Appointment Setting

CrewBloom – Your Dependable Outsourced Appointment Setting Partner In The Philippines Today, an increasing number of companies are outsourcing appointment setting services to dependable third-party service providers. And why not? Outsourcing appointment setters has proven to be a huge help to business leaders trying to streamline their domestic sales process and to provide support to…Read More

Business Outsourcing

How to Grow Your Company Through Remote Business Outsourcing Since opening its doors last 2016, CrewBloom had been committed to its mission to provide top-notch remote business outsourcing services to companies looking for affordable, remote talent. As a company headquartered in New York, our team is well aware of how costly it is to hire…Read More

Business Process Outsourcing

CrewBloom Offers Business Process Outsourcing in the Philippines For decades, business owners relied on offshoring or outsourcing to support business growth and expansion. International brands like Comcast, American Express, AT&T, and JP Morgan & Chase are few of the known brands who outsource their services in low-cost economies like the Philippines. Business Process Outsourcing Services…Read More

Call Center Outsourcing

REMOTE OUTSOURCING WITH CREWBLOOM CrewBloom is reinventing the traditional outsourcing consultant industry. Instead of going through the normal route of building call centers US to outsource, CrewBloom is pioneering a remote model. Call Center Industry In The Philippines used to be all about call centers where businesses hire agents in-office to take their calls. Most…Read More

Where is the best country to outsource customer service solutions?

Philippines Customer Service Outsourcing With CrewBloom Delivering excellent customer service is essential to businesses of all shapes and sizes – corners can’t be cut. Customer service must be prompt, efficient, and delivered with an aim to exceed customer expectations. This ensures a loyal, satisfied, and happy customer base which attracts positive feedback and referrals. For…Read More

Customer Support Outsourcing

The Evolution of Customer Support Outsourcing Let’s face it. Customer support outsourcing is a normal process multinational companies do in order to run their customer service processes more efficiently. And when we talk about customer support outsourcing, the very first thing that probably comes to mind is a giant call center in a foreign country…Read More

Ecommerce Specialist

How To Outsource eCommerce Specialists When the internet opened to the public in 1991, online shopping became possible. However, only when Jeff Bezos founded Amazon.com and started selling online that hundreds of thousands of other businesses followed suit. Given how competitive the eCommerce industry is today, business owners with established eCommerce businesses need someone to…Read More

Hire Telemarketer

WHY YOU SHOULD HIRE A TELEMARKETER TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS Whether you’re a company that is just starting or whether you’re already an established organization, organizing a telemarketing campaign to reach out to your potential clients is essential. A telemarketer is a phone-based sales representative which could either be connected to an agency or could…Read More

Hire Virtual Assistant

Outsourcing a Virtual Assistant: An Entrepreneurs Guide Of the many trends that have come and gone amongst entrepreneurs over the years, one of the most exciting and useful is tapping agencies providing virtual assistant services to hire a virtual assistant. Doing so helps to free up a significant amount of time and mental space for…Read More

Insurance Call Center Outsourcing

CrewBloom – The Top Provider of Insurance Call Center Outsourcing In the insurance industry, the role of the sales department is vital. Insurance customer support services are essential in order to scale an agency. While most insurance companies have a pool of existing leads, many agency owners do not have enough time to warm all…Read More

Insurance Telesales and Appointment Setting

CrewBloom: The Top Provider of Outsourced Telesales and Appointment Setting Services for Insurance Companies in The Philippines In the insurance industry, the role of the sales department is vital. Insurance sales services are essential in order to scale an agency. While most insurance companies have a pool of existing leads, many agency owners do not…Read More

Lead Verification

CrewBloom: The Top Outsourced Lead Verification Service Provider In The Philippines Nowadays, it is not enough to have a bunch of leads. What is most important is having high-quality and relevant leads – leads that will make a significant difference to your business. Most organizations understand the importance of quality lead generation and lead verification…Read More

Outsource Bookkeeping

Perks of Outsourcing Accounting and Bookkeeping Services To An Agency A lot of start-ups, small businesses, and entrepreneurs find it pretty tough to hire a bookkeeper or an accountant. These days, it has become very challenging to find an eligible and qualified bookkeeper at an affordable rate. Well, it is because accounting and bookkeeping are…Read More

Outsource Staffing

Why Businesses Need To Outsource Staffing to Agencies Finding top-tier candidates for your businesses in an extremely expensive and time-consuming process. Based on a report from Glassdoor, a company in the United States spends about $4,000 to find a new hire, and it takes about 52 days to fill a role. That is a long…Read More

Outsource Staffing Solution

Outsource Your Staffing With CrewBloom Outsourced Staffing Solutions means having staffs working for a company but is based outside a company’s headquarters. Outsourced Staffing Solutions can be divided into onshoring, nearshoring, offshoring, and remote staffing. Onshore Outsourcing: When a company in New York but outsourced staffs are working in Texas. Nearshore Outsourcing: When a company…Read More

Real Estate Outsourcing Services

CrewBloom: Your Partner in Real Estate Call Center Outsourcing in The Philippines Outsourcing has been shown to be an effective way to reduce costs. It also lends itself to a more flexible working relationship, where the variable needs of customers can be met. When you decide to work with an experienced outsourcing service provider, like…Read More

Telemarketing Outsourcing

CrewBloom – Professional Telemarketing Services in The Philippines Telemarketing services typically include pitching your products and services to prospective customers using the telephone or the internet. From product promotion to new launches and schemes, from generating leads to follow-ups, from selling products to marketing services, from simple cold calling to fixing appointments, telemarketing is the…Read More

Telesales Outsourcing

CrewBloom – A Trusted Telesales Partner in the Philippines With the country’s excellent English communication skills, the Philippines has been at the top when it comes to outsourced teleservices. So much so that the telesales outsourcing industry in the country has consistently gathered offshore clients from the US, UK, NZ, and Australia. Deciding to outsource…Read More

Virtual Assistance Outsourcing

What We Learned From Hiring a Virtual Assistant in the Philippines Outsourcing staff has been around for decades. But more recently the Philippines has grown in the industry, offering high-quality remote talent to countries around the world.  Not only are staff from the Philippines highly qualified, easy to work with, and committed to their roles,…Read More