What is Lead Nurturing?

Your business spends hours and plenty of resources to create marketing campaigns that attract high-quality leads, but getting enough traction is only half the battle. How many of your qualified leads are ready to take the final step and accept your deal? If your marketing strategy only sparks curiosity throughout your target audience but doesn’t convert them into “ready-to-buy” customers, then something crucial is missing in your arsenal. 
It’s important to develop deeper relationships with your leads at every stage of the sales funnel, so you can establish your company’s credibility, increase brand awareness, and build trust. This process is called lead nurturing, which bridges the gap between lead generation and closing a sale. 

Why is Lead Nurturing Important?

As mentioned above, lead nurturing is the middle ground that connects your lead generation and conversion strategy. This process is focused on creating meaningful experiences for your customers, one that involves providing a personalized tour of what your business can offer to solve their problems. 

Lead Nurturing Educates Your Audience 

Speaking of meaningful experiences, lead nurturing focuses on developing your customer relationship by providing content that informs and engages your audience. It builds excitement for your brand as it personalizes your campaigns, so your customers can relate to your targeted content and feel more compelled to move forward with their buying journey thanks to your constant support. 
A basic overview of optimizing your lead nurturing strategy includes the following pillars:

  • Define Your Leads – get to know your market by working with the marketing team to define your leads;
  • Build Your Lists – fine-tune your list of leads by removing duplicates and inactive contacts, so you can focus on improving your lead nurture program;
  • Segment Your Audience Groups – categorize your leads based on their interests and buying stage, so you can create relevant campaigns that hit their mark;
  • Optimize Your Campaigns – an effective lead nurturing strategy requires constant testing and measuring to ensure its long-term success. 

Technology helps streamline the communication channel into a unified hub, so gathering and organizing customer data becomes easier. With a multichannel system in place, your brand can pave content paths that are relevant to your leads—be it through email, social media, direct mail, or your website. When lead nurturing is done correctly, it can do the following for your business:

  • Convert more customers and increase sales; 
  • Encourages larger purchases from your qualified leads; 
  • Motivate leads to become loyal customers with high intentions of buying your products or services; 

Keep in mind that lead nurturing creates the opportunity to show customers how your business can be valuable to them, so every progress in your campaign is a chance to enhance your brand engagement in more ways than one. With that in mind, what is a crucial focus you need to consider when refining your lead nurturing strategy?

Appointment Setting: a Critical Step in Lead Nurturing 

Email marketing primarily spearheads lead nurturing efforts, but in a digitally-driven world where consumers now expect a cross-channel experience, it’s important to facilitate engagement across different platforms. In that regard, appointment setting plays a pivotal role in your sales development activity as it involves directly nurturing your leads by delivering a personalized sales pitch. 
Combining appointment settings with other marketing campaigns can build momentum for your brand and improve the way you showcase your solutions to your audience. If other channels lay the groundwork for your lead nurturing campaigns, then scheduling appointments with qualified leads makes a home run by convincing them to become recurring customers. 

Why You Should Outsource Your Lead Nurturers

Your salesforce can’t spend most of their energy setting appointments to nurture your leads; that’s why outsourcing appointment setters can fill in the gaps in your strategy. After all, appointment setting is only one part of the lead nurturing process, so it’s worth hiring dedicated professionals who can set the stage for your sales team. But how exactly can outsourcing boost your lead nurturing?

Benefit #1: Maximize Your Sale’s Team Time and Energy 

If you only have your sales team setting up calls and meetings with different qualified leads, you’ll be spending more time planning than progressing with your campaigns. Time is money, after all, so the longer your sales force spends it behind the scenes making calls, the more distracted they become as they focus on nurturing leads instead of making sales. 
Remember that winning a deal takes as much time and resources as nurturing leads, so you’ll only spread your team too thin if you solely rely on your sales team to ace both tasks. But when you outsource appointment setters, you can have dedicated people to reach out to your qualified leads while your sales team can concentrate on closing sales. 

Benefit #2: Gather Detailed and Accurate Customer Data 

Customer data is the key to creating dynamic and personalized lead nurturing campaigns since getting to know your audience helps give valuable insights, which means you have more confidence in producing content that resonates with your customers. 
The more you understand your customers in points, interests, and behavior, the better your campaigns will be as you share compelling content that meets their unique needs. To that end, outsourcing appointment setters can help you gather more accurate and highly detailed data since they have all the right tools to capture them. 
With the aid of outsourced talents, your sales representatives can work with complete customer data that helps in delivering a more personalized sales pitch. 

Benefit #3: See Better and Immediate Results for Less the Cost

Instead of growing your in-house salesforce to keep up with the demands of your lead nurturing strategy, it’s a lot more cost-effective to outsource appointment setters since they can manage one of the most fundamental stages in lead nurturing. 
Since you have an appointment setter preparing the calls for you, your sales team has more time to improve their sales pitch and close sales. With both functions handled by competent talents, you have more time to focus on growing your business and see immediate results for less cost!

The Bottom Line: The Importance of Lead Nurturing in Skyrocketing Your Sales 

Lead nurturing is a critical step that can make or mar your customer’s decisions, one that encourages engagement as it develops your relationships further in every sales funnel. Lead nurturing can solve several problems in your business—from maintaining customer loyalty, shortening your sales cycle, measuring your progress and goals to providing a dynamic communications channel that delivers your value. 

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