CrewBloom is Changing the Call Center Industry Through a 100% Remote-Based Workforce

Brooklyn, NY, November 20, 2018 – CrewBloom, a 100% remote-based talent acquisition company that offers innovative and affordable ways to find and retain human capital, recently launched and completely revolutionized the call center industry as we know it today.

An Industry Unchanged

Benefitting from viability and a central role in the expansion and development of countries for the last few decades, call centers have wholly remained unchanged in the face of technology development. However, CrewBloom is changing the industry norms, helping small to mid-sized businesses benefit from a remote-based model.

“Gone are the days where outsourcing was merely about hiring call centers and having their professionals complete outbound calls,” said Brianna Carney, Co-Founder of CrewBloom. “We’re only acquiring the top 2% professionals in the call center industry. It’s what uniquely defines our remote working model.”

Tangible Cost Reduction

CrewBloom makes it easy for companies to access and retain human capital, boasting the top 2% of talent. The company manages end-to-end processes of recruitment and management of remote workers, freeing up time and capital along the way. Leveraging the latest technological tools and systems, CrewBloom is showing businesses how easy it is to advance past needing in-office space for a virtual, more productive team. As a result, CrewBloom is creating up to 70% reduction in overhead costs by removing the need for infrastructure and utility expenses.

“Today, companies are accessing the global workforce to find the right talent at a price they can afford – and they are mostly looking to Asia,” said Carney. “In the Philippines, they get the best of both worlds: affordability and an adept English-speaking workforce. My co-founder, Kate Ringcodan, and I are going 100% remote for small and medium-sized enterprises. And we’re doing it with a vetting system that only leaves the top 2% of Filipino talent in our pool.”

Skills: Hard & Soft

CrewBloom’s talent is characterized by experience in sales, business development, and customer service, handpicked and thoroughly vetted before receiving the final approval. More than just the hard skills, CrewBloom also vets soft skills, measuring individuals’ ability to engage in natural productivity, promptness, effective customer service, and more. As a result, they are building a team of dependable, reliable, and passionate remote workers that are motivated to do what they do every day.

Since all contractors are working remotely, which promotes a good work-life balance, CrewBloom’s workforce is a highly content group of people. Additionally, CrewBloom rewards for hard work, compensating generously for remote work while encouraging a work-life balance that is conducive to consistent, top-quality performance.

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