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Get Freelance Tech Support

November 23, 2022 2022-11-23 6:16

Get a Freelance Tech Support

Start hiring customer support specialists for $12/hour - Go live in 48 to 72 hours.

  • Connecting with potential customers and maintaining trustworthy relations with them is the primary responsibility of customer support specialists.

  • They must listen to the customer’s problems to provide quick solutions.

  • They are responsible for collecting the necessary customer data to keep a fair record.

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For every company, there is a need for a technical support system. According to studies, more than 50% of customers call for technical help. A lack of technical support in your company can cause trouble, and hiring a trustworthy freelance tech support team is necessary for the same reason. 

Let's get to know CrewBloom's exclusive business model!

Our business model has authenticity and customer loyalty as well. Want to know why and how our business model is unique? Here are some of the important aspects that make us exclusive.

Let’s know the details!

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Management with authenticity

Your best choice for expert service and management is CrewBloom. It is a reliable platform with an effective management team that can assist clients most effectively. Our qualified team knows what is necessary to find you the ideal candidate. We put our customers' needs first and work hard to provide the finest service possible. Want to employ SDR? CrewBloom is the only place to look!
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Systematic evolution

The skilled freelance tech support team you will select will take care of hardware and software solutions. They will take care of any technical glitch your company will receive. Hence, the freelance tech support group is a need for your company. It is important to have a skilled teaching team so that the glitches can be reduced. How to assure that? With CrewBloom, you can do that, as we never compromise with quality.
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Customer-centric culture

The culture that we share is customer-centric. We value our customer's choices the most. We listen to our customers to find what they want and always take the necessary initiative to serve them with ideal candidates.
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Stabilized network

Your skilled freelance tech support team can help in resolving all the network issues that you are having. The more they are skilled at reducing network issues, the more productivity will increase. This is why having a freelance tech support team is important, and CrewBloom is your ideal platform for hiring skilled ones.

What is the role of a freelance tech support team?

Wondering what the responsibilities of a freelance tech support team are? Well, they may play an important role in your company. Here is how!

Know how you can get help!

We can help you in multiple ways; let’s get to know them!

  • Easy-to-use service

    CrewBloom’s entire management team works together. Potential clients can outsource new abilities in a quick, efficient, and straightforward manner using CrewBloom. After that, our team will seek the right talent to meet those needs. The buyer can eventually select the most suitable skills after getting all of the potential options. Customers can then select the best choice from the available options.

  • Top 2%

    Out of every 100 applications that make it through our selection process, only two are matched for client interviews.

  • There is no legal contract process to terminate the partnership

    Our business does not demand a legally binding agreement from the client. All that is required for the relationship to end is a two-week notice.

  • Compliance

    All paperwork, filings, and categorization for the w8-BEN contractors who will work for you are handled by us.

  • We are affordable as well as available

    It is an affordable platform; we will outsource ideal candidates for you at an affordable price. Our team will provide our customers with 24/7 service. Our customers can contact us anytime with their queries, and we will take care of their issues.

Get started with us to get the best! Start your journey today!

Let your CrewBloom journey get started with us through some easy steps!

  • Advanced Call

    It must describe the range of work, objectives, reports and, most importantly, active hours.

  • Initial Invoice

    Our contract is electronically signed, and Stripe is our payment processor.

  • Introduction Of The Candidate through the mail from our end

    We’ll email you the candidate profiles that we have searched for you.

  • Candidate selection

    Choose your ideal one from the candidates we have prepared for you. The final call is always yours.

  • Training

    You should give the training because we don’t know the industry as well as you do.