4 Compelling Reasons to Outsource a Business Development Team

While filling your sales pipeline is one of the most important things to do for your business, it is by no means easy to do, unfortunately. Many companies rely on salespeople to handle a lot of the business work, such as prospecting for qualified leads or even managing business growth opportunities. This added burden causes such workers to burn out, affecting what they’re supposed to do in the first place: closing sales.

Is the issue we’ve described the same problem your company is facing? If so, you’re in the right place. We want to share with you exactly why you should outsource to a business development team:

What Is a Business Development Team?

A business development team is a group of people, typically made up of people with a background in marketing, that go into the sales funnel and work to find new leads and turn them into customers.

The members of a business development team are quite different from salespeople in that they have a more narrow focus. Salespeople have the difficult job of managing the whole sales process, while a business development team typically has a focus on higher-level work, such as lead generation and lead nurturing.

Why Should I Hire a Business Development Team?

A business development team is the most effective way for your business to grow because you are hiring people with a narrow focus that is directly related to increasing your sales. They will be able to take over the workload of your salespeople, allowing for your sales team to focus on closing more sales.

Here are four big reasons as to why you should hire a business development team:

1. Provides Additional Leads for Your Sales Team

The role of your business development team is to go out and seek leads. Whenever possible, they will go out and meet with potential customers to determine what the customers’ problems are and how the company’s services could solve those problems.

When they find these prospects, they will then take them to the salespeople and hand them off. This means that the salespeople no longer need to spend as much time prospecting and are able to focus on closing deals. After all, closing is what they’re supposed to be doing.

2. Finds Qualified Leads for Your Sales Team

Your sales team has to call and contact a large number of people to find a handful of qualified leads. The problem with this approach is that it can take time for salespeople to find those qualified leads, especially if they’re not sure how to find them.

Your business development team is specifically trained to find qualified leads. Instead of farming in the dark, your business development team will know exactly where to go to find high-quality leads. It’s considered a proactive approach in contrast to a reactive approach. With a proactive approach, you get a much better idea of who your leads are, so you can make the most effective calls.

3. Get New Business in the Sales Funnel

A business development team will help to move a large number of leads into the sales funnel, which is the process of moving a lead from a prospect to a customer. They will also be able to nurture those leads, which is the process of getting a lead to become a customer. The sales team will then close.

By moving a large number of leads into the sales funnel, you will get more business, which will help you to grow your sales.

4. Save Time for Your Company

Current salespeople spend about 25% of their time generating new leads and spend about 50% of their time cold-calling. This is just a waste of your time and money. Your team could be so much more productive if they didn’t have to spend their time on tasks that others can do.

Due to the high cost of hiring an in-house salesperson, it is often more cost-effective to hire a business development team. In addition, the business development team might be more qualified than a salesperson that you could hire because they usually have a more narrow focus on business development.

How Do I Outsource My Business Development Team?

There are a number of ways that you can outsource your business development team. One way to outsource your business development team is to hire them through a company that specializes in business development. You can hire a business development firm that will hire the business development team and provide services that are specific to your business. You can contact them and let them know what you are looking for and what you want your business development team to do. The business development team will do the rest.

Another way that you can get a business development team is to hire a virtual full-time business development team. This team can either be assigned to different tasks or can be assigned to a specific task, such as recruiting or account management.

When you hire a business development team, you have a great opportunity to make a lot of money. The business development team can greatly increase your profit by producing more leads and closing more sales. With this team helping you, your business will be much more successful than ever before.

Do I Need an Outsourced Business Development Team?

Of course, the answer to this question is subjective to what your goals are and what you are trying to accomplish. It can also be highly dependent on your current situation, such as whether you are experiencing salespeople who are burnt out doing tasks they weren’t supposed to be doing in the first place. Regardless of whether you need to outsource a business development team or not, one cannot deny that they are incredibly useful in many scenarios. 

We recommend that you start looking into an outsourced business development team after you have been in business for a couple of months. The earlier you outsource, the easier it’s going to be for you because you will have less business to manage and won’t be as worried if your business development team can handle your workload. Of course, if you’ve already been running for many years, you cannot go wrong hiring them! They’ve got a lot to offer, and with their help, you can maximize your business’ growth.


As you can see, outsourcing to a business development team is a great way to increase your sales, as well as grow your business. That said, if you see that your salespeople are struggling to close sales because they are tasked with too many other things, it is time to decide to outsource a business development team. Give your salespeople and your business what they deserve and maximize your earnings and growth with the help of professional business development teams!

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