Here’s Why You Should Set a Unified Company Goal

If there’s anything the past year has reminded us, it’s that life is extremely unpredictable. There’s a very little chance that we can accurately predict what’s going to happen, so it always helps to stay flexible and have backup measures in place for the unpredictable.

Putting these personal realizations aside, there’s been plenty of room for businesses to learn about themselves and the way they should continue going forward.
Now is the time for re-evaluation. 
Just because a new year has rolled in, doesn’t mean that the troubles of the past year have gone. Now’s a great time to reevaluate our business plans and priorities. To make sure your team is able to align with your company plan, setting a unified company goal is imperative.
Below are the reasons why this is a necessary step in order to proceed smoothly in 2021.


A unified company goal helps your employees better understand your vision for 2021. While most companies are eager to go back to business as usual, things are never going to be the same again and that’s a fact. Greater awareness of such situations needs to be shown on behalf of the organization.

By setting a new unified company goal, you’re passing the message onto the employees that you paid attention to the challenges encountered the past year and you have a new vision strategically outlined to adapt to the new structure of your organization.

It Encourages Collaboration

Last year, a lot of companies were forced to suddenly transition away from physical offices and started adopting a fully remote setup. New ways of communicating and collaborating had to be outlined, and companies struggled to find the right technology to support their overall operations.

This year, however, vaccines are being distributed and it looks like things may go back to normal in a few months’ time. Now, businesses have to plan in cases where they still wish to remain fully remote, go partially remote, or totally go back to the office.
However, having a unified company goal helps every department at your company have a clear understanding of what’s expected of them regardless of the work setup they are in. This encourages inter-departmental collaboration, a more streamlined communication for every department, and allows leaders at your organization to map a plan of action on how they will contribute to reaching the overall company goal.

Increased Focus & Productivity

Now, more than ever, making sure that goals and plans are clearly and concisely communicated is a must. Because of transitioning to a remote work setup, leaders must be able to relay to every member of their team a clear outline of what’s expected of them. The more goals you’ll be outlining, the more confusing it would be for them.

Business leaders must be able to drill down into a goal that’s most important for the organization. Afterward, that goal must be cascaded to every department, giving departmental leaders the freedom to create their plan of action. , will increase their focus and productivity. In addition, this will prevent them from outlining goals and projects that are not really relevant to your business and reduce unproductive activities.

It Increases Company Morale

The morale of workers and most organizations have been at an all-time low over the past year. After taking on lay-offs, retrenching, and extended work hours, employees are emotionally and physically burned out.

In addition, a lot of the company goals that were set forth during the start of 2020 were not met, contributing to further stress for everyone in the organization.
A unified goal shows you are showing your employees that you are setting them up for their success. Unified goals make it easier for them to understand what they need to do, and it boosts their morale.
It would be doubly helpful if companies could have a vision for their future where they are better prepared for such scenarios. If you can reassure your employees that steps will be taken to mitigate such circumstances going forward, it will play a major role in restoring faith in organizations.


When all members of the organization are swimming in the same direction, there is less resistance to worry about. While creating a unified company goal, you can ensure that you address all the concerns and needs of the many cogs of your organization simultaneously.

This is a great opportunity to band the entire organization together and make everyone feel responsible for each other’s needs and pains.


Business leaders have different ways of setting forth goals, but it’s always important to take into consideration what’s good for the business and for its people.  Do not set unrealistic goals that will not empower and excite your team. Lastly, don’t forget to set check-ins with your team monthly and quarterly to see where they’re pacing and to let them know that you’re with them every step of the way to support them.

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