Correcting 7 Misconceptions About Outsourced Appointment Setters

Phone marketing can be daunting due to the many conversations needed before you can close the deal. Setting up the appointment process also requires a lot of time and effort. Hence, most organizations resort to outsourcing appointment setting services, which helps them customize marketing strategies. Some companies hire appointment setters to aid them in converting their prospects into qualified appointments more effectively than ordinary phone marketing.
However, regardless of how effective and helpful appointment setting services are, many people do not know what it is. Many also have various misconceptions about business outsourcing services and appointment setters, perhaps because of what they’ve heard from others’ misjudgments. And because of all these myths, outsourcing gets a poor reputation.
If you are wondering whether these misconceptions about outsourcing are accurate, you are in the right place. This post shall correct the seven most common misconceptions about outsourcing appointment setters that you probably have heard about.

Misconception #1: It Is Easy to Schedule a Qualified Sales Appointment

You may think that organizing a qualified appointment is a simple task, but it truly isn’t. Sales appointment setting services are complicated, which requires several engagements and a competent and proficient script. All of these complex steps will lead you to acquire qualified leads that you can convert into paying customers.
In particular, the scheduling process may take up to several weeks before it is completed. Also, it would help if you have a lot of exchanges, outcomes, and resources within a significant period to train a sales team.
Though appointment scheduling is a difficult task, it is absolutely workable and achievable even with a remote support team. When you work with an agency, you get a trained team with resources and a system in place that will ensure that they are skilled in grabbing attention, engaging, and converting leads into customers.

Misconception #2: You Will Never Turn Your Appointments into Sales

Another myth that you might have heard about is that your appointments can never turn into sales. Perhaps this myth can be accurate in some situations, but this only happens when you begin with an unqualified lead. You had no chance at all of getting a deal or sale.
To ensure that your business continuously gets qualified leads, you might choose the best call center service provider or outsourcing company that offers high-quality services. When selecting one, it is crucial to discuss your process of qualifying leads, along with set guidelines to meet before you pass one on as a qualified appointment.
For instance, you can discuss if the service company is aware of the BANT criteria. Centering Budget, Authority, Needs, and Timeline will help these companies improve their conversion rate to go as high as 60 percent.

Misconception #3: You Will Not Obtain Qualified Appointments

Converting prospects into qualified appointments for your company is your primary goal when creating your phone marketing strategy. However, some people think you cannot obtain qualified leads when you outsource appointment setting. Numerous companies still believe that they cannot gain appointments through these professional services.
Now, to debunk this myth, keep in mind that you may obtain qualified appointments even with cheap appointment setters. Every appointment setting company has a system to engage prospects and qualify their interest during the call.

Misconception #4: Building an in-House Sales Team Is Easy

Like scheduling qualified sales appointments, building an in-house sales team is not easy but rather an exhausting process. It will require a lot of time, effort, and money to hire, onboard, and train a large team. You must plan out your workflow, gather the necessary equipment, and go through the steps of hiring qualified candidates. After acquiring talent, you should provide them with their initial and supplemental training sessions and employ supervisors to oversee the overall operations.
This is why business process outsourcing is a billion-dollar industry. You don’t have to struggle through weeks of screening and interviewing hundreds of candidates. High-quality agencies will provide all the manpower you need – they have the most qualified workers ready to begin working as soon as you give them the signal!

Misconception #5: Only Salespeople Should Schedule Appointments

You may observe a few outsourcing companies that require their salespeople to be in charge of scheduling appointments. However, this process is incredibly inefficient, for it is not the responsibility of a salesperson to schedule appointments. It can only be a waste of time for them.
When salespeople aren’t responsible for appointment scheduling, they can spend their time closing prospects. Giving them the responsibility of nurturing relationships with customers to ensure satisfaction and promote repeat engagement might be time-consuming.
Bear in mind that dedicated appointment setters could do this much more efficiently. When you have a specific team that is tasked with contacting hundreds of leads, your salespeople are left to work their magic on high-quality prospects that they can turn into paying customers!

Misconception #6: Appointment Setting Services Are All the Same

When you purchase from any industry, you cannot obtain high-quality products and services all at once and all the time. Similarly, you will not get the same benefits from all appointment setting service providers, as they are very different.
If you hire just any back-office outsourcing service to help you with appointments, you cannot guarantee that they can provide you with what you expect. It’s best to do your due diligence and find agencies and service providers that only offer top-notch talent.

Misconception #7: Cheap Services Will Get the Job Done

Although it is possible to obtain qualified appointments even with cheap services, it’s best to focus on quality instead of cost. Don’t settle for cheap services that will only lead to low conversions. If you get stuck with subpar service, it would cost you more time and money in the long run.
When outsourcing appointment setting, resorting to cheap services will only waste a lot of time and resources before you complete the process. So, it is crucial to note that in choosing the company to do the appointment setting, opt for the organization that knows the value of qualifying the prospects. Relatively expensive services are a fantastic investment that will only help your company grow in the long run.

The Bottom Line

Outsourcing is not a perfect industry. It takes effort between you and the service provider to create the best system that will get you the results you want. Before outsourcing appointment setting services to help your business, you must first dispel all these myths and misconceptions. And then all you need to do next is to find the best service provider to meet all of your appointment setting needs!
If you are looking to hire an appointment setter or a team of sales experts, work with CrewBloom. We have a roster of highly trained virtual assistants, customer support specialists, and appointment setting experts that will take your business to the next level. Book a call today for a free consultation!

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