The 3 Key Remote Outsourcing Investments

It might be the bigger companies who make it to the headlines, but it’s the smaller to medium enterprises that actually stand to benefit the most from remote outsourcing. So why don’t smaller businesses leverage what is clearly a big advantage to their growth? It’s because many are not aware of what exactly they ought to outsource. If you’re a small business owner reading this, we have just the answers for you.

1. Customer Service

What company doesn’t have a customer service team these days? With shifts in customer expectations and behaviors, today comes the need for skilled teams who can address their needs. These can be represented by a diverse range of services including email and chat support, inbound support, and of course, call fielding. Most people assume that building those teams internally represents a considerable investment in time, tools, and training–and they would be right. Which is sad when you realize that all of these can be done remotely.

Truly remote outsourcing presents a genuinely viable solution to this dilemma. For starters, the time and hassle of having to find and screen a viable candidate is usually the first thing that’s taken away. The best outsourcing companies in fact have an existing pool of talent that can be readily drawn from. Those in the pool have already undergone the rigorous vetting processes needed to ensure the best people for the job–you only really need to specify your standards.
For another thing, remote outsourcing models usually already include necessary equipment and connectivity options to meet the rigorous demands of the work. This saves significant amounts of money for the small business that only have to invest in the right software tools to meet their needs. Altogether, this means that even small businesses can leverage the power and potential of a full-service customer service team for far less than what they would normally spend.

2. Sales

Sales are akin to customer service in that it deals directly with the target audience of the business. Whereas customer service tends to be reactive, however, sales require a strong sense of proactivity. This makes it harder for most businesses to “let go” of the task of selling their products and services to remote teams. Again, however, there is the matter of expenses to think about and smaller businesses are usually left with the short end of the stick here.

The truth is that remote outsourcing sales come with nearly the exact same benefits as that of customer service. You get a full-time of the size that is specifically required by your growth goals–all without the prohibitively high recruitment and screen costs. Your equipment is taken care of. And again, you only have to invest in the tools needed to track the most important metrics to you.
Arguably, outsourcing sales has an added benefit to small businesses beyond all these and training: attitude. Sales aren’t for everybody. Beyond just the technical know-how, it requires a great deal of confidence, the right mindset, and a strong attitude towards the job overall. Outsource companies always factor this key component in their recruitment were building your own sales team internally might require you to discover this later on–a costly proposition.

3. Administrative Support

This last bit is a tricky thing. As a business owner or founder, your sole role should be guiding the shaping and development of your business. That’s why it can be stressful and confounding to have to deal with little administrative tasks like setting appointments, answering to every inquiry call or email, and even juggling your calendar effectively. These are little key tasks that, while seemingly minor, can make the difference between success and failure.

Surprisingly, a lot of businesses don’t realize that these types of services are among the most popularly outsourced. After all, physical presence isn’t required to accomplish any of these tasks–just proper coordination and, of course, the right tools and equipment. In fact, the distinct advantage of outsourcing such administrative tasks is that the people hired can focus exclusively on these things and not be distracted by anything or anyone else.
If anything, this is the first thing that many business owners rely upon remote outsourcing because it absolutely makes their lives easier to manage. Additionally, it frees them up to focus on what matters most: shaping and developing their business. Again, the caveat here is ensuring that you go for the very best talent to ensure that you can completely leave them to the task without worrying about it yourself.

Where You SHOULD Outsource

The Philippines is fast becoming something of a remote outsourcing paradise. Attribute it to decades of colonization of America or the obsession with American pop culture, Filipinos understand the nuances and needs of Americans. All of this is, of course, complemented by the natural warmth and friendliness of Filipinos. Is it any wonder that major telecom giants in the United States have outsourced many of their services to the Philippines?

It’s not enough, however, to figure out the region that’s best to outsource to, you also need to partner with a company with a proven track record. One that understands the uncertainty and addresses the fears. After all, it is only in truly understanding what challenges you face and what apprehensions you harbor that a remote outsourcing company can provide you with the quality team that you need.

Who Should You Work With

Since its inception, CrewBloom has completely banked on the skill of the top 2% of Filipino talent that we employ. 100% of our operations are fully remote and dependent upon a core team scattered across the Philippines. It’s this immersion in remote outsourcing that has led to the development of a comprehensive and truly discerning recruitment process that only guarantees top performers need to apply.

This unique and revolutionary approach has saved us a great deal of money which we then pass on to our client partners. GIve us a call today and we can help craft a personalized plan that will allow you to upscale and achieve your growth goals today.

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