Duties and Tasks That You Can Delegate to a Real Estate VA

Running a real estate business is not easy. So much time, effort, and dedication are needed in order to grow your business, and it can all take such a toll on the life and productivity of a person. But luckily, it isn’t necessary to shoulder a whole load of responsibility by yourself as you get some aid by your side – in the person of a VA.

What Is a VA?

Virtual assistants or VAs are people online who are ready to aid your business in all its needs. Whatever you can think of, from handling your emails and accounts to working on your business’ marketing – VAs can pretty much do all of that and more. That’s the general gist of it, but keep in mind that there are all types of assistants.
Real estate VAs, in particular, has an impressive background that will prove to be extremely helpful to your business. Plus, because their convenient location is on the other side of the world, they would be able to carry out your operations while you’re still sound asleep if that’s what you desire.
Skill sets can vary from VA to VA, though many have been trained or had experience from before. It can depend on the terms of your agreement how long they will be working and how much work they will be handling.
Keep reading to explore this list of duties that you may consider delegating to your real estate VA:

Basic Tasks

Basic tasks such as clerical work or fixing your calendar can be simple, but it definitely takes up way too much time when you start putting all the minutes and hours together. Real estate VAs are some of the most organized people. You’ll feel secure that everything is in order by the time that you wake up.

  • Information Research

Do you have anything specific that needs to be checked? Current lending rates in your local area? Establishments that can boost a property listing? Or perhaps you’re in need of new estate that’s up for grabs in your neighborhood? A quick search on Google by your real estate VA should be able to give you the information that you need.

  • Data Entry

Alternatively, if you need data to be typed out, such as the contacts, addresses, and other relevant information about current clients, you can also delegate this task to a real estate VA. You can come back to a put-together Excel spreadsheet that’s easy to sort through when you need it. Updates could also be assigned to them.

  • Bookkeeping

Finances are vitally important to the decisions and success of your real estate business. Although it may not be as thorough and accurate as the handiwork of an actual clerk, you can rely on your real estate VA to keep track of specific data. For example, they can log the general income and expenses that come in via your given data.

  • Appointment Scheduling

Having plenty of meetings is nothing short of stressful. Each day can be a whirlwind, and it’d be dangerous to miss even a single appointment as you can lose a client. Let your real estate VA take control of your schedule and organize your business meetings. That way, you can sit back and focus instead on preparing for the meeting.

  • Personal Reminders

Aside from your usual work, it is possible to request your VA to pay attention to your own personal calendar as well. If you have a certain event or obligation, such as a house party that you promised to go to or a niece’s birthday dinner, your assistant is sure to take care of it. Not only are you improving your business’s efficiency, but you’d also ensure your own work-life balance.

  • Telemarketing

Real estate marketing strategies such as cold calling can be quite effective. It can get interesting leads to know more about you and eventually lead to a deal, but it can also be a little exhausting to go through. A real estate VA often has great communication skills that would allow them to call up your prospects on your behalf.

Writing Tasks

As touched upon above, a real estate VA is excellent at communication. This is often because these individuals are able to adopt exceptional English skills, which are not just good for speaking but also for writing. Real estate businesses may need a series of write-ups needed, so entrusting some of those tasks to your VA isn’t all that far-fetched.

  • Letter Writing

There’s a lot of emails and letters going back and forth when you’re in real estate. The influx can be great for business, but it can also be a little stressful to go through. Consider leaving answers for the regular inquiries that you get sent to your email address to your real estate VA to save yourself from the headache.

  • Contract Creation

Whenever your business closes a deal, there will be a need for a contract. Whether it’s physical or digital, you can allow your real estate VA to do the work for you and make one. Once you read it over and you’re pleased, you can keep one for yourself and make extra copies for the other party involved.

  • Proofreading

Perhaps you’re not feeling too well, and you end up with an email that may have multiple grammatical errors, from a missing period to questionable subject-verb agreement. Misspellings can also give off the wrong impression. Running the letter by your assistant can help ensure whether or not everything you wrote is ready to be sent.

Management Tasks

Certain aspects of business management can also be given to some of the most experienced real estate VAs. It can be a weight off your shoulders if they will be able to undertake some of the more complex and time-consuming tasks.

  • CRM

CRM or Customer Relationship Management is essential in attaining real estate business growth. How you interact or maintain relationships with your clients can make or break your future deals or referrals. An assistant who can work with CRM software is a keeper.

  • File Management

There’s likely to be a lot of files on your device for business purposes. Keeping them cluttered all the time can hinder productivity and accessibility, so remedy that by getting your real estate VA involved. Through a shared hub of data, they can sort out your files the way you want them.

  • Digital Marketing Management

Running a business in today’s age often means managing a website and multiple social media platforms alongside it. It can be overwhelming for plenty of people, so letting a VA keep tabs on it can be helpful.


Minimize your stress and some of the responsibilities on your shoulders. Investing and trusting in a real estate VA who’s quite capable of helping you run your operations can be one of the best decisions you can make for your real estate business.
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