15 Reasons Why You Need To Outsource Remote Staff Through an Agency

With the recent influx of remote workers in the job market, many companies are considering hiring remote staff. And why wouldn’t they? You get to hire highly skilled staff from around the globe, and with varying living costs, this means exceptional talent at a lower cost. Done right, remote teams can elevate your company to profit and success.

But, the trick is how to manage a remote team? They work on their own time from their own spaces. And global talent comes with added language and cultural friction. Because of this, a recipe for success is to have a third party manage the remote talent. Outsourcing remote staff can be a great way to yield their productivity while quickly finding the right people to bridge the cultural and language gap in place.
Here are 15 reasons why outsourcing a remote staff through a staffing agency is a must.

1. Prioritizing company growth

Managing a remote team on your own requires a lot of time and effort better spent on other high-level tasks. Outsourcing through an agency allows you to focus on company growth.

2. Management assistance

Keeping tabs on remote workers is near impossible. When you outsource the task to an outsourcing agency, you trust someone else to shoulder this burden and still get great results.

3. Scalability

When you hire an agency to manage your remote staff needs, you have access to a bevy of talented remote workers. So, you can easily scale up your team when you need to.

4. Reliability

Hiring remote workers involves the risk of being duped. A third-party agency in the business of hiring remote workers will have reliable and highly-vetted people on record.

5. Better candidates

When you strike out on your own, you only have access to a limited pool of workers. A company that deals in remote staffing will have access to better, more qualified candidates on file.

6. Low risk

You hire a remote worker on a two to a five-year contract. Then they fail to deliver, and you can’t fire them. With outsourcing, you hire the company, and the company employs the workers so you can fire subpar workers without facing legal risk.

7. High quality of work

When you outsource your remote team, the agency ensures a consistent quality of work and guarantees performance. If performance does not meet your expectations, you can easily cancel your contract with your current agency and look for another partner.

8. Streamlined Communication

One issue with a remote team is a lack of proper communication between workers. When you hire a third-party company, they act as a bridge between you and your remote staff to keep the project goals on track.

9. Maximized productivity

Outsourcing with an agency helps you maximize efficiency. You assign tasks and get results. If the work is not up to your standards, you can contact your agency and get a new worker in place.

10. Low-security issues

If you hire remote workers, you’ll need to cover their home devices in your insurance plan to protect company data. With an agency, you avoid this hassle and rely on their expert policies to ensure your data stays secure.

11. Worker administration

When you outsource, the agency is responsible for handling all day-to-day operational tasks like compensation administration and HR management.

12. Bridging Timezone Gap

Hiring the best at the lowest prices sounds fun, but it means your remote team is spread across multiple time zones. You can’t work 24/7, so outsourcing through an agency to help you with management is your only option.

13. Alignment

Keeping your team in sync is a big task when they’re spread out. Outsourcing remote staff through a staffing agency frees you from lower-level worker management to focus on aligning your company’s goals.

14. Detailed Reporting

Remote staff still require check-ins. If you don’t want to deal with the regular updates and be inundated with task follow-ups and evaluation, simply outsource through an agency and the agency will be the one to send you a detailed report about your team’s performance and attendance.

15. Ease of hiring

Outsourcing remote staff through a staffing agency saves you the trouble of scanning resumes, interviewing, and running checks. All you have to do is vet candidate profiles and interview them once before kicking off a training.

Remote staff can be a great resource if handled properly. As this concept is fairly new to many businesses, they are not fully equipped to deal with remote workers. Outsourcing your remote staff through an agency is the most viable solution for business owners looking to launch a successful remote outsourcing campaign.

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