlikely to come through because women weren’t as emotionally strong as men. That they couldn’t make decisive business decisions.
But, CrewBloom – the women say – is a company that has broken these stereotypes.
The company is responsible for contributing more women to business. Women like Massy, Paula, and Joan are an example of the small portion of the female workforce at CrewBloom. The three ladies unequivocally stated that they were proud of CrewBloom’s leadership team for championing women empowerment at work.

What advice do you offer to women looking to grow professionally?

Massy: I would like to stress the importance of hard work. As a working mother with hundreds of responsibilities, I have experienced first-hand the rewards of hard and smart work. If you’re willing to work hard, there will be people who’d be willing to give you a chance and help you reach your professional goals.
Paula: My main advice to women looking to establish themselves in the workplace is to believe in themselves. If women don’t have conviction in their abilities, no one else would either. The trick to experiencing professional success and happiness is to find a career that you love. Pursue a field that brings out your inner spark, then you’d be more likely to put in the effort you need to get ahead.
Joan: Reaching the top of the professional ladder and breaking the glass ceiling was hard and long work, more so for women. However, if you keep pushing forward and always strive to bring the best to your work, you’re bound to achieve your professional dream and create the life you want.

Women and the Future of Work

Women need to find a workplace that believes and supports the vision of flexible and balanced work.  Organizations that are willing to give opportunities to women will find that they are going to get more dedicated hires excited to join their team.

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