How To Select The Best Offshore SDR Companies?

Many CEOs are considering offshoring their Sales Development team, whether to complement their teams or develop a pipeline. There is great demand, and the sector is expanding exponentially.

However, there are drawbacks to offshoring. Anyone with an internet connection and a phone may start a sales prospecting company, but this does not ensure success. According to our latest survey, just 32% of respondents would offshore to the same business again.

How do you pick the best offshore SDR companies? How can you achieve the greatest possible results? Here are the most important variables to consider.

  • Location

Where is the firm headquartered? Offshore firms are less expensive (usually half the price), and are often better suited for reaching out to enterprise-level enterprises that demand a high level of English.

  • Population

It’s customary to think of a remote staffing service as a machine that generates leads on demand. That machine, however, is made up of humans, individuals who will be personally contacting leads on your behalf.

Find out how a company’s SDRs are recruited while evaluating it. Will you be able to connect with and analyze them immediately? Will you be able to listen to call records to see how they connect with your prospects? The distinction between an SDR who is simply dialing it in and one who is driven will significantly influence your outcomes.

  • Cooperation

Offshoring your SDR staff isn’t something you do once and then forget about. You need a solid connection with them, one in which they have a place at the table. You can’t simply hand them a list and a few scripts and walk away.

This is critical if you have difficulties. They should feel comfortable approaching you, explaining the issue, and making recommendations on proceeding. If they do not come forward, they are acting as a commodity, or you are treating them as such. You may collaborate for greater results by seeing them as an extension of your offshore sales firm and providing them advice.

  • A Methodical Approach

When prospecting, you must manage three variables: the marketplace, the message, and the messenger. When contemplating an offshore SDR function, you must select a provider that can assist you in controlling those factors.

The market, or people you’re trying to reach out to, is simple. So, assuming the organization you chose has a consistent procedure with messenger control, the only variable you need to deal with is the message. This means you can debug and pinpoint any difficulties, enabling you to focus only on improving the message.

  • KPIs 

Traditionally, SDR success has been judged by the number of meetings scheduled. Not all appointments, however, are made equal. If your offshore firm employs hard-sell approaches on unsuitable prospects, you may have a lot of meetings… but they will all go nowhere. You could also track their meeting-to-opportunity acceptance rate and meeting attendance rate to promote a more meaningful approach.

It’s doubtful that they’ll provide you with a guarantee. On the other hand, a competent offshoring provider will collaborate with you to agree on an acceptable result for your KPIs, then work hard to make it happen.

  • Informational Exchange

Make certain that your offshored business does not operate in a black box. You should use the knowledge gained from the offshored team to design or validate your SDR playbook. You want to understand their procedures and message and, if successful, be able to employ them with your own in-house SDR team.



It isn’t easy to successfully offshore your SDR program. However, by taking into account their location and culture (and how they align with your ICP), then ensuring that you’re both working together and agreeing on how to assess performance, you may offer yourself the best chance of success and reap the numerous benefits from the best offshore SDR companies. For more info, visit us at CrewBloom!


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