Why Excellent Customer Service is Your Key to Scaling

What does it take to turn a small business into an influential presence in the industry?
Some may think you must follow a specific pattern of dropping out of an ivy league university and recruiting a friend to launch a startup in your garage, but this is rarely the case. Although success stories of people who had little chance of making it are nice to hear, they are rare.
You see, the founders of Windows, Apple, and Amazon were the exception, the unique statistic. The success of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Jeff Bezos are one-in-a-million—behind each tale of victory are thousands of failures. 

The Chances of Success

Not every organization grows past its humble beginnings. With 90 % of startups failing and 10% closing down within the first year, your ambition of scaling up and thriving as an indomitable force in your field may seem out of reach and even impossible. 
Given the current business climate, successfully running a company is easier said than done! Due to the economic crisis caused by the global pandemic, countless organizations filed for bankruptcy and closed down—you’re lucky just to survive the chaos that was 2020.
However, if you have a hunger for ambition, you wouldn’t be satisfied with just getting by. To those who have big dreams for their company, they must push the boundaries of what others believe to be their limits, beat the odds, and surpass expectations.
Of course, scaling your business is a massive undertaking. If you make one grave mistake, you could hurt your chances of surviving and making it to the top! Despite that, you still have a possibility of succeeding, as long as you focus on what matters most. 
When it comes to fostering a company’s growth, you must invest in the heart of your business: customer service.

Critical Among Others

Customer service may seem inconsequential compared to the other areas of your business, but it has a significant impact on its success. Failing to recognize the importance of customer service to your business puts you several steps backward—you can say goodbye to your dreams of climbing to the top!
Of course, improving your customer service doesn’t mean that the various areas of the organization matter less. No organization will grow with just customer service; you also need to work on design, tech, distribution, marketing, and sales are precious building blocks to scale your business. 
Nonetheless, despite the myriad of other resources, the influence of customer service is incomparable. Suppose your business has limited funds and has to determine which area to allocate the most money to. In that case, customer service should be on the top of your list! 

Prioritizing Customer Service

Some may argue that investing a lot of money in the customer support team sounds like a mistake, a choice that could hurt a business. If you’ve been one of the many people who have this kind of mindset, you’re setting yourself up for eventual failure.
As such, you must pay attention to your customer support services and assess the quality of assistance you’re providing your leads and clients. As the direct connection between your business and your customers, customer service will be instrumental to your overall success—or failure.
If you dream of realizing the ambition you have for your company, you must prioritize your customer service and improve your business relationships. With better customer service, a higher possibility you have of scaling your company!

Why Customer Service Matters

Of course, reading a few paragraphs online won’t immediately convince you to tweak your business strategy to focus more on customer service. Prioritizing customer service is a big move, which involves risks that may significantly impact your company. However, regardless of the risks and your reservations, the fact that customer service is crucial doesn’t change.
Simply applying the statement “The customer is always right” won’t steer your organization in the right direction. Customer service is more than greeting a potential client with a  smile on your face or speaking in a pleasant tone—it involves several layers that contribute to the state of your customer relationships.
To help you further understand the significance of customer service in your business, we’ve compiled a list of reasons why it is crucial to your business’s growth:

Better Customer Service Equals More Revenue

Revenue is the best measure of a business’s success, while customer service is the main factor in increasing it. Customer service directly correlates to revenue; companies working on their customer service drive revenue four to eight percent higher than their competitors!
Customers care about how businesses treat them, so much so that some of them would be willing to pay more just to interact with someone who is understanding, kind, patient, and is genuinely interested in helping them with their concerns. 
Sure, you’d have to measure customer-related metrics and track revenue in parallel. Still, the math is pretty straightforward—happy customers are likely to talk about your product or service online, acting as ambassadors for your brand and enticing potential customers.

Customer Retention Drives Great Results

Excellent customer service takes constant work; you have to keep customers happy during every interaction aside from attracting more customers. Of course, customer acquisition is essential, but your business will still fail if they’ll only buy from you for one time.
To set a solid foundation for your company, you must focus on retaining your customers. By encouraging customers to return to you through excellent service, you’re more likely to build brand loyalty. To put it simply, increased satisfaction means life-long customers and more sales!
Customer satisfaction grows into loyalty, which translates into profit! No matter how impressive your competitors’ offerings are, they won’t change their minds about your company or be tempted to try out the product or service of another because of how your customer support team treats them. 

Positive Customer Experience Builds Awareness

No business can be successful without popularity. Although reminiscent of your years in high school, there’s no denying that a more well-known company has a likelier possibility of growing its customer base and driving more sales!
Improving the quality of your products or services isn’t enough to build your reputation or spread the word about your business. To be successful, you must also work on becoming the best and hottest brand in the market so that customers will flock to you and grow interested in what you have to offer.
While marketing plays a key role in boosting brand awareness, so do positive customer experiences. When you provide a satisfying experience for your customers, they will rave about your brand, which builds your reputation for having excellent customer service.


Never underestimate the impact of excellent customer service! All it takes is a few pleasant customer interactions to turn the tides and put a spotlight on your company—you’ll be surprised at how the customer experience is as valuable as any other area of your business. If you want to provide positive customer experiences consistently, make sure to invest in customer support services that guarantee quality!
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